dib-850 Special Edition Bidet Seat

dib-850 Special Edition Bidet Seat

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Bio Bidet DIB-850 Special Edition Bidet Seat

The Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition bidet features a perfect combination of style and luxury in a modest yet alluring design. The sleek and polished finish morphs beautifully into a unified silhouette that adds an extra bit of sophistication and charm to your bathroom. The superfluous bulkiness has been removed from where it wasn’t needed and several special curves have been added to conform to the human body in a much better way. The seat on the Bio Bidet DIB-850 concaves giving you a more natural feel while sitting. The housing also curves to support your back in a way other bidet seats don’t. On top of this, the lid is also contoured to optimize comfort and is ‘sittable’ for persons up to 200 pounds. Not only is the Bio Bidet DIB-850 designed with comfort in mind, but this modern bidet toilet supports up to 400 pounds, making it a great option for everyone in your home!

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Key Features

  • On-demand (instant) water heating system
  • Stainless steel nozzles with patented 3-in-1 nozzles
  • Nozzles with self cleaning functionality
  • Wider stream of water with adjustable oscillating feature - exclusive!
  • Pulse and massage cleaning
  • Satisfying and soft posterior and feminine cleaning
  • Aerated water stream
  • Warm air dry with adjustable temperature
  • Warm seat with adjustable temperature and contoured sittable lid (up to 200 lbs)
  • Soft closing lid
  • Wireless remote control with touch screen functionality
  • More sitting area for optimum comfort and luxury
  • Quick one-touch nozzle replacement
  • Strong deodorizer
  • Smart body sensor
  • Saves power automatically
  • Quick release function for easy cleaning
  • 3 year full warranty, the best in the bidet industry

The aerated water stream along with the smart 3-in-1 nozzle technology provides a fantastic and satisfying cleansing every time you use this bidet. The improved oscillation wash provides full control at your fingertips. You can easily control the area to be washed according to your personal needs by shortening and lengthening the water spray pattern. Pamper yourself with an unlimited supply of warm water from the instant water heating system. Have a perfect water temperature for every wash and get a soothing relaxed feel every time you use this bidet. There’s no doubt that the Bio Bidet dib Special Edition bidet seat is the perfect example of sophistication and luxury in the bathroom. Treat yourself today with this amazing bidet seat!

Bio Bidet DIB-850 Fitting Diagram




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  • Overbearingly Large, Long Delay on Spray

    Posted by Toolworker on 7th Jun 2019

    Although the Bio Bidet DIB-850 does a good job of washing and deodorizing, I can’t recommend it.

    Its size and design are overbearing, more appropriate to a hospital room than a home. There’s a protracted delay between pushing the wash button and the spray starting. Setup functions on the remote are unintuitive; it needs an LED panel. Using it is easy though.

    The positives are a good strong spray, a jet enema function they call Vortex Wash, and an effective deodorizer filter. I was able to customize the settings to my liking, but only by constantly referring to the manual.

    A Toto Washlet S350e in a hotel room hooked me on the idea, and became my standard of comparison. But Bio Bidet’s price point and 3 year warranty and Toto’s sagging reliability sold me on the DIB-850. Now I’m regretting it.

    I timed the delay from button press to spray at anywhere from 8 to 14 seconds, long enough to bug me on every use. Bio Bidet says this is normal and misleadingly calls it “several seconds.” I didn’t notice a delay with the Toto bidet and owners report a more reasonable 3 second response.

    The DIB-850 is huge, out of scale for a home bathroom. It looks more like a medical appliance than a normal toilet. The open lid is 50% higher than the original lid. The seat overlaps past the edges of the bowl, and when lifted stands up 3 1/2" in front of the lid, blocking part of the bowl. In contrast, the Toto Washlet is smaller and looks just like a normal toilet seat.

    I ran into an installation problem. Bio Bidet now uses a water connection at the 7/8” toilet tank fitting, but hadn’t changed the manual showing the old connection at the 1/2" water supply valve. I wasted three frustrating hours before figuring it out. Now that you know, it’s not a drawback for the product, but it doesn’t build much confidence in the organization.

    If I had to do it over again I’d spring for the Toto.

  • Lots of options

    Posted by Andrea M. on 29th Oct 2018

    This model has more options than I ever imagined possible! It really works awesome!

  • Works great

    Posted by Steve Reed on 20th Mar 2018

    Everything is as it should great

  • Great seat, could have better water pressure

    Posted by Dave A on 27th Jan 2018

    I previously had a BB800 for a long time, so I somewhat am comparing to that. I thought about getting a BB1000 or BB2000 also.

    I got the DIB SE because the reviews said it had a comfortable seat, plus it had a tankless design and lots of features. I really like it; it would be perfect if it had the water power of the BB800. The BB800 had a strong spray and I had to dial it back a little bit. The DIB SE isn't as strong, and I have it up to the strongest setting. If you don't like a real strong spray, the DIB SE is great. I would prefer to have it to strong, with the ability to dial it back so there is a little margin at the top end; that's my only complaint.

  • Great seat

    Posted by youjun wang on 16th Jan 2017

    Very good product. Only a small thing that I don't like, which is the included AAA battery were have no power....

  • Unit is great, manual could be improved.

    Posted by Leo G on 12th Oct 2016

    We love the product but may we suggest that more information and instructions be given to facilite the installation of the product such as French, English, Spanish et..

  • Almost perfect...

    Posted by Barbara K on 1st Jul 2016

    I really like all features, but wish the nozzle was a bit longer. Otherwise it works well and I know that once the cold weather returns I will be most happy with the warm seat and spray.

  • More than I needed

    Posted by Barbara on 18th Jun 2016

    All I initially wanted was a warm seat for our cold Montana winters, but I got much more, a bidet as well. My only wish is that the instructions for use of the controls was a bit clearer, so I would not have to bother the Johnson Family. But they are so helpful and considerate whenever I need them.

  • Cool Machine!

    Posted by Kevin L on 16th Jun 2016

    It works, it works well, the features are well-thought-out, it looks pretty cool. Make sure to buy a few in-line filters to protect the water-works inside. Easy to install and necessary to keep the minerals and other junk in the water from "gumming up the works" inside this cool machine. :)

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