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Home Brands Galaxy Bidet GB-5000 Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Blooming Bidet R1063 VS Galaxy GB-5000 Bidet Seat

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Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Blooming Bidet R1063 VS Galaxy GB-5000 Bidet Seat

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Blooming Bidet R1063

Galaxy GB-5000


Blooming R1063

Galaxy GB-5000



Average Life Span

4+ Years

3+ Years

Warranty Options

3 year full warranty, no upgrades

1 year full warranty, can upgrade to 3 year full warranty

Water Flow

0.18 gallons per minute

0.25 gallons per minute

Water Heater

On-demand instant water heating system for unlimited warm water

Hybrid water heater with limited warm water

Pulse Wash



Nozzle Oscillation



Sittable Lid



Child Mode



Remote Options

2 remote styles – standard and large panel.

Large panel style remote

Detailed Comparison of the Blooming Bidet R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 Bidet Toilet Seats.

If you are looking to achieve higher levels of personal hygiene in the bathroom, considering a bidet seat is an excellent step in the right direction. However, If you happen to own a French curve style toilet, you know your options are very limited when it comes to finding a bidet that will fit. Fortunately, the Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 are two seats that are known to be compatible with some French curve toilet models*. Below, we go through some of the differences and details between these bidet seats for your consideration.

[*Note: these seats are not compatible with all French curve models. Please contact us for more information if you own this style toilet and are considering a bidet seat]


Both the Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 are well crafted and offer quality wash features. If you tend to like more modern design elements, you will love the sleek, smooth lines of the GB-5000. Alternatively, if you prefer a more classic design aesthetic, the R1063 lid has a classy and appealing beveled edge. Regardless of your style preferences, either seat will significantly upgrade your bathroom. Both of these seat come in a clean, classic white color and are available for both round and elongated style toilets

As mentioned above, these two bidet seats are compatible with some French curve toilet models, which won’t accommodate most bidet seats. For reference, the R1063 is known to work well with the Kohler Rialto, San Raphael and Rosario.

Sittable lid

Depending on the design and configuration of your bathroom, as well as your personal needs, the sittable lid could be an absolute necessity for your bidet seat. Because mechanics and hardware are often stored in the back of the bidet, most seats on the market do not accommodate the weight of an adult. However, the Galaxy GB-5000 offers a sittable lid for added convenience, especially for those who have mobility related handicaps. If you have a household member that is disabled, requires assistance to bathe, and your bathroom setup requires you to sit upon the toilet lid, the sittable lid is a must have feature. Furthermore, The sittable lid can also be a nice option to have if you wish to sit upon it for simple tasks like painting or clipping toenails.


Both the R1063 and GB-5000 offer dual, self cleaning nozzles made of aluminum. This style has one nozzle dedicated to the rear wash and one dedicated to the front or feminine wash.

Water Flow

When choosing your bidet seat, it is helpful to be aware of the rate of water flow and how it can affect your wash cycle. In general, a higher rate of water flow indicates a stronger water flow and consequently, a faster, more effective wash. While the R1063 has a very respectable flow rate of 0.18 gallons per minute, the GB-5000 has a higher rate of 0.25 gallons per minute. The higher water flow rate can be beneficial for those who struggle with bowel or urinary incontinence since it can quickly and efficiently clean up after accidents. Furthermore, a higher rate of water flow is also worth considering if you are looking for a wash experience that is faster and a little more powerful.

Pulse Wash

This is a nice, soothing wash option that is offered by the Galaxy GB-5000. Pulse wash works by alternating between a hard and soft water stream that creates a massaging effect. This comforting wash cycle can also stimulate bowel movements and is effective for cleansing sensitive areas.

Nozzle Oscillation

Although the R1063 does not offer a pulse wash, it does include an oscillating function. The oscillation can be a soothing option for tender areas and can also widen the water coverage for the area you are cleansing.

Other Details

Child Mode

If you have a child in your household that may also benefit from using a bidet seat, the Galaxy GB-5000 offers a child mode function. Under this setting, the Galaxy GB-5000 will produce a gentler wash and dry cycle that is more appropriate for a young person. The R1063 does not include a child mode function.

Remote Controls

A unique option on the R1063, is the ability to choose your style of remote. One version available is a small, standard size remote with flat button functionality and a screen for choosing options. The other option is a large, panel style remote. Because of its size and layout, the large style remote is a great, easy to use option for those with disabilities or dexterity issues. Both styles can be mounted to the wall for simplicity. The GB-5000 also includes a large panel style remote similar to the one that the R1063 offers. This control panel is easy to use and can also be mounted to the wall for convenience.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, if you have a French curve toilet seat, your options for a bidet are very limited. If your toilet is compatible with the GB-5000 and R1063, whichever you choose will depend directly on the features that are important to your household. In general the Galaxy GB-5000 offers a few more luxury options than the Blooming R1063, like the sittable lid, child mode, pulse wash and higher water flow rate. However, the R1063 gives you the option to choose your style of remote. Regardless, either would be a wonderful addition to your bathroom.

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