TOTO Review


As you’re probably already aware, TOTO is a household name. There’s a good reason for this! TOTO has been around for over one hundred years, and offers the best quality products, in sleek, classy styles. What’s not to love? TOTO is a bit different then a lot of the other brands we sell in that they offer a wide array of products. Because of the fact that they offer mostly luxury products, and the fact that they are high end products, the price point on TOTO WASHLETs (bidet seats), WASHLET+ units (sleek bidets with toilets in one), NEORESTS (high end fully integrated units), and a variety of items are often more pricey than the alternatives offered by other brands. Regardless of this, TOTO products continue to be top sellers on our site because of the great products they produce.

While there are many reasons we give TOTO a 5 star rating, there are a few things that can be concerning as well. Below we will share in more detail why we believe a TOTO product may be the perfect fit for you, but we will also share TOTO problems and concerns of which you should be aware. If there are topics not addressed below that you’d like to know about, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Why choose TOTO?

There are many reasons to choose TOTO. While this list may not be extensive, we hope that it provides you with a good idea as to many of the main reasons why we love TOTO so much. If you’re looking for a quality product that looks great, TOTO very well may be the brand for you. You can buy TOTO products from us with confidence knowing that Many Bidets is an authorized TOTO dealer. Below we will list the reasons why TOTO may be the brand you’re looking for.

  • TOTO has the largest array of products of any brand we sell! From fully integrated units like the Neorest 700H, to bidet seats like the Washlet S550E, as well as bathtubs, faucets, and accessories, TOTO can provide just about any product your bathroom needs.
  • With such a wide variety of products available, TOTO is able to provide products that integrate together. Fully integrated units look sleeker, have more sitting room, have more high-end features, and also are able to hide cords and hoses that typically accompany bidet seats. TOTO also offers Washlet+ toilets/bidet systems, which are toilets that include a washlet bidet seat. These Washlet+ toilets have the look of a fully integrated unit, but are less expensive.
  • When purchasing online, you do not often get the chance to see your product in person before you buy it. TOTO has products in many showrooms all across the United States. This allows you to see and even sit on some of their products in person before you decide which one you would like to purchase.
  • TOTO offers some of the most advanced technology available in the industry. Some of the features only offered by TOTO include Actilight sterilization, tornado flush, and bowl pre-misting. The Washlet S550e is one of the only bidet seats that features an auto-open lid. TOTO products are also some of the most sleek, visually appealing products on the market, and are an especially great fit for you if you want the most high-end look available.

Problems with TOTO

While TOTO has been around for over one hundred years, no company is completely perfect in every way. We believe TOTO provides some of the most advanced, high-quality products on the market today, but below you will find some possible reasons why TOTO may not be the best fit for you.

  • TOTO sells a very high volume of products all across the world. In our experience, we have found that this can occasionally lead to some inventory running out with little to no notice. If this happens, it can take on average between two and four weeks for the product to come back into stock. We would be happy to suggest alternatives should you prefer not to wait for the inventory to be restocked.
  • While TOTO has a good three year warranty for integrated units and Washlet+ systems, the Washlet seats only carry a one-year warranty. You would find that many other companies offer longer warranties for bidet seats. Also, TOTO can be one of the more difficult brands to return a product to. Unlike other companies, they do not offer any risk-free trials. Please make sure you read and understand all return policy information before purchasing one of their products.
  • Since TOTO is such a large company, they have many different representatives providing customer support. We have found that this large number of people providing customer support can lead to varied experiences. Should you have any concerns about resolving an issue with TOTO, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!
  • The name TOTO is very well known, and because of this some of their items are priced considerably higher than similar or better products offered by other manufacturers. We will always do our best to match any competitor’s price.

Additional notes

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, there is one other item we feel is worth mentioning. We have had customers tell us that they chose TOTO products partly because they are made in Japan. Recently, TOTO has started making some (but not all) of their products in Malaysia. Thus far, we have not seen this affect their product quality in any way, so we don’t necessarily consider this a negative, but again, we do want to be as transparent as possible.