Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet A7 Aura Bidet Toilet Seat vs. Brondell Swash 1200 Bidet Seat.

NOTE: Both the Bio Bidet A7 and the Brondell Swash 1200 have been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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Bio Bidet A7

Brondell Swash 1200


Bio Bidet A7

Brondell Swash 1200



Average Lifespan

5+ Years

4+ Years

Weight Limit

400 lbs

330 lbs

Warranty Options

1 year warranty, can upgrade to a 6 year full warranty

1 year warranty, can upgrade to a 3 year full warranty

Nozzle Design

Single, 2 in 1 nozzle

Dual nozzles

Water Flow

0.18 gallons per minute

0.11 gallons per minute

Water Heater

Tank water heater with limited warm water

Instant water heater for unlimited warm water

Pulse Wash



Sittable Lid



Seat Options

Elongated only

Round and elongated

Remote Controls

Side control panel

Wireless remote with wall mount

Detailed Comparison of the Bio Bidet A7 and the Brondell Swash 1200 Bidet Seats.

If you are looking to add a bidet seat to your home and are shopping on a budget, you will definitely want to check out these two bidet seats. The Bio Bidet A7 and Brondell Swash 1200  offer great, basic features at an affordable price so you can add comfort and convenience to your bathroom. Below, we go through the details and differences between these two models for your consideration.


These two seats are well crafted by highly reputable companies and offer quality wash options and design features. Both the A7 and Swash 1200 are attractive units and will certainly update your bathroom in regards to comfort and style.

For added versatility, the Brondell Swash 1200 is available for both round and elongated toilet styles, however, only those with elongated toilets will be able to purchase the A7.

Sittable Lid

A bidet seat with a lid you can sit on is a fantastic feature to have, although it can be rare option to find. This is because the seat’s mechanics and hardware are often stored in the back of the bidet. Fortunately, This is one of the great features that the Swash 1200 offers. The sittable lid could be an absolute necessity for your bathroom depending on configuration of your space, as well as your personal needs.  Furthermore, the Swash 1200 is one of the most affordable seats to have this feature, and it that allows someone up to 270 lbs to sit upon it’s lid.

For those who have mobility related handicaps, the sittable lid adds a great deal of convenience.  Additionally, if you have a household member that is disabled, requires assistance to bathe, and your bathroom setup requires you to sit upon the toilet lid, it’s a must have. The sittable lid can also be a nice option to have if you wish to sit upon it for simple tasks like painting or clipping toenails.


Nozzles Design

The Swash 1200 comes equipped with dual nozzles, one nozzle is dedicated to the feminine wash and the other is dedicated to the posterior wash. In contrast, the A7 includes just a single nozzle with a 2 in 1 function, meaning the front and rear washes are both performed by just one nozzle. Although they are stylistically different, the nozzles on both of these seat models are adjustable,  self cleaning, oscillating and made of hygienic stainless steel. Fortunately, stainless steel is a great, sanitary material for bidet seat nozzles since it naturally resists bacteria and germ build-up.

Water Flow

A bidet seat’s rate of water flow gives an indication of what sort of water strength you will be getting. The higher the water flow rate, the stronger the water stream, which results in a more powerful and faster wash cycle. The Swash 1200 has a flow rate of 0.11 gallons per minute, while A7’s flow rate is a bit higher at 0.18 gallons per minute. Consequently, you can expect a slightly more powerful wash experience from the Bio Bidet A7.  Furthermore, a stronger water flow can be beneficial for those who struggle with bowel or urinary incontinence, since a powerful stream can help clean up accidental messes quickly and efficiently.

Pulse Wash

When a pulse wash is activated, the water stream is sprayed in a hard and soft alternating pattern. This creates a soothing massage-like effect and it can be beneficial for helping to stimulate bowel movements. The A7 offers the the pulse wash option while the Swash 1200 does not.

Water Heater

The A7 comes equipped with a tank style water heater that will produce about 60 seconds of warm water before needing to refill and reheat. It then takes around 3 to 5 minutes for the tank to refill. In contrast, the Swash 1200 comes with a hybrid style heater that works by filling and heating the water tank to supply the wash cycle on demand. The hybrid style heater is a slightly more desirable and improved option over the basic tank system and can provide up to 90 seconds of warm water at a time. If you have a smaller household, the water heater design may not be an issue, however, if you have multiple people in your home who will be sharing one bidet seat, a hybrid style water heater might be a little more accommodating. Additionally, a hybrid water heater is more ideal if you simply need to activate a longer wash cycle.

Other Details


For the A7 and Swash 1200, both Bio Bidet and Brondell offer full one year warranties, however, you have the option to extend coverage with both companies.  If you are looking to add additional insurance for your purchase, Bio Bidet offers an upgrade to an impressive 6 year full warranty. On the other hand, Brondell allows you to upgrade to a 3 year full warranty for the Swash 1200.

Remote Control

The control is probably the biggest difference between these two seat models. As you can see, the A7 has a control panel attached to it’s right side. In contrast, the Swash 1200 includes a detached remote that can be handheld or mounted to the wall for easy accessibility. The A7 control panel also features an LED illumination feature so it’s easy to see and operate at night.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a bidet seat with basic wash options for an affordable price, these are two great seats to consider. Both Brondell and Bio Bidet are highly reputable companies that are known for producing high quality units and whichever you choose will come down to your personal needs. Between the A7 and Swash 1200, you will have to decide which remote style you would prefer to use, the attached side panel or handheld/wall mount remote. Another important thing to consider is whether your household requires the sittable lid that the Swash 1200 offers. Either way you go, these seats are a great way to introduce a cleaner and more comfortable bathroom experience.