Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme VS. Bio Bidet BB-2000

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Bio Bidet BB-1000

Bio Bidet BB-2000






Average Life Span

7 + years

8 + years

Nozzle Material


Stainless Steel

Water Heater

Tank water heater with limited warm water

Hybrid water heater with consistent, unlimited warm water

One Button Wash & Dry



LED Night Light



Remote Controls

Large panel style remote with icon buttons and wall mount

Traditional, hand held remote with screen and wall mount

Seat Options

Round and Elongated

Rounds and Elongated

Color Options



Detailed Comparison of the Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme and Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bidet Toilet Seats

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 and BB-2000 are two top selling seats that both offer excellent features. In the following article, we go through the details and differences between these two Bio Bidet models for your consideration.


These popular bidet seat models by Bio Bidet feature numerous high quality functions, and both are a phenomenal choices for adding luxury to your bathroom. Both of these seats have an attractive and modern look, however the BB-2000’s design is a bit more sleek and streamlined in comparison to the BB-1000. Additionally, the BB-2000 is available in white, with a white, or black remote. The BB-1000, along with its remote, comes in a classic white color.

If you happen to have a round toilet seat, the BB-1000 and the BB-2000 can be purchased in both a round and elongated style.

Water Heater

The BB-1000 comes equipped with a tank style water heater that will produce about 60 seconds of warm water before needing to refill and reheat. It then takes around 3 to 5 minutes for the refilling process to take place. Alternatively, the BB-2000 includes a more desirable hybrid water heater, which can supply you with unlimited warm water on demand. This is nice option to have if you don’t want to worry about hurrying through your cleansing cycle, or if you have a lot of people in your household that will be using the seat.



Both the BB-2000 and the BB-1000 come equipped with Bio Bidet’s state of the art, patented, 3-in-1 nozzle, which is designed to perform front, rear and enema washes. Aside from these main wash cycles, these nozzles also provide soothing oscillating and pulse washes, and are adjustable as well as self cleaning.

The one main difference between the BB-1000 and BB-2000 nozzles is the material that they are made of. The BB-2000 nozzle is made of stainless steel, while the BB-1000 nozzle is made of plastic. Stainless steel is considered a more desirable and hygienic material for bidet seat nozzles, due to the fact that it naturally repels germs and bacteria.

One Button Wash & Dry

This convenient option is carried by the BB-2000 and is ideal for those whom are not always comfortable with programming multiple settings and buttons. With this function, you can easily activate a basic wash and dry cycle at just the touch of a button. This has been known to be a helpful setting for those of a more elderly age looking for additional simplicity for their bathroom routine. The BB-1000 does not include this feature.

Additional Details

LED Night Light

For those who often make night time visits to the bathroom, a night light is a great feature to have. The BB-2000 includes a convenient, integrated LED illumination feature that produces a soft glow so you can easily use the bathroom in the dark.

Remote Controls

One thing that makes the BB-1000 so unique is it’s large panel style remote. This remote clearly displays easy to understand icon buttons that are simple to press, which makes this bidet seat a great choice for those with dexterity or coordination issues. Furthermore, this remote can be mounted to wall for accessibility.  The BB-2000 comes with a standard size remote that can be handheld or mounted to the wall for convenience. This remote features a screen as well as push buttons to choose your desired options.

Final Thoughts

While you really couldn’t go wrong with either the BB-1000 or BB-2000, the bidet seat you choose comes down to the finer details and ultimately the needs of your household. The BB-2000 does include a few more upgraded options than the BB-1000, like stainless steel nozzles, the LED nightlight, auto wash & dry, as well as the hybrid water heater. However, these additional features also come with a higher price tag. Where the BB-1000 really stands out is it’s easy to use, large remote. For those who may have trouble pressing standard buttons, this is a fantastic option.