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Getting help with repairs

Finding where to go for bidet repairs can be frustrating and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be!  We are always here to help with any bidet toilet seat related questions you might have.  There are some questions only the bidet toilet seat manufacturers can answer.  If your bidet toilet seat truly needs repairs, chances are the manufacturer is who you will need to contact.

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Bidet toilet seats can also have issues that make it look like the seat needs repair, when really all that’s needed is a bit of troubleshooting.  Going through these troubleshooting steps on your own is quick and easy, and can often save you time and money.  For details about troubleshooting steps we recommend taking, feel free to visit our Troubleshooting electric bidet toilet seat problems page.  Tried these bidet toilet seat troubleshooting steps, and you still need to get your bidet toilet seat repaired?  Hopefully the below information will help.

Many manufacturers prefer to service and repair their own bidet seats.  For support and repair help on these particular bidet toilet seats, see the chart below.

Bio Bidet bidet toilet seat repair(847) 458-2334
Brondell bidet toilet seat repair(888) 542-3355
Feel Fresh bidet toilet seat repair(888 )557-6888
TOTO washlet repair(888) 295-8134
Blue Bidet toilet seat repair(305) 436-6601
LUXE Bidet toilet seat repair(858) 201-6397

For the following manufacturers, feel free to call (800) 681-0753 for support,repair information and help: Galaxy Bidets, Novita Bidets, Blooming Bidets, Nova Bidets, Infinity Bidets, Clean Sense Bidets, INAX Bidets, and Olympia Bidets.

If you’re looking for warranty information for any of the bidets that we sell on our site, check out the applicable product page for details.  Still not finding the warranty information you’re looking for?  Contact us, and we’ll hook you up!

Want to see more bidet videos? Check our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGFgiGtj6beO3RNHykoZafA

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