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TOTO S550e WASHLET – Classic Trim – Elongated

TOTO S550e WASHLET – Contemporary Trim – Elongated

Toto S350E WASHLET – (Round only) Cotton White or Sedona Beige


Classic Trim, Elongated Only


Contemporary, Elongated Only


Round Only


Deciding between the TOTO S550e WASHLET and the TOTO S350e WASHLET can be compared to shopping for a car when you already know the make and model you want but are considering different trim and bundle options. When it comes to these two TOTO models, they both offer the same great features, but come in different style and trim options for more versatility. The only real difference between these seats is that the S350e only comes in a round toilet seat option, while the S550e is only available in an elongated seat option.  Additionally, with the S550e you have the ability to choose between two different trim options, classic and contemporary. The classic trim offers an attractive beveled edge, while the contemporary trim has a sleek and modern look. On the other hand, the S350e is only available with a classic looking, beveled edge design. You may also notice that the remote control that accompanies the S550e has been slightly updated stylistically from the one that comes with the S350e, however, the functionality and features still remain exactly the same on both remotes.

 All in all, the S350e and S550e are both high quality seats with amazing, state of the art features like, bowl pre-misting, user presets, a LED night light, and a high tech automatic opening lid for the ultimate hands-free experience. Whichever seat you choose just depends on the style of toilet you have. If you possess a round toilet, the S350e will be the model you go with. On the other hand, the S550e is made specifically for those with elongated seats.

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Model Numbers (SKUs)


TOTO S350e WASHLET – Cotton White – Round Only: SW583#01
TOTO S350e WASHLET – Sedona Beige – Round Only: SW583#12

TOTO S350e WASHLET – Cotton White – Elongated (DIscontinued): SW584#01
TOTO S350e WASHLET – Sedona Beige – Elongated (Discontinued): SW584#12


TOTO S550e WASHLET – Classic Trim – Cotton White – Elongated Only: SW3054#01
TOTO S550e – Classic Trim – Sedona Beige – Elongated Only: SW3054#12

TOTO S550e WASHLET- Contemporary Trim – Cotton White – Elongated Only: SW3056#01
TOTO S550e WASHLET – Contemporary Trim – Sedona Beige – Elongated Only: SW3056#12



Q: When comparing the toto s350e vs s550e, the S550e seems to be a bit taller, is this true?

A: While the TOTO WASHLET S550e does offer the same feature set as the TOTO WASHLET S350e, the design aesthetics on both are different.  The TOTO 550e WASHLET does have a slightly higher back than the TOTO S350e. Many are concerned that the higher back of the TOTO S550e WASHLET will make it less comfortable. Feedback we have received from customers who have used both extensively indicate that both are equally as comfortable despite the S550e WASHLET having a taller back.

Q: Where can I find a compare of the toto s500 vs s550?

A: As you may already know, the TOTO WASHLET 350e is slowly being phased out.  Due to this, and the fact that both the S550e and S500e are new to the market makes the request for a compare of the toto s500e vs s550e a common one.  If this is a question on your mind, you’re in luck!  Check out our compare of these two great seats here: Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: TOTO S550e WASHLET VS. TOTO S500e WASHLET

Q: WASHLET vs bidet seat, what’s the difference?

A: A bidet seat and a WASHLET are one in the same. The term WASHLET is TOTO’s branded term for a bidet seat. In other words, TOTO sells lots of bidet seats, and refers to each of them as a WASHLET.

Q: When comparing the toto s550e vs s350e, both remotes look quite a bit different. We’re used to the old remote. When getting a TOTO S550e WASHLET w/ remote, can we swap it out for the old style?

A: The WASHLET S550e remote can not be swapped out or paired with the WASHLET S350e remote. Despite this, we tend to see that those making the switch quickly grow used to the new remote.

Q: I’m looking to compare TOTO WASHLETS, not just these two.  Is there anywhere that you have a full TOTO WASHLET comparison chart instead?

A: We’re always striving to offer you the best detail on our products we possibly can. To help with that, we do offer a way to compare toto washlet models all at once. Here, you will find our: TOTO WASHLET comparison chart As you eliminate TOTO WASHLETS from the TOTO bidet comparison, simply click the X for that column, and the compare will adjust accordingly, removing the WASHLET you’re no longer interested in from the toto washlet model comparison, and thus allowing you to compare TOTO seats till you’ve narrowed them down to the exact one you’d like to move forward with.

Q: TOTO S550e Modern, TOTO S550e Contemporary, and TOTO S550e Classic, what’s the difference.  Is one more comfortable then the other?

A: The TOTO WASHLET S550e Modern trim and Contemporary trim are one in the same.  TOTO uses those terms interchangeably. The difference between the TOTO S550e Classic trim vs the TOTO S550e Modern trim is purely aesthetics. The only difference is the lid, and the fact that the TOTO S550e Modern trim version has no bevel, where the TOTO S550e Classic has a bevel on the lid, making it look much more like the classic TOTO S350e bidet seat.

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TOTO S550e WASHLET – Classic Trim – Elongated

TOTO S550e WASHLET – Contemporary Trim – Elongated

Toto S350E WASHLET – (Round only) Cotton White or Sedona Beige

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