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Studio Lux Toilet Differences | SLi 1000 vs SLi 2000 vs SLi 3000 vs SLi 4000 | Bidet Toilets Transcript:

Maybe you’ve heard about the new line of Bidet toilet combinations, by Studio Lux and you’re trying to decide which of the units to pick from. There are four different toilets we’re going to be talking about today and we’re going to give you all of the details. My name is Daniel Johnson and I’m your Bidet expert, let’s talk toilets.

In front of me today we have the SLi 1000 and SLi 4000. While Studio Lux has four different models in their lineup, we can show the differences between those models using just these two units. The SLi 1000 is the only model in the lineup that offers no Bidet functionality. It’s also the only model in the lineup that doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet. Instead, it uses a battery pack in the back. This battery pack powers the flush and the unit picks up on whether, or not someone is seated, so that it knows to flush when the person stands up. If the seat gets lifted, if a guy’s doing number one and remains lifted for over 10 seconds, when the seat is closed it will also run a flush. It’s got some nice little perks, but it does not offer any Bidet functionality. Why would you get this unit? Well, let’s say that you have a Studio Lux Bidet toilet in some of your other bathrooms and you have another bathroom that you want to match, but you don’t want Bidet functionality there, this is a good, inexpensive way to get a similar look and feel, without paying the price of getting a Bidet toilet in that bathroom. Now, because the SLi 1000 does not have a Bidet, there’s no need for a remote that operates a Bidet, so you’re not going to get a remote with the SLi 1000 like you would with the others. Your water inlet is also going to be a little bit different. If you’re using a Bidet toilet you need one to go to the toilet and one to go to the Bidet. If you’re only using a toilet, you only need one outlet. So, the the connectors are going to be a little bit different for the water inlet, you’re not going to have a remote and it’s still a really good way to get a low priced, quality toilet that looks sleek and can match some other Bidet toilets in your house, if you so desire.

Let’s talk about Studio Lux’s entry-level Bidet toilets, the SLi 2000 and the SLi 3000. On paper it is really hard to tell how they’re different. They all seem to have the same functionality, what are you getting with one versus the other? The difference is literally an aesthetic difference between the seam. Looking at this unit you can see that there’s a single seam, here. The SLi 3000 follows this same design form. The SLi 2000 has the design that we see over here, where there are two seams and you can actually see the rounded bump from where that hinge is. If I lift up here, you can see how that seam is different from one to the other. Again, functionality wise the SLi 2000 and the SLi 3000 are the same. From an aesthetic standpoint, the SLi 2000 follows this aesthetic choice; whereas, the 3000 has the single seam. Aside from looking a little bit sleeker, the single seam does mean it’s a little bit easier to clean. There’s not two different seams that can collect debris and need cleaning, there’s just one, so that might be a good reason to go with the 3000. However, if you’re more price conscious, the 2000 gives you a lot of functionality while still keeping the price down.

The 2000, 3000 and 4000 all offer Bidet functionality. That includes your front wash, your rear wash, your adjustable pressure, your adjustable nozzle position and unlimited warm water. They also all have dryers built into them and have heated seats. Because the 2000, 3000 and 4000 all offer Bidet functionality, they all come with a remote. This remote allows you to operate any of the different functions that you might need with a Bidet. You’re also going to get auto flushing with any of these units. When you’re seated and you stand up, the unit senses that you’re no longer seated and it runs a flush; a powerful pump assisted flush, at that point in time. If you’re a guy doing number one, while standing, there’s also a flush button on the remote that allows you to flush it with the press of a single button. All of the units, except for the 1000, also offer an air dryer, with adjustable temperature settings, so that you can get a wash and dry without any toilet paper involved, if you so desire. It’s got a better air dryer than most other units on the market, as well. If you’re looking for one that’s going to get you dry decently quick, the Studio Lux lineup is a great lineup to consider. Let’s talk about the differences between the 2000 and 3000, when compared to the SLi 4000. Here are only a couple of differences. This remote here is the remote that you would see with the SLi 2000, or 3000 and this remote is what you would see with the 4000. You can see from a button layout standpoint they’re identical, but you’ll notice that water pressure has been changed to user presets. That’s because the SLi 4000 offers the ability to save two sets of wash settings into the remote for selection later. You’ll also notice that there is a dry temperature button on the SLi 2000, 3000 remote. Whereas, the SLi 4000 has the water temperature, the water pressure button over here. That’s because there’s no longer room here for that water pressure button on the SLi 4000 remote. Where did the dry temperature option go? Well, that’s part of your dry button. You would just press this multiple times to cycle through the dry settings on the SLi 4000. Other than these differences you’re also looking at an auto opening, that opens based off of a motion sensor, with the SLi 4000. Whereas, with the SLi 2000 and 3000 it has a motor to operate the auto opening, but needs to be initiated with the press of a button on the remote; whereas the 4000 does not require that. If you’re looking for all of the bells and whistles the 4000 is a great option to consider, but the 2000 and 3000 offer a lot of functionality for the price, so it’s definitely ones that you should keep in the mix if you’re looking for a budget unit with a lot of features.

Now, we’re sure there are some items that we didn’t talk about today that you might still have questions on; if that’s the case, commenting on this video is the best way to get those questions answered. It allows us to address that question for you, but also allows us to address it for others who might have the question down the road. If you want to reach out to us through other means you can always call us, email us, live chat with us, or text us; all of that information is in the video description. As well as, a link to our website where you can buy any of these units. As well as, over 350 other different Bidets that we sell and of course, we can offer guidance on which ones to get. Thank you so much for watching today and have a fantastic day. where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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