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Home Brands Bio Bidet BB-600 Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate VS. Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme

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Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate VS. Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme

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Bio Bidet BB-600

Bio Bidet BB-1000


BB-600 Ultimate

BB-1000 Supreme



Average Lifespan

6+ years

7 + years


2 year warranty, can upgrade to 6 year full warranty

3 year limited warranty, can upgrade to 6 year full warranty

Nozzle Design

Dual plastic nozzles

Single 3 in 1 plastic nozzle

Enema Wash



Wide Spray



Water Flow

0.26 gallons per minute

0.32 gallons per minute




Remote Control Style

Attached control panel

Large wireless remote with wall mount

Detailed comparison of the Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate and Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme bidet seats

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom experience, but are shopping on a budget these are two great seats to consider adding to your home. The BB-600 and BB-1000, both by the very reputable Bio Bidet company, offer quality options for improving your hygiene at an affordable price. Read on for a detailed comparison of these two seat models.

Wash Options

Nozzle Design

The BB-100 includes Bio Bidet’s own patented, 3 in 1 nozzle that performs a front wash, rear wash and powerful enema wash. On the other hand, the BB-600 comes with a 2 in 1 nozzle that only offers basic front and rear washes. The nozzles on both of these seat models also provide an oscillating wash, and a soothing pulse wash so you can find a comfortable cleansing option that best fits your needs.

Water Flow

A high water flow rate can be helpful in  achieving a more effective wash experience. Impressively, both of these seats offer strong water streams with the BB-1000 offering 0.32  gallons per minute and the BB-600 having 0.26 gallons per minute. Generally, A higher water flow rate can be a beneficial option for those who suffer from urinary and bowel incontinence since it can help provide a thorough cleaning after an accident. It is also nice if you just want to get clean and on your way a little faster.

Enema Wash

If constipation is an issue for anyone in your household, the enema wash is a feature you will want on your bidet seat. The BB-1000 includes Bio Bidet’s patented enema wash that utilizes state-of-the-art vortex technology. The enema wash works by spraying a powerful, circular stream of water into the rectum, which effectively loosens stool and provides relief from constipation.

Wide Spray

Wide spray is a great option that the BB-600 offers. This provides an expanded water stream so you can cleanse a wider area more quickly. Like a powerful water stream, this option is also great for those who struggle with any sort of incontinence issues. Furthermore, it’s a nice feature to have for those looking to get clean and on their way faster. It should be noted that the high water flow rate that the BB-1000 has does partially compensate for the lack of the wide spray feature.

Other Details


If you’re worried about unpleasant bathroom odors, you’ll love the BB-1000’s high-quality deodorizer. This built in fan pulls air through an active carbon filter, absorbing the odors created during use. This filter never needs replacing, so it’ll keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean every time you use the toilet. The BB-600 does not offer a deodorizer.


Bio Bidet offers a 2 year warranty to go along with the BB-600 and a 3 year limited warranty for the BB-1000. Although, If you wish to add additional coverage to your purchase, you can upgrade both to 6 year full warranties.

Remote controls

One thing that makes the BB-1000 so unique is it’s large panel style remote. This remote clearly displays easy to understand icon buttons that are simple to press, which makes this bidet seat a great choice for those with dexterity or coordination issues. Furthermore, this remote can be mounted to wall for accessibility. In contrast, you will see that the BB-600’s remote control it attached to its right side. The BB-600’s side control is also intuitively laid out and features icon buttons for easy operation.

Final Thoughts

The BB-1000 and BB-600 are two great seats to consider if you are looking for an affordable, entry level to mid level bidet. While these two seats function similarly, the BB-1000 has a bit more to offer with it’s enema wash, an important feature for those who struggle with constipation. Another thing to consider is which control panel layout and design you would prefer to operate. All in all, these are two quality seats that will add convenience and comfort to your bathroom routine.

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