Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet BB-1700 VS. Infinity XLC-2000

NOTE: Both the Bio Bidet BB-1700 and the Infinity XLC-2000 have been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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Bio Bidet BB-1700

Infinity XLC-2000


Bio Bidet BB-1700

Infinity XLC-2000

Look & Feel




Side View Not Available

Weight Limit

Up to 400 lbs

Up to 300 lbs

Warranty Options

3 year full warranty, can upgrade to 6 year full warranty

3 year warranty, no upgrade options

Average Life Span

8 + Years

3 + Years

Nozzle Design

Single, 3 in 1 nozzle

Dual nozzles

Easy To Replace Nozzles



Nozzle Material

Stainless steel


Water Flow

0.18 gallons per minute

0.14 gallons per minute

Enema Wash



Sitz Bath



Hot/Cold Cycle

No Yes

One Button Wash & Dry






Seat Options


Round and Elongated

Detailed Comparison of the Bio Bidet BB-1700 and Infinity XLC-2000 Bidet Seats

If you are looking to upgrade your basic toilet seat to something more luxurious, there are a multitude of quality bidet seats on the market to consider. Below, we go through the details and differences between two of these options, the Bio Bidet BB-1700 and the Infinity XLC-2000, so you can choose the best options and features for your needs.


Both the Bio Bidet BB-1700 and Infinity XLC-2000 come with numerous helpful features that will increase your comfort and hygiene in the bathroom. Most importantly, these seats both offer front and rear cleansing options as well as warm air dryers, which are helpful to those who find wiping with toilet paper to be difficult or painful.

Aesthetically, these seats are designed with a sleek, modern look and come equipped with convenient, easy to reach side controls attached to the right side of each unit. Additionally, both of these seats come in a classic white color and accommodate elongated seat styles. For added versatility the Infinity XLC-2000 is also made to fit round toilet seats.

It is worth noting that, due to quality of materials used, the Bio Bidet BB-1700 does have a longer average lifespan than the Infinity XLC-2000. However, these differences are also reflected in the pricing of the units, with the Infinity XLC-2000 coming in at a lower price point compared to the BB-1700.

Wash Features


The Bio Bidet BB-1700 comes equipped with a stainless steel, 3 in 1 nozzle that utilizes three different spouts for performing the front, rear and enema washes. Alternatively, the Infinity XLC-2000 features dual aluminum nozzles for its front and rear washes. Notably, stainless steel is generally considered to be the superior material for bidet seat nozzles because of its germ and bacteria resistant properties, making the Bio Bidet BB-1700 the higher quality unit when it comes to nozzle materials. In addition to the wash features mention above, the nozzles on both of these seats are adjustable, self cleaning, and have a soothing oscillation function.

Typically, you will not need to change your bidet seat nozzles since they generally last the lifetime of the seat. However, it is worth mentioning that the Bio Bidet BB-1700 has easy to replace nozzles in case this becomes necessary, while the Infinity XLC-2000 does not.

Water Flow

A bidet seat’s rate of water flow gives an indication of what sort of water strength you will be getting. A high water flow rate contributes to a stronger, faster and more effective cleansing cycle. Both these seat models have very respectable and similar water flow rates with the Infinity XLC-2000 using 0.14 gallons per minute and the Bio Bidet BB-1700 offering a water flow rate of 0.18 gallons per minute. It’s also important to note that a stronger water flow can be beneficial for those who struggle with bowel or urinary incontinence, since a powerful stream can help clean up accidental messes quickly and efficiently.

Enema Wash

The BB-1700 comes equipped with a top-of-the-line enema wash function that’s specially designed for customers who frequently experience constipation. This feature utilizes Bio Bidet’s patented Vortex Technology to force a powerful, circular stream of water into the rectum to help stimulate bowel movements. If anyone in your household has chronic constipation, this is definitely a feature you want on your bidet seat.  The Infinity XLC-2000 does not include an enema wash function.

Sitz Bath

The Infinity XLC 2000 comes with a unique sitz-bath wash option that provides a 5 minute stream of warm water designed to soothe and comfort sensitive areas, as well as a hot/cold hydrotherapy wash option that alternates warm and cool water to provide relaxation and relief. These features particularly well suited for users suffering from bowel issues like fissures and hemorrhoids, though it’s certainly not the only unit on the market capable of providing relief for painful medical conditions.

Comfort & Convenience

On Button Wash & Dry

One button washing and drying is a great feature for those who may be intimidated by navigating the many wash settings that a bidet seat offers. The Bio Bidet BB-1700 offers this convenient feature so that you can have an automatic wash and dry at the touch of a single button. This is also a very helpful and valuable function for elderly users who want to benefit from using a bidet seat, but are looking for additional ease and simplicity. The Infinity XLC-2000 does not offer a one button wash/dry feature.


If you are concerned about smelly odors taking over your bathroom, the deodorizer is a great option to have on your bidet seat. The Bio Bidet BB-1700 utilizes a powerful fan that pulls air through an active carbon filter. This filter effectively neutralizes any lingering odors and leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Warranty Options

Because the BB-1700 has a longer-than-average lifespan, Bio Bidet offers an extension on its 3 year standard warranty. The BB-1700’s warranty upgrade gives you 6 years of full coverage so you can have extra peace of mind regarding your investment. In comparison, Infinity offers a 3 year warranty for the XLC-2000 with no options to upgrade.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an entry-level, low-cost bidet to add comfort and cleanliness to your toileting routine, the Infinity 2000 might be just the seat you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are searching for a more permanent addition to your bathroom and you want something with more features, you can’t go wrong with a unit from Bio Bidet like the BB-1700.

Additional Details

Model Number(s) and Pricing:

Bio Bidet BB-1700 in White – BB1700: $649.00

Infinity XLC-2000 (Elongated) in White – XLC-2000-EW: $399.00

Infinity XLC-2000 (Round) in White – XLC-2000-RW: $399.00

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