Bio Bidet USPA IB-835 Troubleshooting Tips

NOTE: This bidet has been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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The Problem

Toilet does not flush with the power expected

 My remote is not working

 My flush is not working

Why is my Bio Bidet IB-835 leaking?

My Bio Bidet IB-835 won’t stop running




Troubleshooting Steps for weak flushing power

Often when we see issues with the power of the flush on the USPA IB-835, it comes from the fact that the floats in the back of the toilet are not properly adjusted.  This is easy to overlook, as many gravity assisted flush toilets only have one float adjustment, but the IB-835 has two.  If the adjusting of these floats was overlooked when the unit was first installed, we often see weaker than normal flushing power.  The below videos should assist you in making the proper adjustments to fix a weak flush on this fantastic entry level bidet and toilet combo.




Troubleshooting Steps for the IB-835 remote not working

When it comes to a bidet remote not working, we always want to start with the basics (listed below)  Keep in mind that while the problem might present itself as an issue with the remote, there are other possible causes.

  • Check the batteries in the remote
  • Try replacing the batteries even if they should be good
  • Make sure the remote is showing something on the screen
  • Unplug the unit itself, and let it sit for 30 minutes before you plug it back in
  • Try the flush button on the remote since that button works without the seat sensor activated
  • Try sitting on the seat with your skin in contact on the seat, and see if the front, rear and stop buttons located on the seat itself works
    • If they don’t, it’s likely not an issue with the remote, but more likely an issue with the seat sensor (call Bio Bidet)
    • If the buttons on the side work, that’s a good indicator it’s still a remote issue, continue down the list
  • Try resetting the channel the remote signal is using.  Channel 00 works best, so start there to reset the channel:
    • Hold down on the HI button on the remote till the screen starts flashing two digits
    • Use the HI and LOW buttons to change the digits
    • Hit stop to save the channel you’ve selected
    • Start with 00 first, but if that doesn’t work, try the other channels as well
  • Sometimes on rare occasions we’ve seen “smart” items in the bathroom interfere with the signal.  Have you recently added a motion sensing soap dispenser to the bathroom? Special lighting?  If you have added anything recently, try removing it from the picture and see if the problem clears itself up

If you are still having issues after trying the steps above, it’s time to get on the phone with Bio Bidet.



Fixing a Bio Bidet USPA IB-835 that won’t flush

The IB-835 has a tank that sits behind the bowl.  This tank has a flush valve on the left hand side (as you’re facing the toilet).  The flush valve is activated by pressing a square plastic plate near the top of the tank.  Take the steps below to fix issues with the toilet not flushing

Make sure the manual flush button does not work

If the manual flush button works, is the remote flush not working or the auto flush when you stand up not working?

Auto flush broken indicates an issue with the seat sensor

Remote flush indicates a possible remote issue

If auto flush and remote flush don’t work, but manual flush does, the flush motor may be out

If none of the flush options work, including the manual flush:

Take the seat off, and press on the square push plate, does this work?  If not, is there water in the tank?

If the tank is not filling, Check the water supply valve, make sure it’s open. Is the water supply turned on?  If it isn’t turned on, turn it on.  If it is, turn it off, disconnect the hoses, and check for blockages

Does the plate move when pushed on?

If that does work, the seat was not properly lined up.  The seat needs to be lined up so it’s flushing lever pushes on the square push plate.  Try re-aligning the seat, and testing the flush again.




Fixing a Bio Bidet IB-835 that’s leaking

There are a few different places that may be causing a leak.  You will want to start by checking the hoses.  Make sure there are no hoses that are cross threaded, make sure they are properly tightened.  If you used plumbers tape, try connecting the lines again without plumbers tape.

If the leaking is coming from further down, you may need take the bowl off to check the floor connection, and the wax ring.

If you’ve taken all the steps above and you’re still seeing leaking, reach out to Bio Bidet for next steps




Why will my Bio Bidet IB-835 not stop running?

First check the pushrod in the tank.  If this rod has not been properly adjusted, it may be too long.  A pushrod that’s too long will hold the flush valve open, which will keep the toilet tank from properly filling, and cause the IB-835 to run continuously.

It’s also possible that the flapper is either deformed or worn, keeping it from having a good seal.  If the seal is not doing it’s job, the tank will not stay full enough, causing the toilet to continue to flow non-stop.

The last recommendation would be to check the siphon.  If this or other hoses in the toilet tank come loose, problems can arise.

If you’ve checked all of the above without any luck, it’s time to reach out to Bio Bidet.

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