Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest 500H VS TOTO G400 Toilet and WASHLET Combo

NOTE: Both of these bidets have been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

The Neorest 500H and G400 are solid choices with a lot to offer, but there are a number of differences in features that are worth considering. These are outlined in the quick reference table below, followed by a more detailed description of each.

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TOTO Neorest 500H

TOTO G400 WASHLET with Integrated Toilet


TOTO Neorest 500H

TOTO G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET




TOTO Neorest 500H in Cotton White (MS952CUMG #01): Discontinued – replaced by Neorest RH


TOTO Neorest 500H Sedona Beige (MS952CUMG #12): Discontinued – replaced by Neorest RH

G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET in
Cotton White (MS920CEMFG-011)

G400 Integrated Toilet and WASHLET in
Sedona Beige (MS920CEMFG-12)

Discontinued- check out TOTO G450 or the SLi 2000


Yes—sterilized EWATER+
cleans the nozzles and
mists the bowl

Night Light

YesNo—after market bowl nightlight can be added

Instant Water Heater

Yes—instant water heater provides unlimited warm waterNo—tank water heater provides limited warm water (1 to 2 minutes of wash time)

Wide front cleanse

Yes—nozzle is designed to offer a wider, front clean if desiredNo

Detailed Comparison of the TOTO Neorest 500H and the TOTO G400 Toilet and WASHLET Combo

We know that many of the terms used in the quick reference table above may be unfamiliar, so we’ve broken them down below to help equip you to select the unit that best suits your needs.

Look and Feel

Overall Look and Feel

The TOTO Neorest 500H features soft curves that lend casual ease to any bathroom. The elegant design of the G400, on the other hand, strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary, enabling it to meld seamlessly with any bathroom décor. Both units are available in cotton white and Sedona beige. With benefits to both looks, determining which unit has the right look for your space will depend entirely on your personal sense of style.

Night Light

While a night light is not a make or break feature for most prospective buyers, it’s nevertheless a handy feature that enhances the user’s overall experience, particularly when the unit is used in low light. The Neorest 500H comes already equipped with a built in nightlight. While the G400 does not include this feature, an after market toilet bowl light can easily be added. Some users report that the built in nightlight is more aesthetically appealing than the after market type, but both offer the same functionality.



TOTO’s EWATER+ feature uses a small electrical charge to safely sterilize the water that is used for pre-misting the bowl before each use and for cleaning the unit’s nozzles. While both the Neorest 500H and the G400 pre-mist the bowl and self-clean the nozzles each time the unit is used, only the 500H uses sterile EWATER+ for these processes. Though we don’t consider this to be an essential feature, some users appreciate the extra level of sanitizing that the 500H’s EWATER+ function offers.

Instant Water Heater

Water heating methods are an important feature to consider as these can have a direct impact on the user’s comfort. The Neorest 500H features an instant water heater that provides unlimited warm water for a comfortable wash experience every time. You’ll never run out of warm water mid-wash, and you won’t ever have to wait between uses for warm water to become available again. Furthermore, the instant heater on this unit does an excellent job maintaining the warm water temperature so that you get a consistent wash with every use. On the other hand, the G400 has a tank water heater that offers limited warm water. This means that once the warm water is depleted, the tank will need to refill before it can provide another warm wash. The water tank on this model is able to provide 1 to 2 minutes of warm water wash time, and it takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes to refill before warm water is available again (the unit will use cool or cold water to wash in the interim).

Wide Front Cleanse

Both the Neorest 500H and the G400 offer a front cleanse option, but only the 500H offers wide front cleansing. Many ladies prefer the wider stream wash that this feature provides.

Final Thoughts

Both these units bring a lot to the table in terms of features and functionality. That said, the TOTO Neorest 500H is a step above the G400 in terms of features, most notably because of its instant water heater and wide front cleanse option. Additionally, the 500H’s sanitizing EWATER+ function and built in nightlight add a level of luxury unmatched by the G400. If you’re able to spend the extra cash, the 500H is a great option.  Nevertheless, the G400 provides all the essentials in a sleek, attractive unit for those looking to spend a bit less.

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