Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 VS. Kohler Novita BH-90/93

NOTE: The Kohler Novita BH-90/93 has been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Kohler Novita BH-90 and BH-93

Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Kohler Novita BH-90/93

Look and Feel cascade-3000-by-dignity-solutions-prototype-front-view.jpg novita-bh-remote-front.jpg
cascade-3000-by-dignity-solutions-prototype-angle-view.jpg novita-bh93-angle.jpg
Type of Nozzle Single, 2-in-1 nozzle Dual nozzles
Nozzle Material Stainless steel wand and nozzle tips
Easy to Replace Nozzles   No Yes
Nozzle Sterilization   Yes, water is run through Silver Nano treated hoses Silver nano nozzle sterilization
Water Flow 0.18 gallons per minute 0.14 gallons per minute
Enema Wash No No, but does have Turbo Clean option
Pulse Wash No Yes
Child Mode No Yes
Sittable Lid Yes No
Auto Open/Close Lid No Yes
Sittable Lid Yes No
Weight Limit 300 lbs 350 lbs
Control Options Wireless remote, 2 sizes/styles Wireless remote, one size/style
Fits Many French Curve Toilets Yes No
Warranty 4 year full warranty 1 year warranty, can upgrade to 3 year full warranty

Detailed Comparison

Look & Feel

The Kohler Novita BH-90/93 features a sleek, streamlined look and comes in both round and elongated seat sizes. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 has a classic, elegant design with a beveled lid and, like the BH-90/93, comes in round and elongated seat sizes. One unique feature of the Cascade 3000 is that it is designed to fit on most one and two-piece toilets, including French curve toilets that traditionally aren’t able to accommodate a bidet seat due to their highly curved silhouette.

Wash & Dry Features


The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 and the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 both have high-quality, stainless steel nozzles, but the configuration of the nozzles differs between the two units. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 has a single wand with two nozzle spouts on the end, one for the front wash and one for the rear wash. In comparison, the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 has two wash wands, each with one nozzle spout at the end; one wand and spout is dedicated to front washing while the other is dedicated to rear washing. In addition, the Kohler Novita BH-90/93’s nozzles are easy to change out for new ones should they ever need to be deep cleaned or be replaced due to corrosion or damage. The Cascade 3000’s nozzles aren’t easily replaceable, so you’ll need to send the entire seat in for servicing if they ever have issues.

Nozzle Sterilization

Both the Dignity Solutions 3000 and the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 offer nozzle sterilization, but each seat accomplishes this differently. The interior surfaces of the Cascade 3000’s nozzles and tubing are coated with a naturally antibacterial silver solution, which kills and germs that come in contact with it and maintains the purity of the wash water as it moves through the unit. The Kohler Novita BH-90/93, on the other hand, releases small silver nano particles into the wash water, thereby killing any contaminants. This sterile water is then used to wash the nozzles.

Water Flow

Water flow rates correspond with the efficiency and effectiveness of the bidet wash. Between these two units, the Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions features the higher water flow rate of 0.18 gallons per minute (compared to the Kohler Novita BH-90/93’s 0.14 gallons per minute), meaning it’ll get you clean and on your way just a little bit quicker.

Pulse Wash

Pulse washing is a relaxation feature that alternates the pressure of the wash spray to create a soothing massage sensation. This not only comforts tender areas, it also can help relax bowel muscles to facilitate bowel movements. When it comes to these two seats, only the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 offers pulse washing.

Child Mode

As the name suggests, child mode is designed for younger, smaller, and lighter users who wish to take advantage of the benefits offered by bidet washing. While the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 offers a child mode, the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 does not.

Comfort & Convenience Features

Auto Open/Close Lid

The Kohler Novita BH-90/93 comes with an impressive automatically opening and closing lid that detects when someone is walking towards or away from the seat and raises or lowers he lid accordingly. Not only is this convenient and hygienic, it also adds a wow factor to any restroom. The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 has a traditional, manual open/close lid.

Control Options

Both the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 and the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 are operated via wireless remote. However, the Cascade 3000 offers two different remote styles, one small and one large, to better meet diverse customer needs. The larger remote features raised buttons and an intuitive layout, while the smaller, standard-size remote comes with flat buttons and a display screen.

Sittable Lid

The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000’s lid is unique in that it’s designed to support the weight of an adult, up to 300 lbs. In comparison, most bidet seat lids, to include the Kohler Novita BH-90/93, can’t support the weight of a full grown adult, and sitting on the lid can damage or break the seat. However, since the Cascade 3000’s lid is designed to be sat on, you can sit on it to trim nails or assist others in bathing without worrying about causing damage to the seat.

Weight Limit

The Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 and the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 each have a generous weight limit, with the Cascade 3000 able to support up to 300 lbs and the BH-90/93 able to support a bit more, up to 350 lbs.


Warranties are a great way to protect your investment, and Dignity Solutions offers a 4 year full warranty with the Cascade 3000. In contrast, the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 only comes with a 1 year warranty, though you can upgrade to a 3 year full warranty for a fee.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about both the Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000 and the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 as each comes with a broad range of features designed to improve the quality and comfort of your restroom routine. Determining which is better for you really depends on your priorities and needs. If you’re in search of a bidet seat with dual nozzles, pulse washing, child mode, automatic open/close lid, or a 350 lb weight limit, the Kohler Novita BH-90/93 is the seat for you. If, however, you want a seat with a slightly higher water flow rate, a sittable lid, two different types of remotes to choose from, and a 4 year full warranty, the Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions will meet your needs best.

Additional Details

Model Numbers(s):

Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

Kohler Novita BH-90 – BH90-EW in White: $1,169.00

Kohler Novita BH-93 – BH93-RW in White: $1,169.00

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