Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 VS. Bio Bidet BB-1700

NOTE: The Bio Bidet BB-1700 has been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Bio Bidet BB-1700

Look and Feel cascade-3000-by-dignity-solutions-prototype-front-view.jpgbb1700-main.jpg
Type of NozzleSingle, 2-in-1Single, 3-in-1
Wand/Nozzle MaterialStainless steel wand and nozzle tipStainless steel wand and plastic nozzle tip
Easy to Replace Nozzles  NoYes
Nozzle Sterilization  Yes, water is run through silver-nano treated tubingNo
Water Flow0.18 gallons per minute0.32 gallons per minute
Enema WashNoYes
Child ModeNoYes
Water HeaterInstant Water Heater (unlimited warm water)Hybrid Water Heater (unlimited warm water)
Sittable LidYesNo
Weight Limit350 lbs400 lbs
Control OptionsWireless remote (2 sizes available)Side arm control panel
Fits Many French Curve ToiletsYesNo
Warranty4 year full warranty 3 year full warranty (can be upgraded to 6 year full warranty)

Detailed Comparison

Look & Feel

The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 features an elegant, contoured lid and is designed to fit on most one and two piece toilets, including many difficult-to-fit French curve models. It’s available in crisp white color and comes in both round and elongated seat sizes. The Bio Bidet BB-1700 features a slim, sleek design that resembles a standard toilet seat and lid. It also comes in white and is available in both round and elongated seat sizes but, unlike the Cascade 3000, it won’t fit on French curve toilets.

Wash & Dry Features


When it comes to nozzle construction, stainless steel is generally considered to be superior to other materials thanks to its longevity, resistance to scratching and corrosion, and easiness to clean. The Bio Bidet BB-1700 comes with a single, 3-in-1 nozzle. To be more specific, the BB-1700 has one stainless steel wand and a plastic nozzle with three plastic spouts on the end of it: one spout for the front wash, one for the rear wash, and one for the enema wash. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 features a single stainless steel wand and 2-in-1 stainless steel nozzle, with one nozzle spout dedicated to front washing and one dedicated to rear washing. It’s worth noting that if you ever need to swap out the Cascade 3000’s nozzle tip, you won’t be able to do it yourself and will need to mail the seat in for servicing. In comparison, the BB-1700 features an easy-to-replace plastic nozzle that can be swapped out at home should the original nozzle require deep cleaning or replacement.

Nozzle Sterilization

While most bidet seats on the market feature nozzles that self-rinse after each use, not all offer nozzle sterilization. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 does provide nozzle sterilization for an added layer of hygiene. The 3000’s interior tubing and nozzles are coated in a silver nano solution that keeps the water clean as it passes through the unit and ensures that no contaminants can exist on the unit’s interior surfaces. This ultra-clean water is then used for the bidet wash and for cleaning the nozzles after each use. The Bio Bidet BB-1700 doesn’t offer nozzle sterilization.

Water Flow

Higher water flow corresponds with a more powerful and efficient wash. The Bio Bidet BB-1700’s flow rate of 0.32 gallons per minute is nearly double that of the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000, which features a lower and less powerful flow rate of 0.18 gallons per minute. This means that the BB-1700 will likely get you clean and on your way a bit quicker than the Cascade 3000.

Enema Wash

The BB-1700 comes with a powerful enema wash that’s designed to help loosen hard stool and stimulate bowel movements. If you suffer from chronic constipation or other bowel conditions that require frequent enemas, you’ll want a seat with this feature! The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions doesn’t come with an enema wash.

Child Mode

Bio Bidet’s BB-1700 comes with a special feature called “Child Mode” that provides a gentler bidet wash designed for users of a younger age and smaller size. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 doesn’t have a child mode.

Comfort & Convenience Features

Water Heater

Both the Bio Biodet BB-1700 and the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 offer unlimited warm water, but they generate it using two different types of water heating methods. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 has an instant water heater that generates unlimited warm water for washing. Downsides to this method are that there can be a quick burst of cool water at the beginning of the wash cycle, and the overall temperature of water warmed via instant heaters can vary by a degree or two throughout the wash cycle, though these variations are small enough that many users don’t notice them. In addition, because there’s no internal pump on most instant heating units, the water pressure can be a bit lower than on units with tank or hybrid heating systems.

The Bio Bidet BB-1700 features a hybrid water heating system that combines the tank and instant water heating methods. In comparison to instant heaters, hybrid heating systems provide unlimited warm water with greater temperature consistency from start to finish along with higher water pressure. One downside to this method is that hybrid heaters tend to be a bit less energy efficient than instant heaters due to the fact that they keep a small tank of water warm at all times.

Sittable Lid

The majority of bidet lids, including the lid on the Bio Bidet BB-1700, aren’t designed to support the weight of an adult, and sitting on them can seriously damage the seat. However, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 comes with a sittable lid that is able to safely support up to 330 lbs, which is a great feature to have if you’re accustomed to sitting on your toilet lid to clip toenails, dress, or assist others as they bathe.


The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions was crafted with user convenience in mind and comes with a built-in LED nightlight that gently illuminates the toilet bowl, making it easier and safer to navigate the restroom in low light. The Bio Bidet BB-1700 doesn’t offer a nightlight, but you can always purchase an after market nightlight and install it yourself if this is a feature you simply can’t live without. After market nightlights aren’t as low-profile as the built-in kind, but they get the job done just the same.

Control Options

The controls for the Bio Bidet BB-1700 are located on a side arm control panel attached to the side of the seat. On the one hand, this means you’ll never have to worry about losing the controller, but the setup can pose a logistical challenge for users with certain limitations and disabilities. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 is operated via wireless remote control that comes in two size options. The larger remote features intuitively laid out, raised buttons and the smaller (standard size) remote comes with a display screen and flat buttons.

Weight Limit

Both the lid and the seat of the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 can support up to 330 lbs. While the Bio Bidet BB-1700’s lid cannot support any weight, the seat itself can safely support up to 400 lbs, making it the better choice for larger users.


Both the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 automatically comes with a 4 year full warranty and the Bio Bidet BB-1700  comes with a 3 year full warranty. The main difference between the two is that Bio Bidet offers the option of upgrading to a 6 year full warranty whereas Dignity Solutions doesn’t offer any upgrade options.

Final Thoughts

Both the Bio Bidet BB-1700 and the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 offer a wide range of features that will take your toileting experience to the next level, so the real key to deciding between these two units is determining which features are most important for your needs. If you experience frequent constipation, need a seat with a weight limit over 300 lbs, have children at home who would benefit from using the bidet, wish to upgrade your warranty to 6 years, or simply want a more powerful wash stream with highly consistent warm water, the Bio Bidet BB-1700 will be your best bet as it offers an enema wash, 400 lb weight limit, child mode, upgradeable warranty, higher water flow rate and hybrid water heater. On the other hand, if your priorities include being able to fit your bidet seat on a French curve toilet, sit on the bidet’s lid, navigate the bathroom more easily in low light, operate the seat with a remote control, or have the peace of mind that comes with nozzle sterilization, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 is the seat for you.

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