Toto S350E WASHLET Editor’s Review

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TOTO S350E WASHLET Editor’s Review


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The TOTO S350e WASHLET is a state of the art high end luxury bidet seat (or WASHLET) offering more features than any other on the market today.  This coupled with the high quality build of TOTO products makes it the best seat money can buy.  Please see the list of resources below for all the details.

List of TOTO S350e Resources

Overview of Features

5 point rating

Pros and Con’s List

Other seats to consider


Comparison Chart

Spec Sheet

Editor’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Resources


TOTO S350e WASHLET Features Overview

TOTO S350e Washlets Features

Main Features:

The TOTO S350e comes with a classy, slim wireless remote, complete with illuminated touch pad.  This remote has common features on the front, allowing guests to easily select these features when the remote is on the wall, and more complex features on the back, allowing you to remove the remote from the mount for more luxury, or complex wash cycles.

The wireless remote also allows you to configure two user wash settings, allowing to select your favorite wash with the push of a single button.

The TOTO S350e WASHLET is sleek and slender, measuring just under 4 inches thick


Sanitary Features:

The TOTO S350e offers self cleaning nozzles like many of the other bidet seats on the market do, but takes this to the next level with EWATER+.  This EWATER+, or electrolyzed water is more sanitary, and allows the cleaning process to do it’s job to the full.

The S350e also runs EWATER+ over the bowl before each use, for additional cleanliness.


Luxury Features:

Aeration refers to infusing air bubbles into the water stream.  This is done to make the stream softer and more gentle.  It’s no surprise that the TOTO S350e offers this feature at it’s best.

The TOTO S350e also offers adjustable warm water, using it’s high end instant water heating system.  This system provides unlimited warm water while using less energy than similar seats on the market today.

The oscillating feature offered on the TOTO S350e WASHLET causes the wand to move from side to side, providing a more complete wash.

If you’re looking for a wider wash, but not one as wide as the oscillating wash provides, the TOTO S350e offers a wide wash function to provide a wider wash then normal, without going to the extreme of the oscillating wash.

The TOTO S350e WASHLET also offers a pulsating wash.  This wash toggles the wash stream between high and low pressure multiple times a second.  One of the main uses of this particular wash cycle is to stimulate bowel movements.

As expected, the TOTO S350e comes with the option to adjust the wash pressure, allowing you to get the wash just right.

The warm air dry feature offered by the TOTO S350e offers five different temperature settings allowing you to tailor it to your liking.

The TOTO S350e also comes with a built in active carbon filter.  The built in fan pulls air from the toilet bowl through this filter.  The filter then absorbs the odor, and the air comes out odor free.

The TOTO S350e is one of only a couple bidet seats that offer an auto open and auto close lid.  This feature is the ultimate in luxury, allowing the operator to keep their hands totally clean through the whole experience.

The heated WASHLET seat on the TOTO S350e is fully adjustable, allowing the operator to customize the temperature to their liking.

The night light offered on the TOTO S350e makes using it at night a pleasant experience.


Other Features:

TOTO offers a quick release feature, which they refer to as the Docking Station.  This makes cleaning the S350e very quick.

TOTO offers a one year warranty for the S350e


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Wonder how this seat compares to others on the market?

Compare it to the other seats using our dynamic:

Bidet Seat Compare Tool

5 point rating for the TOTO S350e WASHLET Bidet Seat

See below for details on why we’ve rated the TOTO S350e with the following ratings.

 TOTO S350e Washlet Star Rating

TOTO is a high end, high quality brand.  All the bidet seats we offer are high quality, but from what we’ve found, TOTO is hard to beat.  They use only the highest quality parts to make high end products.  TOTO offers all the features you’d want on the S350e, including EWATER+, auto open lid and seat, and much more.  This seat earns a feature rating of 5 out of 5 stars from us due to all the great features it offers.  The warranty is one area that this seat is lacking in, with only a one year limited warranty.  This along with its high price earns it a value rating of 4.2.  Overall, if you’re looking to get a great seat, and you have the money, we highly recommend this WASHLET.


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Pros and Con’s List


State of the art EWATER+ feature

Remote controlled auto open and close of seat and lid

Offers many high end features



Costs more than other seats on the market

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Other seats to consider


BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat

Novita BH-90 and BH-93 Bidet Seats


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TOTO S350e WASHLET Dimensions



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Comparison Chart



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TOTO S350e WASHLETs Specifications

TOTO S350e Washlet Specifications


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Editor’s TOTO S350e WASHLET Review

toto-s350e-washlet.jpgThe TOTO S350e WASHLET is the top of the line.  The TOTO S350e not only offers all the features other seats offer, but it also offers some additional features no other seats on the market currently offer.  From it’s one of a of a kind EWATER+ system, to auto lid opening, this WASHLET has it all.

The wireless remote on the TOTO S350e WASHLET is much sleeker than on earlier models, while offering the same functionality that only TOTO offers on a wireless remote; hidden features.  On the old models, the front of the remote control had a flap on it, hiding the more advanced features, while still allowing normal features to be used.  This allowed guest in your house to use the remote without being overwhelmed.  However, due to the cover, many people felt like the remote looked and felt bulky when the cover was closed.  The remote control for the TOTO S350e solves this problem by including buttons on the back of the remote.  When guests use the bidet, they will simply access the buttons on the front of the remote control, from where it’s mounted on the wall.  You still get the benefit of all the features, simply by removing the remote from its mount, and accessing both sides.  This keeps the remote from being bigger than it needs to be, but still offers your guests a simple and easy experience.


We’ll talk about the front of the remote first.  These are the options your guests will probably use.  At the top, we have the option to open and close the seat.  Next, we have the stop button.  Keep in mind however, that the TOTO S350e WASHLET also has a seat sensor.  If you or a guest gets up mid-wash, the WASHLET automatically turns the wash cycle off, cleans the wand and nozzle, and goes into standby mode.  Both the Rear and Front options on the front of the TOTO S350e WASHLET remote have two options available to your guests.  Rear options for the TOTO S350e are listed first.  With these options, you can choose between Soft Rear, which sprays with a soft, mild water pressure, or simply rear, which sprays with a stronger water pressure.  Next, we have the option for Front, which offers a normal bidet spray to the front, for women, and a wide front option, allowing for a wider, more thorough clean.  After these options, we see a button for Dryer, which simply dries you with warm air.  The last option on the front side of the wireless remote control for the TOTO S350e is User Personal Settings.  This allows you to set up more complex wash cycles and save them as presets.  TOTO puts these on the front of the TOTO S350e WASHLET remote control for easy access.

All of the options talked about above are shown on the front of the remote control.  These options are very simple and very guest friendly.  There are no options for water pressure, temperature, or any of the other more complex features.  However, the two user defined options on the front of the remote allow you to still use the more complex features at the click of a button.

The sides of the TOTO S350e remote offer additional settings and features.  All of these features work with the four wash settings available on the front of the remote control.  On the right had side (when looking at the front of the remote) there is the Oscillating button.  This option causes the wand to move back and forth, washing the rear more thoroughly.  Hitting the Oscillating button on the TOTO S350e WASHLET toggles it between on and off.  The secondly, on the right had side, we have the position button.  This option allows us to adjust the nozzle more precisely after we’ve chosen front or rear wash.  On the left hand side of the remote, the pulsating button tells the nozzle to toggle or pulsate between soft and strong streams.  Clicking this button toggles this feature between on and off.  Lastly on the left hand side, are the pressure adjustment buttons.  These buttons allow you to determine the pressure of the stream, allowing you to have a very powerful, or very soft wash, depending on your preference.

On the back of the remote, TOTO puts the more complex features.  These features are only visible if the TOTO S350 wireless remote control is removed from its wall mount.  On the top of the wireless remote, you’ll see a display panel, showing you the current temperature settings for the water, the seat, and the air dryer.  Below the TOTO S350e remote control display panel, are located arrow keys, an enter button, and a menu and temp button.  This temp button adjusts the temperature for either the water, seat or dryer, depending on which is selected on the display panel.  When the menu button is clicked, the display panel updates, giving you cleaning options, energy saving options, auto function settings, and other settings.  Moving through this menu allows you do adjust a variety of different settings from having the lid auto open, to night light settings, to energy saving settings, to EWATER+ settings and much more.


The TOTO S350e WASHLET and TOTO S300e WASHLET are the only WASHLETs currently on the market that offer EWATER+.  This high tech cleaning method puts TOTO well above other bidet manufactures in the market today.  This is hypochlorous water is generated from chloride ions in tap water via electrolysis.  The TOTO S350e WASHLET creates this electrolyzed water automatically, and washes the toilet bowl, nozzle and wand after each use with this water, making it the cleanest, most hygienic bidet in the world to date.  For more information about EWATER+, please watch our informational video under the additional resources area of this page.

EWATER+ is not the only thing that makes TOTO unique.  The TOTO S350e WASHLET also offers automatic lid and seat, giving you the ability to use the restroom without ever touching areas of the toilet that might be extra dirty.  This is a feature few other bidets in the world can offer.  The TOTO S350e WASHLET also heats the water while you use it, allowing you to have instant and unlimited hot water, making it the perfect choice for a busy bathroom.

The deodorizer the TOTO S350e WASHLET uses is second to none.  Unlike common air fresheners that mask the smell of a restroom, the TOTO S350e deodorizer filter absorbs the smell using an active carbon filtration system.  The air is pulled through this filer using a fan, and comes out the other end clean and free of smell.  This gives you a much better experience then you can receive from an air freshener that simply masks the smell.

Now that we have covered all of the features the TOTO S350e WASHLET has to offer, it’s time to look at some common questions.  Below are a list of commonly asked questions relating to this WASHLET.  If you have any questions not covered below, just let us know!


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Frequently asked questions:

Where can I find an owner’s manual for the TOTO S350e WASHLET?

In the Additional Resources area of this page, you will be able to access all sorts of great content, from owners manuals, to installation and instruction manuals for the TOTO S350e WASHLET.  If there’s something you’re looking for, and you can’t find it, just let us know, and we can probably help you out!

Can I purchase the TOTO S350e WASHLET w/ remote?

Every TOTO S350e WASHLET comes with the remote control included!

What are the electrical requirements for the TOTO S350e WASHLET?

The TOTO S350e WASHLET needs an AC 120 V, 60 Hz outlet to operate correctly.

Where can I find a youtube installation video for the TOTO S350e WASHLET?

At the bottom of this page, under the Additional Information, we have a youtube video that walks you through the installation process for the TOTO S350e WASHLET from start to finish.

I’m trying to figure out if the TOTO S350e WASHLET is compatible with my toilet.  Do you offer a fit chart with dimensions for the TOTO S350e to help me out with this?

If you look in our additional resources area, you’ll find that we offer a wide selection of resources.  One of those is the TOTO S350e WASHLET compatibility chart.  Feel free to check it out for all the details you need to decide if this WASHLET will work with your toilet.  Feel free to look at the dimensions here.

Do you have TOTO S350e WASHLET reviews?

At the bottom of this page, you can read reviews from others just like yourself.  This is a great way to get an insider’s thoughts on the pros and cons of the TOTO S350e WASHLET.

Do you sell TOTO S350e WASHLET parts?

Even though we don’t list them on our site, we have many parts in stock.  If you’re looking for a particular part, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Will the TOTO S350e WASHLET fit my Kohler toilet?  What are TOTO S350e compatible toilets?

The TOTO S350e WASHLET will fit almost any toilet.  However, if you have a Kohler toilet with a French curve, this WASHLET will not work.  If you’re looking for a seat that will work with one of these toilets, you’ll want to check out our INAX Luscence bidet seat, which will fit these style of toilets.


Besides the TOTO S350e WASHLET, what other bidets do you have for sale?

We sell a wide variety of seats, from non-electric bidet seat attachments, to our high end seats (which you’re currently looking at)  If you’re unsure what you need, feel free to reach out to us, and ask.

Do you offer a TOTO S350e WASHLET installation guide?

In the additional resources area of the page (below) we offer links to many resources.  One of those is the installation guide/manual.  Feel free to check it out, and let me know if you have any questions!

If I have problems with my TOTO S350e WASHLET, where can I go for repairs?

TOTO does all of their own repairs.  If you need work done on your TOTO S350e WASHLET, let us know, and we’ll get you the information you need to get in touch with them!

Why buy the TOTO S350e WASHLET online, when I can buy a bidet from places like Costo, Sams Club, Lowes, or Home Depot?

Many Bidets is the only place to purchase a bidet or WASHLET from.  Unlike local locations, Many Bidets gives you lots of choices.  Our experts are always willing to help with questions or concerns that you have.  Local locations cannot provide the level of expertise that we offer, because we specialize in all things bidets.  Last but maybe most importantly, shopping online allows you to buy with confidence, because you’re able to see what other real world people think of the TOTO S350e WASHLET through our reviews.  All of these items combined make this choice a no brainer.

How would you compare the TOTO S350e WASHLET vs S300e WASHLET?

These WASHLETs are both very similar to one another.  The TOTO S350e has the automatic lid and toilet seat functions, which the TOTO S300e WASHLET is missing.  If this is a deal breaker for you, you might decide to get the TOTO S350e WASHLET, otherwise the TOTO S300e WASHLET might do just fine.  See the chart comparing all of these to one another.

Will you ship the TOTO S350e WASHLET to Canada?

We offer free shipping of the TOTO S350e WASHLET to both the US and Canada.

How high is the TOTO S350e WASHLET power consumption?

The TOTO S350e WASHLET has a rated power consumption of 835W.  However, if using the energy saving features offered by this WASHLET, this number can come down significantly.

What are the TOTO S350e WASHLET specifications?

In our additional resources area (below) we have a spec (or quickspec) chart for the TOTO S350 WASHLET breaking these down for you in a quick and easy to read format.  Feel free to check it out!

When it comes to TOTO seats, the model numbers are always confusing to me.  Can you break them down for me?

Below is a breakdown of the model SKUs for the TOTO S350e WASHLET.  Keep in mind that sometimes it can also be referred to as the TOTO Jasmin S350e WASHLET as well.

Seat NameBase SKUColor SKUCompleted SKUCompleted Name
TOTO S350e Elongated Seat / Cotton WhiteSW584#01TOTO SW584#01TOTO S350e Elongated Seat Cotton White SW584#01
TOTO S350e Round Seat / Cotton WhiteSW583#01TOTO SW583#01TOTO S350e Round Seat Cotton White SW583#01
TOTO S350e Elongated Seat / Sedona BeigeSW584#12TOTO SW584#12TOTO S350e Elongated Seat Sedona Beige SW584#12
TOTO S350e Round Seat / Sedona BeigeSW583#12TOTO SW583#12TOTO S350e Round Seat Sedona Beige SW583#12

What is the TOTO S350e WASHLET weight limit?

TOTO sets the weight limit for the TOTO S350e at 320 pounds.

Does TOTO offer a warranty on the TOTO S350e WASHLET?

TOTO offers a one year warranty on their TOTO S350e WASHLET, so you can have full confidence in your purchase of this toilet seat.

I’m looking for details about the TOTO S350e WASHLET vs E200, can you help me out?

There are many differences between these two models.  Clearly the TOTO S350e is a higher end WASHLET, with more wash functions, more automatic features, and EWATER+.  The TOTO E200 is a great WASHLET as well, if the S350e is above your price range.  In the additional resources area below, we have a comparison chart that will give you all the details you need to make the right choice about which WASHLET to purchase.

What TOTO S350e WASHLET colors are available?

The TOTO S350e WASHLET comes in both cotton white and Sedona Beige.  Both are sold on this page.  Note that the Sedona Beige version of the WASHLET does cost slightly more.

How does the cost of the TOTO S350e WASHLET compare to other WASHLETs?  Is the TOTO S350e WASHLET the best price for the features?

Many people believe that the TOTO S350e WASHLET is the most technologically advanced bidet seat on the market today.  With this being said, the TOTO S350e is not one of the lowest priced bidets on the market today.  However, if you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, this is the bidet seat for you.


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TOTO S350e Spec / Quickspec Sheet

TOTO S350e Parts Manual

TOTO S350e CAD Drawing

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TOTO S350e WASHLET Operations

TOTO S350e Installation Manual


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