How do Bidet Seats Work

How do bidet toilet seats work? There are many different kinds of bidet toilet seats on the market today.  For details on the different kinds of bidet seats on the market, please feel free to visit our page Different Kinds of Bidets.

Knowing the different kinds of bidets, and the differences between them is very important to help choose what kind works best for you.  However, knowing how a bidet toilet seat works is also important.  Without this information, how will you know if it’s something you’ll enjoy and benefit from?  We have good news for you!  Bidet seats are high end, luxury, and designed for comfort.  Once you use one, you’ll never go back!

But how does a bidet seat work?  Most bidet toilet seats have a wand or rod (sometimes multiple) with a diameter a little thicker than a pencil or pen.  This wand normally gets housed inside the bidet seat when not in use, and often has a self-clean feature that runs after every use.

The bidet toilet seat wand(s) have nozzle(s) built into them.  The wands spray water through these nozzles to provide the wash or cleanse.  Many bidet toilet seats on the market offer multiple nozzles each designed to spray water in a certain way, to increase effectiveness for different wash settings.

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Does the bidet toilet seat touch you?

One concern we’ve heard voiced over and over again is the question: Does the bidet toilet seat touch you?  As you’ve probably gathered by this point.  The bidet toilet seat itself does not touch you.  When using a bidet toilet seat, the wand sprays water, and the water touches you, but the bidet itself does not.  This not only helps to increase the comfort level, but also helps keep the bidet clean.  Also, don’t forget that the wand goes through a cleaning process after use, where water runs over the bidet seat wand.

Where does the water used by the bidet toilet seat come from?

The water used by the bidet seat comes from the water line used to fill the toilet tank.  A common misconception is that the water comes from the toilet bowel.  This is not true.  Using a bidet seat is a clean, sanitary experience.  The water comes from your house’s water system, and can even have additional filters installed before it’s used for the wash if you’d like.

Do bidet seats really work?

So all of this is great, but do bidet toilet seats really work?  They sure do!  The best way to prove it to yourself is to try one!  Take a look at our great selection, and start living a healthier, cleaner, more eco-friendly life today!

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