Installing the Bio Bidet USPA IB-835 – Instructions and Tips

How to Install a Bidet Table of contents

Dimensions and spacing for the Bio Bidet IB-835 installation 

 What comes in the Bio Bidet IB-835 box

Preparing your Bio Bidet IB-835 for installation

Installing the Bio Bidet IB-835 bowl

Installing the Bio Bidet IB-835 seat

Adjusting the floats



Dimensions – Space required to install the Bio Bidet IB-835


Before installation, please check locations of water inlet and drain hole.

Water inlet can also be located on the floor as long as it is not inside the footprint of the Bio Bidet IB-835’s base

No hot water line is needed

Make sure that there is an outlet with 4 feet of the toilet, or be prepared to use an extension cord

Connect angle valve to water inlet (because the IB-835 sits so close to the wall when working with a 12 inch rough in, doing this upfront will make installation easier)

Make sure the floor is level before installing






Package Contents when you purchase the Bio Bidet USPA IB-835 Bidet and Toilet


All parts needed to install the IB-835 come with the unit.

Because of the skirted design, mounting brackets will need to be used.

This means the floor will need to be screwed into to attach the mounting brackets to the floor.  Some customers have glued the brackets to the floor, but screwing them in is recommended

When installing the Bio Bidet IB-835, we recommend having the following tools handy:


Tape Measure



Putty Knife

Drill and drill bit to pre-drill hole for mounting brackets





Preparing your Bio Bidet IB-835 for installation

Prepare the wax ring to attach to the bowl.  Note that the wax ring will have a plastic “cup” on it, or plastic “sheet” on it that needs to be removed before installing.

Wax ring as it arrivesWax ring ready to be installed

1) With bowl upside down on a protective pad, or carpet, place wax ring around opening.

2) Press wax ring firmly into place to assure adhesion when bowl is inverted.




Toilet Bowl Installation

Installing the mounting brackets
1) Align the installation template at center of drain socket.
2) Drill holes in the marked location ( 3/8”), and then insert the anchors into the holes
3) Remove the installation template and install bracket.


Mounting the toilet bowl

 1) Be sure to mount the toilet bowl with two people to connect the flange on to the drain socket.  This is important because of the brackets.  While it’s possible to place the toilet in position with one person, the likelihood of knocking or bending the mounting brackets in the process is greatly increased.

2) Check to make sure the floor is level to make sure the toilet bowl will be placed level.

3) Secure the mounting screw to the bracket.

4) When doing this, make sure not to push the screw too hard

5) Cover the holes with the caps to finish mounting the toilet bowl.




Toilet Seat Installation

1) Insert the seat mounting nut (which is basically a rubber sleeve akin to a top mounting kit sleeve) into the toilet seat mounting hole on the toilet bowl.

2)Connect water hose to the bidet.  Make sure this hose is snug.  Properly tightening it before sliding the seat in place will save time.  Once the seat is in place the hose will be harder to get to.

3) Hold the bidet seat with two hands and slide it into place.

4) Make sure the bidet seat slides into the overhang so it “grabs” the back of the seat, and holds the bowl and seat together.  Make sure the seat is straight.  The flushing system in the seat needs to line up with the square push plate in the bowl.



Connecting the water supply line

1) Connect T valve to angle valve.

2) Connect the water supply line to toilet tank and T valve.

3) Connect the water supply line to bidet and T valve.

4) Turn the angle valve counter-clockwise to supply water.

5) Flush the toilet 2 to 3 times to check if there is any leakage.


1) Open the bidet seat and match toilet seat mounting hole and toilet bowl mounting hole.

2) Screw the mounting bolt into the hole to secure the E-bidet seat.





Adjust the floats in the bowl





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