Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 VS. Infinity Bidet XLC-2000

NOTE: The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 has been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Infinity Bidet XLC-2000

Look and Feel cascade-3000-by-dignity-solutions-prototype-angle-view.jpg infinityxlc2000full300.jpg
Nozzle Type Single 2-in-1 nozzle Dual nozzles
Nozzle Material   Stainless Steel Aluminum
Nozzle Sterilization   Yes, interior tubing and nozzles are treated with a silver solution No
Water Flow 0.18 gallons per minute 0.14 gallons per minute
Pulse Wash No Yes
One Button Wash and Dry Yes No
Child Mode No Yes
Deodorizer Yes No
LED Nightlight Yes No
Sittable Lid Yes No
Control Options 2 styles to choose from: large and standard Side arm control panel
Compatible with French Curve Toilets   Yes No
Warranty 4 year full warranty 3 year full warranty

Detailed Comparison

Look & Feel

The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions features a sophisticated, contoured look and comes in a crisp white color. It’s available in both round and elongated seat sizes, and it’s also compatible with most one and two piece toilets, to include many French curve toilets that won’t accommodate most other bidet seats. In comparison, the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 features a simple, streamlined look and, like the Cascade 3000, is available in white and come in both round and elongated seat sizes. However, it isn’t compatible with French curve toilets. Do keep in mind that the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 features a side arm control panel that adds a bit of extra width to the seat and is clearly visible.

Sittable Lid

The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions comes with a “sittable lid” that can support up to 300 lbs, so you can safely sit on the lid to clip toenails, dress, or assist others in bathing. The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000, like most bidets on the market, doesn’t have a sittable lid. Sit on the XLC-2000’s lid and you run the risk of breaking or damaging the seat!

Wash & Dry Features


The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000’s nozzles are constructed from stainless steel, which is generally considered to be the top-of the line nozzle material due to its durability and easiness to keep clean. The Cascade 3000 also features a single wand with two nozzles on it, one for the front wash and one for the rear wash. In comparison, the Infinity XLC-2000’s nozzles are crafted from aluminum, which isn’t as durable as stainless steel. The XLC-2000 features two wash wands, each with one nozzle; one wand/nozzle is dedicated to the front wash and the other wand/nozzle is dedicated to the rear wash.

Nozzle Sterilization

While both the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 and the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 feature self-rinsing nozzles, only the Cascade 3000 offers nozzle sterilization. To accomplish this, the Cascade 3000’s tubing and nozzle interior is coated with a silver nano-solution that has natural antibacterial properties. As water travels through the unit, this coating acts as a sanitizing agent to ensure a high standard of cleanliness for both the unit itself and the wash water you’re using.

Water Flow

Water flow rates can impact the overall power and efficiency of a wash cycle, so a higher flow rate theoretically equates to a faster and more effective cleanse. The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions has a higher water flow rate (0.18 gallons per minute) than the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 (0.14 gallons per minute), making it the more powerful of the two when it comes to washing.

Pulse Wash

Pulse washing alternates the water pressure between firm and soft to create a soothing, massage sensation that relaxes sensitive areas and can help stimulate the bowels. Infinity Bidet’s XLC-2000 comes with a pulse wash option whereas the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 does not.

Sitz Bath

The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 comes with a sitz bath feature designed to soothe tender areas and promote healing. It works by providing a steady stream of warm water for five minutes and then automatically turns on the warm air dryer.

One Button Wash & Dry

As the name implies, one button washing and drying initiates a standard wash/dry cycle at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to manually select individual settings. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 offers one button washing & drying but the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 does not.

Child Mode

The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 comes with a child mode wash feature that’s specifically designed for younger, smaller users and can be a great feature to have if you have youngsters in your home who would benefit from using the bidet seat. The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions does not offer a child mode.

Comfort & Convenience Features


We’ve all put up with unpleasant bathroom odors before, but you’ll no longer have to thanks to the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000’s built-in deodorizer, which chases away embarrassing smells before they can become an annoyance. The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 doesn’t come with a deodorizer.

LED Nightlight

If you’ve ever had to choose between stumbling around the bathroom in the dark or blinding yourself by turning on an overhead light, there’s hope! The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 comes with a built-in nightlight that gently illuminates the toilet bowl to make it a bit easier to navigate the restroom in low light. The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 doesn’t come with a nightlight, but if this is high on your priority list, it is possible to purchase an after-market nightlight that functions the same as the built in kind, though it doesn’t look quite as sleek.

Remote Control Options

The Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 is operated via a side arm control panel attached to the side of the seat. The benefit here is that you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of a remote as the control options are always at your fingertips, though this setup may pose a logistical challenge to individuals with certain limitations or disabilities. In comparison, the Casacade 3000 by Dignity Solutions is operated via wireless remote control and offers two remote options: a large remote with intuitive, raised buttons and no touchscreen, or a smaller, standard size remote with flat buttons and a touchscreen that displays chosen options. Remote controlled seats are a great option for those who don’t like the cumbersome look of a side arm control panel or who find it difficult to operate, though remotes can pose a challenge of their own to individuals who have grasping difficulties.


The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions comes with a four year full warranty so you can rest easy knowing your investment is well protected. In comparison, the XLC-2000 comes with a 3 year full warranty.

Final Thoughts

Between these two units, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 comes out ahead in terms of both features and functionality thanks to its French-curve friendly design, sittable lid, stainless steel nozzles, silver nano nozzle sterilization system, higher water flow rate, one-button wash and dry, deodorizer, LED nightlight, 4 year full warranty and two remote control options. That said, the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 offers a few features that the Cascade 3000 doesn’t have, so if you’re looking for a bidet seat with a child mode feature, sitz bath, pulse washing, or a side arm control panel, the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 will be a better choice.

Additional Details

Model Numbers(s):

Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 in White (Elongated) – XLC-2000-EW

Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 in White (Round) – XLC-2000-RW

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