Toilet Paper or Bidets: Which is Better?

Most Americans don’t think twice about wiping with toilet paper, and many are unfamiliar with how bidets work. But is your toilet paper really getting you as clean as you think it is? Probably not!

Wiping with toilet paper inevitably leaves behind small waste particles in the tiny crevices and wrinkles on your skin’s surface. These leftovers can cause itching, increase your risk of urinary tract infections, or aggravate hemorrhoids and fissures. Repeated, forceful wiping can even lead to skin breakdown and irritation. 

On the other hand, rinsing clean with water fully removes waste instead of simply moving it around on the skin’s surface. Think of it this way: if you were picking up after your dog and accidentally got some on your hand, would you wipe it off with a tissue and call it a day or would you go wash your hands? Most of us would probably make a beeline for the sink. Getting clean after using the bathroom isn’t much different!

At the end of the day, water cleans skin more thoroughly than wiping, and it’s a lot more comfortable too! Bidets ensure no more twisting and reaching to wipe, no more rough toilet paper scratching your behind or clogging the toilet drain, and no more itching or irritation after you’ve left the bathroom. Plus, using water over toilet paper can even benefit the environment and save you money. With all these upsides, the real question is why not use a bidet to get clean?