Troubleshooting electric bidet toilet seat problems

Owning an electric bidet toilet seat is great, and offers many advantages over the common place toilet seat.  But what do you do when something goes wrong?  This can often be an overwhelming experience, and cause frustration, and panic.  We want to help where we can when it comes to troubleshooting your electronic toilet bidet problems. Below you will find a table with some of the more common issues, and their toilet troubleshooting solutions.

Looking for help on a particular make and model?  Check out our FAQS, Troublehshooting & Installation page for tips on particular units.

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Start Troubleshooting your electric bidet

The washing water does not spray1. The water tank is not filled (Tank heating models)A. Wait about one minute.
B. Press the desired washing button once again.
2. The shut off valve is closed.Turn on the shut off valve to open.
3. Freezing inside the main unit or the water supply pipe.Heat the room (for about two hours).  Operating the unit while parts are frozen will cause a malfunction.
The unit is not operating1. Disconnected the power cord.A. Connect the power cord.
B. Check the power supply system in your house.
2. The seat is not occupied.Occupy the seat (The unit has an occupied sensor).
 3. The battery of remote controller is exhausted. (wireless models only)Replace the battery.
Water is leaking1. Is the water leaking from the hose or connectors?Make sure the hose is screwed on snug, and use plumbers tape if problem persists
2. Is the water leaking from the main unit?If water is leaking from the main unit, reach out to the manufacturer
The washing water pressure is weak1. The water pressure level is set to “LOW”.Set the water pressure to “HIGH”.
2. The strainer is clogged.Clean the strainer.
The washing water is not warm1. The water temperature is set to “LOW”.Set the water temperature to “HIGH”.
2. Continuous operation has depleted the supply of warm water.  (Tank water heating models only)Wait about three minutes.
The seat and dryer is not warm1.The seat & dryer temperature is set to “LOW”.Set the seat & dryer temperature to “HIGH”.

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