Integrated Neorest Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest RH VS TOTO G400 Toilet and WASHLET

NOTE: Both the Neorest RH and the G400 have been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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TOTO Neorest Toilet RH and WASHLET

TOTO G400 Toilet and WASHLET


TOTO Neorest Toilet RH

TOTO G400 Toilet and WASHLET Combo

Looks rh.png g400-washlet-and-toilet-500.jpg
Price TOTO Neorest RH in Cotton White (MS982CUMG-01): $3,968.25 (Request best price)TOTO Neorest RH in Sedona Beige (MS982CUMG-12): $4,563.75 (Request best price) G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET in Cotton White (MS920CEMFG-01):  (Request Best Price)Discontinued- check out TOTO G450 or the SLi 2000G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET in Sedona Beige (MS920CEMFG-12): (Request Best Price)
Night Light Yes No—after market bowl nightlight can be added
Instant Water Heater Yes—offers unlimited warm water No—tank water heater provides limited warm water (1 to 2 minutes of wash time)
Wide Front Cleanse Yes No

Look and Feel

The TOTO Neorest RH and the TOTO G400 Toilet and WASHLET Combo embody two different design aesthetics, and deciding which look you like better is really just a matter of personal preference. The Neorest RH has a low profile, rounded look, while the G400 features crisp angles and a taller silhouette. Both models come in white and beige, making either an easy match for a wide range of bathroom color schemes.

Wash Features

Wide Front Cleanse

Front and rear cleansing come standard on almost all integrated bidet units, but not all come with a specialized wash called “wide front cleanse”. As the name indicates, this wash option uses a wider spray to wash the feminine areas, thereby reducing the amount of body repositioning required for a comprehensive cleanse. The Neorest RH comes with both front and wide front wash settings, while the G400 only offers regular front cleansing.

Comfort & Convenience


Most TOTO integrated units, including the G400, rinse the bidet’s wash nozzles after each use and come with a PREMIST feature, which coats the toilet bowl with a thin layer of water prior to use in order to reduce the chances of residue sticking. The TOTO Neorest RH takes these great features step further and uses sterile, electrolyzed water–called EWATER+–to PREMIST the bowl and rinse the nozzles, giving users even greater peace of mind about the cleanliness of their unit.

Instant Water Heater

Bidets keep wash water warm using one of three water heating methods, and the TOTO Neorest RH and  TOTO G400 heat their wash water in different ways. The TOTO G400 uses a tank water heating system, which keeps a set amount of wash water warmed and at the ready at all times. This method produces a consistent stream of warm water throughout the wash cycle as long as there’s warm water in the tank. The big catch with tank water heating systems is that once the tank runs out of pre-warmed water, it will switch to using cool water until it can refill and reheat. This may become an issue if you like lengthy wash cycles or if there’s a chance that your unit will be used in quick succession. On the other hand, the TOTO Neorest RH employs an instant water heating system that produces unlimited warm water. One possible downside to this method is that some users notice a quick spurt of cool water at the beginning of the wash, though it’s quickly replaced by fully warmed water.

Night Light

Navigating the bathroom in low light is inconvenient at best and hazardous at worst. The good news is that the Neorest RH features a built-in nightlight that helps alleviate these issues by illuminating the toilet bowl with a soothing glow. The TOTO G400 doesn’t have a nightlight, but you can purchase an after-market version and install it yourself if this is a feature you just can’t live without. The after-market nightlights come in a variety of colors ad work just as well as the built in kind, but they don’t look quite as sleek.


In terms of features, the TOTO Neorest RH comes out ahead of the TOTO G400. That said, depending on the color you want, the TOTO G400 is a slightly to moderately lower price compared to the Neorest RH. Ultimately, a lot of your decision will rest on aesthetic preferences. Do you like the G400’s design enough to sacrifice some features? Or is the Neorest RH’s design and wider array of features what will suit you best? Only you can decide!

Additional Details

Model Numbers

G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET in Cotton White – MS920CEMFG-01: Discontinued- check out TOTO G450 or the SLi 2000

G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET in Sedona Beige – MS920CEMFG-12: Discontinued- check out TOTO G450 or the SLi 2000

TOTO Neorest RH in Cotton White – MS982CUMG-01: $3,968.25 (Request best price)

TOTO Neorest RH in Sedona Beige – MS982CUMG-12: $4,563.75 (Request best price)

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