Best Bidet Seats for Kohler Rialto and San Raphael Toilets

When it comes to fitting a bidet seat on a toilet, most bidet seats will fit on most toilets. However, the story completely changes with certain Kohler one-piece toilets.  Many Kohler one-piece toilets are designed with with what’s known as a French curve, which is a flare, or raised edge, curving off the tank and around the rear outside edge of the bowl. Bidet seats store important hardware directly behind the seat itself, and toilets with a French curve often don’t provide enough room to install the bidet.

The good news here is that Cascade, Blooming, and Galaxy bidet seats are built with an outer shell that is sleeker than most other seats on the market. This allows them to fit many French curve toilets that otherwise can’t accommodate a bidet seat.  Below are the French curve toilets that Cascade, Blooming and Galaxy seats fit, followed by a table (bottom of page) outlining the bidet fitting difficulty for several other popular French curve toilets. If your toilet has a French curve but you don’t see it on either list, please reach out to us before purchasing!

French Curve Toilets That Accommodate Cascade, Blooming & Galaxy Bidet Seats

  • Kohler Rialto
  • Kohler San Raphael

Examples of Blooming and Galaxy Seats on Rialto and San Raphael Toilets


Visit the Bidet Seats that Fit Kohler Rialto and San Raphael Toilets

Top Recommendation:

Cascade Bidet 3000

Others to consider:

Blooming Bidet R1063

Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seat

Will My French Curve Toilet Accommodate a Bidet Seat?

Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular French curve toilets on the market and assessed their bidet seat compatibility. If you don’t see your seat listed, we encourage you to contact us before purchasing a bidet!


Fitting Difficulty
Kohler Rialto (Model Number: K-3386)Cascade 3000, Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seats will fit but they will hang over the front edge slightly
Kohler San Raphael (Model Number: K-3722)Cascade 3000, Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 seats will all work nicely
Kohler Rosario (Model Number: K-3434)Very tight fit.  Different years of this model vary slightly.  Some years will work with the Cascade, Blooming and Galaxy seats listed above, and other years won’t work with either.  The only way to know for sure is to test it and return it if it doesn’t fit
Kohler San Souci Model Number: K-4007)This toilet is too tight in the back to work with any existing bidet seat currently on the market.  It’s important to note that there are other model numbers for the Kohler San Souci that work just fine.  It’s only the model number K-4007 that’s a problem.
Kohler Trocadero (Model Number: K-3437)This toilet has bolt holes spaced at 11 inches.  Currently there are no bidet seats that can be mounted with bolt holes this far apart.
Kohler San Martine (Model Number: K-3435)The French curve on this toilet is too tight and narrow to allow any bidet seat currently on the market to fit it.

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