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Have you been interested in getting an integrated bidet, but have been turned away by the cost? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, shows the benefits of the SLi 2000, and why it’s the best budget bidet.

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Studio Lux Sli 2000 | Best Budget Bidet Toilet Transcript:

For the first time ever, we have an Integrated Bidet toilet in the $2,000 price range that we are totally in love with. This Studio Lux SLi 2000 is an amazing product at a budget price. Stay tuned to get all of the details, why we choose this as our go-to entry-level Integrated Bidet toilet, when there are a lot of others on the market that we don’t recommend. My name is Daniel Johnson. I’m your Bidet expert and the owner of Today we’re going to talk about the Studio Lux SLi 2000.

As is true with any Integrated Bidet toilet that we would recommend, the Studio Lux SLi 2000 has a lot of different wash settings. You have your front and rear washes, both of which you can adjust the wash pressure, unlimited warm water, aeration (which is an infusion of small air bubbles into the water stream). You also have the adjustable positioning of that nozzle, you have oscillation (which is where the nozzle moves back and forth, throughout the wash) and the wash itself has pretty good water pressure. You can feel confident that this Bidet toilet will get you clean, because it has the power to do so. With the other Integrated Bidet toilets that we’ve sold, the wash is in one place, unless you move it, or you turn on oscillation. The Studio Lux is a little bit different. You start the wash and after about 15 seconds the wash goes from stationary, to oscillating back and forth, to cover more range. At first, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I don’t mind it. I find that on other units, sometimes I move myself around a little bit, to make sure that I’m getting a full clean. With the oscillation, it actually does help to take care of some of that, for me.

It’s also one of the longest washes on the market, with a three minute wash, unless of course you start to dry early, or you hit the “Stop” button, or you get up, because it does have that seat sensor that it’s going to turn itself off, if you stand up. The dry is also longer, at five minutes. That dry works very well. It’s one of the best dryers we’ve seen on the market, where it really gets you fully dry in the time frame allotted.

One of the only things we don’t like about the Studio Lux SLi 2000 is the noise that it creates. We notice while running washes, that there are random noises throughout the wash, that we weren’t sure what it was tied to and so it drew attention to itself. Whereas, some of the higher end units you don’t even think about the fact that the unit’s operating, it just does its thing. The nozzle of the 2000 is a stainless steel design, which resists bacteria buildup better than a plastic, or aluminum nozzle would. The internals of the tip are able to be easily removed for additional cleaning. The Studio Lux does come with a stainless steel nozzle, which is a superior material, when compared to plastic, or aluminum, because it resists bacteria build up better than those other materials. However, it does not offer sterilization like you might see on some higher end models. You get some pros and some cons with that nozzle configuration. The internals of the tip are also easily removable, so that you can clean them whenever you see fit.

The Studio Lux SLi 2000 also comes with a deodorizer. The deodorizer, while effective, was quiet enough that, when I was using the unit I didn’t even realize it was happening. I actually had to look at the manual after the fact and say, “Hey, is the deodorizer running?”. I Noticed that it was, so it’s a quiet deodorizer. It starts automatically when you sit down and then runs for a little while after you get up, to make sure that all that smell is completely taken care of, for you.

The Studio Lux also offers something they call “Pre-wash”, where it runs some water over the bowl, before use. Then, after the flush, run water over the bowl again. The idea here is just to really keep the bowl as clean as possible and keep debris from sticking to the bowl. The Studio Lux also uses a pump assisted flush, which we found to be very powerful and not overly loud. We’re really happy with the flushing power that this unit provides.

The way that the SLi 2000 handles auto opening is a little bit different than we’ve seen on a lot of other Integrated units. Most Integrated units either have auto opening, or don’t have auto opening. With the SLi 2000, it has auto opening, but that’s controlled by the press of a button on the remote, so if you walk by it it won’t auto open, but if you press a button on the remote the lid will open. Then, another button on the remote will lift either the seat, or the lid and the seat, if you press that button first. Most Integrated units do not have a lid that can be sat on. While the manufacturers of the SLi 2000 didn’t specify whether, or not the lid was sittable, it feels very sittable to us. The only feedback we got, when we asked about the lid from the manufacturers, was that they don’t recommend it, because you could scratch the the surface of the lid, but they did not say anything about it not supporting the weight of an individual.

Now, we’re going to talk about one of the features that most people say they don’t need and then they come back after the fact and say, “I’m really glad I have this feature”, and that is the heated seat. The seat on this unit can be on low, medium, or high. Three different temperature settings, depending on your preference. It’s also important to note that this unit has a very large sittable space. Larger, actually, than a lot of the other units that might even be higher priced than this unit. If you’re looking for a comfortable seat, along with a heated seat, at a budget price, you really can’t go wrong with this unit. We actually installed this unit in our home and have been using it consistently and it’s very comfortable.

This unit only comes in White, so if you’re looking for a Beige you’ll want to consider something like the Toto Neorest RH, or AH. This unit does have something cool coming soon. We’ve been told by Studio Lux that they’re releasing the same unit, with a night light that will actually change color, so this one has a night light, but it’s just your standard white. Coming up soon, you’ll actually be able to control what color the night light is. That’s something that we’re excited about. Sounds like we’re probably going to be able to get our hands on a pre-release of that unit. When we do, we’ll make sure to show you, so subscribe to this channel if you want to see that when it comes out.

The SLi 2000’s remote comes with a wall hanger and offers a single-sided remote. The back just holds the batteries. It’s got a luxury feel to it, with the texture and the buttons have a tactile push to them. Another thing we’re very excited about, when it comes to this remote, is the fact that it uses a radio signal. You need to pair the unit to the remote, simple to do. Press and hold on the stop button, while you plug the unit in. Once you’ve done that, it communicates with the unit flawlessly. Other units that we’ve sold on the market, thus far, have infrared. Which means that the signal can be absorbed. If you have black walls you may not get good response from the remote, to the unit. This one’s going to work every time. For the actual buttons on the remote, we have the stop button, we have the rear wash, a single press turns the rear wash on, a double press turns the massage on, but again, the massage starts after about 15 seconds, so you’re automatically going to get that massage. Which is basically an oscillating back and forth. Same thing for the front, or the feminine wash. You have your air dry and you have your nozzle position, which is going to toggle between moving the nozzle out and then moving it back in, once it’s fully extended. You have your lift the lid and then lift the lid and seat options, your flushes, your water pressure, your dry temperature, your water temperature and your seat temperature buttons on the remote. You’ll notice that there are some LED lights, here. These lights will remain unlit until you start selecting options, at which point they will light up, to indicate what level you’re at, for the particular setting that you’re adjusting. One of the cool things about the SLi 2000, that we really don’t see in other Integrated units, is all of the options that we have to control the unit, without the remote, if we need to. Let’s go ahead and start by taking a look at the flush button right here. Simple as that. Want to flush again, press it again, simple as pressing that button.

Then, we also have this very tactile spinner, so we can run a wash, here. We can stop the wash with another press, we can adjust the temperature, we can adjust the pressure, the position. You have the press, you have longer presses, that will do different things. Forwards and backwards and then a press in, while you go forwards and backwards. Lots of different functionality that you can run, all with the one knob and it’s all laid out in detail, in the manual, so that you can read up on it if you decide to use it. Now, most of the time, most of our customers probably won’t use this, because they’ll use the remote instead, but if you need to use the side control it’s nice that it is incredibly feature rich. Whereas, other units on the market, your side control is a basic wash; You have no way to control pressure, temperature, nozzle position, or any of that. Somehow, they were able to squeeze all of that in on a single knob, on this unit.

One of the other things I love about this particular unit is how easy it is to install. We’ve installed a ton of Integrated Bidet toilets and this is the easiest one that we’ve installed yet. It’s as simple as taking a wax ring, slapping it on the toilet, slapping the toilet on the flange, connecting it to power and water and connecting it to the flange, or to the floor, using the bolt holes in the back. That’s it, very simple, very straightforward. If you want to watch a video on how this gets installed, in detail, check out the link in our video description. We have a link that walks you through the entire install process.

Studio Lux is a Swiss company. They own the factories that make the majority of their parts and also supply those parts to Toto, Kohler and American Standard, for their high-end Integrated units. Most of these factories and parts come from China, but we’ve had no issues with quality of build with any of the parts that these factories produce.

This unit also comes with one of the best warranties on the market. Offering a three year full warranty, for the electronic portion in the seat portion and a five year full warranty for the porcelain base. Now, currently these are only stocked in the U.S., so if you wanted to get one in Canada you would have to use a freight forwarder to do so. Someday, maybe, we’ll have them stocked in Canada, as well. If we do, we’ll make sure to release a video to let you all know.

I’m sure, after watching this review you’re probably already headed towards our site to make a purchase, but hold tight for a minute, in case there are any other questions. Comment on this video, ask those questions, so that we can address it and also help others in the process. Then, head over to our site and make that purchase. Of course, if you have any questions and you want to talk to us personally, you can always feel free to email, text, call, or live chat with us, on our site. Information is in the video description. Thanks so much for allowing me to share this amazing toilet with you today and have a great rest of your day. where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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