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Home Brands Bio Bidet BB-600 Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate VS. Brondell Swash SE400

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Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate VS. Brondell Swash SE400

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Bio Bidet BB-600

Brondell Swash SE400


                                                   bb600full500.jpg                                    se400-top-view-closed-71446.1504125666.jpg

                                                             Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate                                                            Brondell Swash SE400


Bio Bidet BB-600

Brondell Swash SE400

Average Life Span

6+ Years

3+ Years

Warranty Info

2 Year warranty included, can upgrade to full, 6 year warranty

1 Year warranty included, no upgrade options

Weight Limit

Supports up to 400 lbs, but tested at 500

Supports up to 330 lbs

Nozzle Design

Dual Nozzles

Single, 2 in 1 nozzle

Nozzle Material


Stainless steel

Nozzles Easy to Replace?



Water Flow

0.26 gallons per minute

0.11 gallons per minute

Wide Spray Option



One Button Wash & Dry



LED Night Light



Remote Control 

Attached side control panel

Attached side control panel

Detailed Comparison of the Bio Bidet BB-600 and Brondell Swash SE400 Bidet Seats

The Bio Bidet BB-600 and Brondell Swash SE400 are two great options to consider if you are shopping for a bidet on a budget. While it’s true that lower priced models don’t offer as much as the more expensive units, these seat still offer quality basic washes with some more luxurious features added in. Read on for more details and a full comparison between the two.


As you can see, these two seats are similarly designed with control panels attached to the right side of each unit. The SE400 presents a more modern and sleek design between the two seats, while the BB-600 is embellished with a nice beveled edge for a more classic look. Both of these seats come in a classy, clean white color that will perfectly compliment most bathroom decor. Additionally, these seats can be purchased in both round and elongated styles for extra versatility.

One consideration that should be made before adding one of these seats to your home, is the weight limit. Bio Bidet seats are tested at 500 lbs, and rated to hold over 400 lbs, which is usually significantly more than other options on the market. The Swash SE400 still has a generous 330 lb weight limit.


Water Flow Rate

The rate of water flow is helpful to know when choosing a bidet seat, since it can dictate the . overall effectiveness of the wash you will receive. The higher the water flow rate, the more powerful your wash will be. If you’re looking for a stronger water flow, and more powerful wash, the BB-600 may be the best decision between these two models. The BB-600 offers a substantial 0.26 gallon per minute water flow, while the SE400 has a water flow of 0.11 gallons per minute.

Nozzle Design

There are some differences worth considering regarding the nozzles these two units come with. The BB-600 comes equipped with two separate nozzles made of plastic, which perform its front and rear wash cycles. In contrast, the Swash SE400 a single, 2 in 1, stainless steel nozzle. It’s fairly uncommon to find a stainless steel nozzle on a budget friendly bidet, but Brondell has added this high-end feature to the SE400. Because of its germ resisting properties and durability, stainless steel tends to be the more desirable choice for bidet seat nozzles as opposed to other materials like plastic and aluminum. The nozzles on both the BB-600 and SE400 are self cleaning for hygiene, and adjustable so you can find what works best for your body.

Wide Spray

The wide spray wash, which the BB-600 offers, is a great feature for those who could benefit from a little more water coverage. Those who struggle with incontinence issues may prefer having this feature on their bidet since it can wash away accidental messes easily and efficiently. Additionally, it’s nice for those who want to experience a faster wash experience.

Other Details

One Button Wash & Dry

This is a wonderful convenience feature for those who want to use the bidet, but do not want to mess with multiple settings with each use. The one button wash and dry, carried by the Swash SE400 allows you to activate a basic wash and dry cycle with just the touch of one button. The simplified process is a great option for those of an older age, who prefer an easier experience. It’s also beneficial for those who may be intimidated by a multitude of different buttons and options. The BB-600 does not offer this one touch auto wash function.

LED Night Light

The LED night light is a popular option that really makes those late night bathroom trips more bearable. As an alternative to turning on a bright, harsh light, the Swash SE400 emits a soft blue light from the bowl that illuminates your bathroom space, so you can still see your way around. This is a very convenient feature that usually isn’t offered on more economical bidets, but it’s something you can take advantage of with this particular Brondell unit.


Generally, lower priced bidet units often have a shorter average lifespan than their more expensive counterparts, therefore warranties usually don’t last as long. The Swash SE400 comes with a standard 1 year warranty and the BB-600 comes with a 2 year warranty. Bio Bidet does give you the option to upgrade to a 6 year full warranty from the BB-600 and this would probably cover the unit through the majority of its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

As far as budget friendly bidet seats go, both the Bio Bidet BB-600 and Brondell Swash SE400 are great options to consider. Whether you choose one over the other will directly depend on the specific features you need for your household. Either way, you can’t go wrong adding a little luxury and to your bathroom routine.

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