How to modify a bidet seat to fit the Jacuzzi Primo – VIDEO

It can be hard to properly fit a bidet seat to the Jacuzzi Primo, your bidet expert, and Many Bidets Owner, Daniel Johnson shows you how some customers have modified the Cascade 3000 bidet seat to fit the Jacuzzi Primo toilet.

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How to modify a bidet seat to fit the Jacuzzi Primo Transcription:

If you have the Jacuzzi Primo toilet in your bathroom, or are considering it, you may already know that this is a hard toilet to pair with the Bidet Seat. As your bidet expert, we have had this question countless times and have found that some customers have come up with a rather creative workaround. Stay tuned on this video, to learn what that workaround is and of course at the end if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always here to help.

I’m Daniel Johnson, your Bidet expert and the owner of, where over the past eight years we’ve sold over 10,000 bidets.

The Jacuzzi Primo is a hard toilet to fit, because of the French Curve and that’s where this tank curves around the outside of the bowl, on either side. Now, there are a variety of French Curved toilets. All of them are hard to fit, when it comes to a Bidet Seat and the reason for that is that, the Bidet Seat stores the hardware that makes the seat work, here in the back. The French Curve can often get in the way of that hardware and that large back. The Cascade 3000 is our top pick for a French Curve toilet and the reason for that is, the fact that these sides are curved in, making it one of the few seats on the market that can actually work with a French Curved toilet. Even with that curved back, the Jacuzzi Primo is a tricky toilet to work with, because of the steepness of this French Curve; because of that, some of our customers have had to get creative, when getting the Cascade 3000 to fit a Jacuzzi Primo toilet.

This is a standard mounting plate for the Cascade 3000. This is a modified mounting plate. The difference between the two is pretty subtle, but you can see that there’s a little bit cut out in the back, here. On the standard mounting plate, there’s a lip. On the modified mounting plate, the lip is gone. Customers who have made this modification, have also had to adjust how the bolts fit into the mounting plate. Here’s a standard bolt, you can see that its head protrudes from every side of the bolt. Here’s a modified bolt, so you can see that three of the sides still have a lip on it, but one side doesn’t. Why this is crucial is that it allows you to face the one side back and have it set snug up against the back of the mounting plate groove. This gives us an additional eighth of an inch, which is enough space to make the Cascade 3000 snap into place. To help with the stability of this mounting plate, you can take some mounting tape, which is a heavy-duty double-sided tape and put a piece of it on the bottom side of the mounting plate. This will help us be a bit more stable on the toilet. We now need to take the cover off the back side of that mounting tape. Now that we’ve removed the covering, we’re going to place this on the toilet. We want to make sure that this plate is as far forward as possible, while still seeing the holes, before we let it touch the porcelain, to make sure that that mounting tape adheres in the proper place. Following the instructions, apply pressure for however long the instructions say to, for the mounting tape. Then, once you’re done with that take your modified bolts, with the shaved end facing back and place them into the mounting plate, through the toilet. Now take your cone washer and your standard washer and slide them onto the bottom side of the bolt. The standard washer will hold the bolt and the cone washer together. Then put the nut on the bottom side. Let’s do the same thing for the other side.

Now that we’ve installed the mounting plate, in such a way as to give us a bit more space to work with, we want to line up the mounting plate and the grooves on the Cascade and then slide it into place. You should physically feel the seat snap into place…

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Formal Introduction
00:55 Jacuzzi Primo Fitment with the Cascade 3000
02:04 Mounting Plate Overviews
04:45 Installing the Cascade 3000
05:46 Additional Note #1
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06:26 Modify at your own risk
06:39 Closing Statement