Which is Better? Integrated Bidet Toilet vs Bidet Seat | Bidet Answers with Dan | Video

Not sure why you would want to buy an integrated bidet toilet? A bidet seat? Learn about the differences, and which style will fit your life style.

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Which is Better? Integrated Bidet Toilet vs Bidet Seat | Bidet Answers with Dan Transcript:

Bidet Seats tend to be the more popular product, purchased by our customers. This boils down to a few different things. You already have a toilet installed in your bathroom, simply putting a Bidet Seat on top of it is quick and easy. You’re also going to be looking at a lower price point and if the Bidet Seat breaks, you can still use it as a traditional toilet seat and not have to worry about the cost of having someone come out and take a look at it or sending it in for repair if you do want to send it in for repair, have someone look at it, It’s also less expensive to do.

However, there are some great reasons to go to the Integrated route, as well. Those would be, having more space to sit. With an Integrated unit the hardware that makes the unit work is stored in the back, where the toilet tank would normally be. With a seat, that hardware that makes the unit work has to be situated between the toilet tank and the area that you’re sitting, making your sittable space less than you would otherwise see. If you’re looking for the most sittable space possible, an Integrated unit is well worth considering. There’s also no denying that an Integrated unit is super sleek and super classy. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom décor and you’re looking to have it be as slick as possible, an Integrated unit is a great direction to have. Now, that being said, that does require taking your old toilet out completely and replacing it with a new toilet. That installation process can be a little bit tricky, but browse our videos, we have lots of installation videos and lots of Integrated units that might help you decide whether, or not that’s something you can tackle on your own, or you need to hire out. There’s also the possibility that you might run into issues down the road, if something breaks in the unit. You’re not dealing with a standard toilet now, so that repair process might be a little bit more tricky. Most of the units that we push, all the units that we push, are going to be units that, generally speaking, don’t have issues where they need repairs. If you’re looking at our site, or others and you’re wondering what Integrated units you can buy and maintain your peace of mind, always chat with us first, we’ll point you in the right direction. Now, when it comes to choosing between the two of these, everyone’s situation is a little bit different, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and chat with us if you’re not sure which direction you should head.

Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to this channel if you want to see additional installation videos of both Integrated units and seats, as we release them. Visit our website for our recommendations on what units might be best for you and of course thanks again for watching.

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