Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest NX1 VS TOTO Neorest 700H

NOTE: The TOTO Neorest 700H has been discontinued. If you’re in search of the perfect replacement, tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, we’re here to assist! Contact us to discover your ideal bathroom solution with personalized guidance from our dedicated experts.

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TOTO NEOREST NX1 Dual Flush Luxury One-piece Toilet & Bidet (MS900CUMFG#01)

TOTO Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet and WASHLET (MS992CUMFG#01)


Neorest 700H

Neorest NX1

Look & Feel


Bowl Style


Flushing System

Tornado Flush SystemNew and Improved Tornado Flush System


Neorest 700H, White (MS992CUMFG-01): $5011.30Neorest NX1, White (MS900CUMFG#01): $7210

The TOTO Neorest NX1 and the TOTO 700H are high-end, feature-packed units that won’t disappoint. Though they’re very similar, there are a few key differences that are important to understand when choosing between them, and we’ve explained these in detail below.

Look & Feel

One significant difference between the TOTO Neorest 700H and the TOTO Neorest NX1 is their overall look. Those looking for a unit with angled contours may gravitate towards the Neorest 700H, while those wanting a seamless, ultra-sleek look will want to consider the Neorest NX1’s breathtaking silhouette.

NX1 Upgrades

When it comes to features and function, the TOTO Neorest 700H and the Neorest NX1 are extremely similar except for a few improvements in the design of the NX1’s seat, bowl and flushing system. While at face value these changes may not seem like a huge deal, they nevertheless improve the comfort and functionality of the NX1 and set it apart from previous models, including the Neorest 700H. First, the TOTO Neorest NX1 features a redesigned seat that curves up in the back, providing unbeatable stability and support. Next, the unique rimless bowl is easier than ever before to clean, keeps splashing to a minimum, and eliminates anyplace for dirt or germs to gain a foothold. Last but not least, TOTO reconfigured their signature Tornado Flushing system on the NX1 so as to enable the flush to target areas of the bowl that are most likely to get dirty, thus helping keep the bowl clean.


Final Thoughts

All in all, both are great units with a lot to offer, but the TOTO Neorest NX1 has an edge over the Neorest 700H thanks to its unbeatably sleek design and upgraded bowl, flush system and seat. At the end of the day, you’ll need to decide whether these improvements are worth the higher price tag. No matter which you choose, you’ll be getting an attractive and high performing unit that will instantly take the look of your bathroom and the quality of your toileting experience to a new level of luxury.

Other Details About Both Units:


TOTO Neorest 700H: MS992CUMFG-01

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