Should I Toss My Old Toilet Seat? | New Bidet Q&A | Bidet Answers with Dan

I just installed my bidet seat, I don’t need the regular old toilet seat anymore right? Before you throw out that toilet seat check out what Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, has to say.

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Should I Toss My Old Toilet Seat? Transcript:

What should I do with my old toilet seat? Congratulations, you’ve just upgraded your life and installed your new Bidet seat! What do you do with your old toilet seat? Well, we recommend hanging on to it and there’s a couple of reasons for this. If, down the road you decide to move and you want to take your Bidet seat with you, keeping the old toilet seat means that you can put that back on, instead of having to worry about buying a cheap toilet seat to put on that toilet. There’s also a chance that something might go wrong with your Bidet and you need to take it off to do a repair on it. In that scenario it’s nice having a toilet seat that you can put on in the meantime, so if possible, find a place to store that old toilet seat. Clean it up, store it and save it for a rainy day. where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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