List of Toilets Incompatible with Bidet Seats

The majority of one and two-piece toilets will accommodate a bidet seat, but there are a few exceptions to this rule that buyers ought to be aware of before purchasing. The most common fit issues involve toilets with bolt holes that are unusually far apart, toilets with very little space between the bolt holes and the tank, and toilets with a tight French curve between the tank and bowl. There are a handful of seats on the market that can work on toilets with limited in the back and/or French curves, but when it comes to extra wide spacing between the toilet’s bolt holes, you’ll be out of luck. 

Below, we offer our top bidet seat recommendations for toilets with a French curve or limited space between the tank and bolt holes, as well as a list of toilets with known fit issues.

Example of the Blooming Bidet R1063 on a French curve toilet

r1060-058.jpg r1060-065.jpg

Bidet Seats For Tight Fitting Toilets

Top Recommendation:

Cascade Bidet 3000

Others to consider:

Blooming Bidet R1063

Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seat

ToiletTotally IncompatibleFitting Difficulty
Kohler Rialto (Model Number: K-3386)No, but not a perfect fitCascade 3000, Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seats will fit but they will hang over the front edge slightly
Kohler San Raphael (Model Number: K-3722)NoCascade 3000, Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 seats will all work nicely
Kohler Rosario (Model Number: K-3434)No, but not a perfect fitVery tight fit. Different years of this model vary slightly. Some years will work with the Cascade, Blooming and Galaxy seats listed above, and other years won’t work with either. The only way to know for sure is to test it and return it if it doesn’t fit
Kohler Santa Rosa (Model Number: K-10491)NoCascade 3000, Blooming R1063 and Galaxy GB-5000 seats will all work nicely
Kohler San Souci Model Number: K-4007)YesThis toilet is too tight in the back to work with any existing bidet seat currently on the market. It’s important to note that there are other model numbers for the Kohler San Souci that work just fine. It’s only the model number K-4007 that’s a problem.
Kohler Trocadero (Model Number: K-3437)YesThis toilet has bolt holes spaced at 11 inches. Currently there are no bidet seats that can be mounted with bolt holes this far apart.
Kohler San Martine (Model Number: K-3435)YesThe French curve on this toilet is too tight and narrow to allow any bidet seat currently on the market to fit it.
American Standard Savona (Model Number: 2097.012)YesThis toilet’s tank has a bulge in it that gets in the way of any bidet seat you might want to install. There are currently no seats on the market that will work on this toilet
American Standard Ellisse (Model Number: 2068.019)YesThe lack of space between the bolt holes and the tank on this toilet makes it impossible to install any bidet seat.
American Standard Hamilton (Model Number: 2092.017)YesLike the Ellisse, the tank and bolt hole spacing makes bidet seat installation impossible.