Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 VS. Blooming Bidet 1163

NOTE: The Blooming Bidet 1163 has been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Blooming Bidet 1163

Look and Feel blooming1163full480.jpg
Nozzle Material   Stainless Steel Aluminum
Nozzle Sterilization   Yes, water is run through tubing treated with silver No
Deodorizer Yes No
Sittable Lid Yes No
Control Options 2 styles to choose from: large and standard Side Arm Control Panel
Compatible with French Curve Toilets   Yes No
Warranty 4 year full warranty 3 year full warranty

Detailed Comparison

Look & Feel

In terms of look and feel, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 and the Blooming Bidet 1163 share several similarities. Both come in white, both are available in round and elongated seat styles, and both feature an elegant, contoured silhouette. Visually, they differ in that the Blooming 1163 comes with a side arm control panel attached to the seat, whereas the Cascade 3000 has a wireless remote control (meaning that no controls are attached to the seat). Another benefit to the Cascade 3000 is that it can fit on the majority of one and two piece toilets, to include most French curve toilets, which often can’t accommodate bidet seats.

Sittable Lid

The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions comes with a “sittable” lid, which means that its lid can accommodate the weight of a full grown adult up to 300 lbs. The majority of bidets on the market today, to include the Blooming Bidet 1163, don’t have sittable lids and can be damaged or broken if someone sits on the lid. If you’re in the habit of sitting on your toilet lid to perform personal hygiene activities or to assist others in bathing or dressing, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 will be the better option for you.

Wash & Dry Features


Stainless steel is widely considered to be the nozzle material of choice due to its durability and longevity, as well as its non-porous nature, which makes it easy to keep clean. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 comes with a stainless wand and nozzle tip, whereas the Blooming Bidet 1163’s wand and nozzle is crafted from aluminum.

Nozzle Sterilization

Both the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 and the Blooming Bidet 1163 feature nozzles that automatically self-rinse after each use, but the Cascade 3000 takes unit hygiene a step further by offering silver nano sterilization. Put simply, the Cascade 3000’s inner tubing and nozzle interior is coated in a silver nano-solution that naturally kills any contaminants that may be lurking, thereby maintaining the purity of the water as it passes through the unit. This ultra-clean water is then used for washing and for rinsing the bidet’s nozzles after each use for superior cleanliness.

Comfort & Convenience Features


The Dignity Solutions 3000 comes with a built in deodorizer that efficiently chases away bathroom odors for a fresher, embarrassment-free bathroom experience, all without using harsh chemicals or environmentally unfriendly sprays. In comparison, the Blooming Bidet 1163 doesn’t have a deodorizer.

Control Options

The Blooming Bidet 1163 is operated via a control panel attached to the side of the seat. One of the benefits to this setup is that you’ll never worry about having to keep track of a remote control, and the controls are always at your fingertips, but it may not be ideal for individuals who have difficulty looking down or with certain mobility limitations. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000, on the other hand, is operated using a remote control. Dignity Solutions offers two different remote options to users: a large remote with large, intuitively laid out buttons, or a smaller remote with flat buttons and a screen that displays chosen options. Remotes are versatile and easy to use, but they may not be the best choice for folks who have difficulty grasping objects.


When it comes to warranties, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 comes with a generous 4 year full warranty. In comparison, the Blooming Bidet 1163 comes with a 3 year full warranty.

Final Thoughts

Across the board, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 brings more to the table compared to the Blooming Bidet 1163 thanks to its sittable lid, stainless steel nozzles, nozzle sterilization, deodorizer, two remote control options, and longer warranty. That said, if you are in need of a unit with a side arm control panel instead of a remote, the Blooming Bidet 1163 is a solid choice. With either unit, you’ll be getting good quality and plenty of great features that will take your toileting routine to the next level.

Additional Details

Model Numbers(s):

Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Blooming Bidet 1163 – White – Elongated Only: NB-1163-EW

Blooming Bidet 1163 – White – Round Only: NB-1163-RW

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