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Home Bidet Type Integrated Bidet Toilet Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest 500H VS Bio Bidet IB-835 Toilet and Bidet Seat

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Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest 500H VS Bio Bidet IB-835 Toilet and Bidet Seat

View These Units:

TOTO Neorest 500H Dual Flush Toilet and WASHLET

Bio Bidet USPA IB835 Integrated Toilet System

Though there are some notable differences between the TOTO Neorest 500H and the Bio Bidet IB-835, both offer a high level of quality for the price and provide a comfortable experience for the user. To make it easier to compare the two, we’ve outlined the major differences in the quick reference table below, followed by an in depth discussion of each difference.


TOTO Neorest 500H

Bio Bidet USPA IB-835




TOTO Neorest 500H in Cotton White (MS952CUMG-01): Discontinued – replaced with TOTO Neorest RH
TOTO Neorest 500H in Sedona Beige (MS952CUMG-12): Discontinued – replaced with TOTO Neorest RH
Bio Bidet IB-835 in White: Discontinued – replaced with TOTO Neorest RH or Bio Bidet Discovery DLX

Water Flow

Washes with .11 gallons per minuteWashes with 0.18 gallons per minute


Auto dual flush feature provides option for 1 gallon per flush or 0.8 gallon per flush Auto flushing, but just one flush setting (1.6 gallons per flush)

Water Heater

Instant Water Heater—provides unlimited warm water for washingTank Water Heater—provides limited warm water for washing

Weight Limit

350 pounds400 pounds

Auto Opening



Yes—built in to unitNo—aftermarket nightlight can be added





Detailed Comparison of the TOTO Neorest 500H VS Bio Bidet IB-835 Toilet and Bidet Seat

Both of these units are great in their own class. Below we’ll detail out all of the differences between these units so you can make the best choice based on your needs.


Appearance is one of first differences users often notice between these two units. Both offer a classic look, but the Neorest 500H features smoother, softer curves compared to the sleeker lines of the Bio Bidet IB-835. Each unit comes with a remote control, and we especially like the design of the IB-835 remote, which projects the feature you’ve selected onto a glass panel on the remote for easy viewing. The Neorest 500H remote, on the other hand, does not have a mechanism for highlighting features as they’re selected by the user.


Auto Opening:

The Neorest 500H offers an impressive auto-open feature, which uses a motion sensor to automatically open and close the lid whenever the user approaches or walks away from the unit. The Bio Bidet IB-835 lid is designed like most traditional toilets, meaning the user must manually open and close it.


The Neorest 500H comes with a built in nightlight feature, which many users find to be helpful when using the restroom at night. Though the Bio Bidet IB-835 does not come with a night light, users who desire this feature can purchase an after market night light and install it themselves. The 500H’s built in nightlight does blend more seamlessly with the unit than an after market version, but aside from looking a bit different, both provide the same benefits.


Water Flow

Each company takes a different stance on water usage. Some aim to conserve water usage in an effort to reduce environmental impact, while others maintain that more water is essential for a thorough wash. In general, we also believe that the best, cleanest wash doesn’t skimp on water. Thus, when it comes to water flow, the Bio Bidet IB-385 is our pick, as this unit uses 0.18 gallons per minute compared to the Neorest 500H’s 0.11 gallons per minute.

Water Heating

Water heating can have a big impact on the user’s overall experience, and the Neorest 500H is the clear winner over the Bio Bidet IB-385 when it comes to water heaters. The 500H uses an instant water heater, meaning that the unit never runs out of warm water regardless of how long the wash or how frequently it is used. On the other hand, the IB-385 features a tank water heater, which offers only a few minutes of warm water. Once the tank is empty, it will wash using cool or cold water until it has a chance to refill, which takes around 3-5 minutes.


Weight Limit

Both the Bio Bidet IB-385 and the Neorest 500H are sturdy, durable units, but the IB-385 is able to accommodate a little more weight than the 500H. Per the manufacturer’s guidelines, the IB- 385 can safely support a maximum of 400 lbs, while the Neorest 500H supports 350 lbs.


In an effort to conserve water, the TOTO 500H offers dual flushing. This means that it uses the amount of water needed without unnecessary waste, while still delivering excellent flushing power. The Bio Bidet IB-385 only offers one flush mode. Coming in at 1.6 gallons per flush, the IB-385 offers a great flush but does use quite a bit more water than the 500H in the process.


The TOTO Neorest 500H offers EWATER+, a water sanitizing method that ensures that only sterile water is used to PREMIST the bowl and clean the unit’s nozzles after use. The Bio Bidet IB-385 also cleans its nozzles but does not use sterilized water to do so.


The TOTO Neorest 500H offers the PREMIST feature, which wets down the bowl’s surface with a thin film of sanitized water prior to use. The benefit here is that PREMIST reduces waste residue by up to 80% compared to a dry bowl and leads to a cleaner bowl overall. The IB-385 does not provide this feature, so some users may find that it requires more frequent manual cleaning.

Customer Support

We know that top notch customer service is important, and whether you’re looking to buy a bidet seat or an integrated unit, Bio Bidet takes great care of their customers every time. When it comes to working with TOTO customer support, users have reported mixed experiences to us. For these reasons, we feel that Bio Bidet offers a more consistently positive support experience to their clients.


Both these units offer top notch quality, so determining which is right for your situation will depend entirely on what you consider to be essential features. From a features standpoint, Neorest 500H exceeds the Bio Bidet IB-385. The 500H’s auto open/close and water saving features, built in nightlight for low light accessibility, and sanitizing EWATER+ and PREMIST functions offer a level of luxury that many users, especially those who wish to be eco-friendly with their purchase, feel are well worth the price tag. When it comes to price, however, the Bio Bidet IB-835 can’t be beat and is an excellent option for users who want quality but are working with a tighter budget. Additionally, some users prefer the IB-385’s sleeker overall look and remote design, and users for whom weight support is a consideration may find that the IB-385’s higher weight limit makes it a better unit for their needs.

View These Units:

TOTO Neorest 500H Dual Flush Toilet and WASHLET

Bio Bidet USPA IB835 Integrated Toilet System

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