Ove Decors Integrated Bidet and Toilet Review

Ove Decors Integrated Bidet and Toilet Review

Ove Decors is a bath, lighting and outdoor furniture company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have been around since 2004 and sell a wide variety of products that are available in many brick and mortar stores. What started out as a five-person company has now grown to an incredibly large presence in North America thanks to retail partnerships with stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Wayfair, and Overstock. According to their website, they currently sell one shower every nine minutes in North America. They must be doing something right!

Why buy a Ove Decors Bidet Toilet?

There are many reasons why Ove Decors has such a high volume of sales, and below we will list the possible reasons why you may want to consider purchasing from them.

  • Some Ove integrated units and bidets can be purchased in brick and mortar stores such as Costco or Home Depot. This can be an advantage if you prefer to see the item you’re purchasing in advance. In an age where internet purchasing is becoming the standard, many people do still find it rewarding to be able to go to a store and touch and see products before they purchase an item, and as an added bonus be able to walk home with their item that same day.
  • Ove products tend to be priced more economically than comparable products. For instance, many integrated units often cost at least a few thousand dollars, yet the Ove 735H is an integrated unit that can be purchased for just around one thousand dollars. This presents an opportunity to get all of the benefits of an integrated unit for significantly less money. Bargain hunters may want to strongly consider taking a closer look at Ove.

Problems with Ove Decors Bidet Toilets

While there are advantages to purchasing from Ove, we always stress in our brand reviews that no company is perfect. Since we do not sell Ove products, we cannot fairly speak about potential problems from our own experience. However, below we will do our best to convey some potential downsides to purchasing from Ove based on research of customer reviews on various outlets. You can read reviews of their products for yourself on their website as well as on websites like Costco, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

  • A common complaint that among negative reviews is that the Ove products are difficult to install. Reviewers mention poor instructions as well as aspects of the design leading to extra challenges during installation.
    • Customer Review snippets
    • “The toilet unit is near impossible to install. It has one very small opening in the rear of the toilet, next to the back wall to access the plumbing and floor attachment bolts…”
    • “The installation is extremely difficult and I install commodes ( seven last Saturday) The closet bolts are almost impossible to access…”
    • “Quite sadly this toilet is nearly impossible to install…”
    • “Plumber refused to install another one. Said it was the hardest toilet he ever installed. Can’t get to bolts…”
  • Another common complaint among negative reviews is that some of the features on their bidets stop working after a relatively short amount of time. Please keep in mind that since this information comes from reviews, it’s very possible that this complaint does not apply to every unit Ove sells.
    • Customer Review snippets
    • “Initial Remote went defect in the first 6 month and can’t get OVE support so I have to contact Costco for help.”
    • “We have had problems from the start with the function of the toilet…”
    • “Do not buy this toilet, even if it was for free. It looks great but poor flush system and poor remote control. Remote stopped working, it is dead and it is not about replacing batteries. Single piece of bathroom role takes 5 or 6 times flushing. We have not been able to use the toilet because of its poor or non functional flushing system…”
    • “…We have had problems from the start with the function of the toilet…”
    • “…2 months later this toilet still does not flush so much as a single piece of toilet paper…”
  • There is one last recurring theme from negative reviews, which is that many of them mention a lack of customer support. Again it’s worth noting that since we do not sell the Ove brand, we are only seeing this information secondhand, but enough reviews mention this that we do feel it would be important to point out. It goes without saying that customer support is often one of the most important considerations when you are choosing a company to purchase from.
    • Customer Review snippets
    • “…Taking to company is like talking to a brick wall…”
    • “Worst customer service ever. There is a lady on the 1800 that is very rude and unhelpful…”
    • “Home Depot was great, this Ove company is awful. Toilet doesn’t work and Ove’s customer service has been non-existent…”
    • “I just installed the toilet which was a struggle unto itself. The remote lights up but doesn’t communicate with the toilet. I called customer service two days ago and they have not responded.”

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