Bidet Answers with Dan | Why won’t my TOTO Neorest turn on? – VIDEO

A common issue TOTO Neorest users find them self in a spot where they can’t turn their Neorest on. This is often a result of using the unintended button on the remote.

TOTO Neorest

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Bidet Answers with Dan | Why won’t my TOTO Neorest turn on? Transcript

In the last month alone, I’ve had three phone calls with customers frantic about the fact that their Neorest is showing no sign of life. If this is you, we have the answer and it’s all tied to the remote. My name is Daniel Johnson, I’m your bidet expert and I’m the owner of, where over the past 8 years we’ve sold over 10,000 bidets.

It’s easy to assume, if you’ve lost power to the Neorest, that the issue is tied to the Neorest itself. Nine times out of ten, the issue is tied to the remote. Now, it’s important to note that this issue is specific to some versions of the Neorest and not others. This issue would be tied to the NX2, the NX1, the RH and the AH. The 700H and the 750H do not have this issue. Keep that in mind, if you have the 750 or the 700, it’s a little bit of a different story, but for the other four, this is the first thing you’ll want to look at.

Here’s our remote and on the back of the remote we can see the power button. Customers automatically assume that this power button is for powering the remote up. The remote power is on, but you’ll see that pressing the power button, the remote power doesn’t turn off by pressing the power button. That’s because this power button controls the power of the unit itself. Turning the power for the Neorest itself on and off is as easy as holding this power button for three seconds, that will toggle it between turning it on and turning it off. Well, that’s great, awesome. However, most of the time that does not work for customers and here’s why; A lot of our customers, will mount this wall mount to the wall and then put the remote on that wall mount. Along with that, they might even put screws in the bottom of the wall mount, to adhere the remote to the wall mount. Now, if we do that, how are we going to power down the unit, if we need to power it down? We can’t get access to the power button anymore. Toto decided, we’re going to give customers a way to power the Neorest down, without accessing the back of the remote. Press and hold on the oscillation/ pulsating button for 10 seconds.

All right, 10 seconds have gone by, the remote has powered the main unit down. Oh great, the Neorest doesn’t have any power, let’s unscrew the remote from the wall, let’s press the power button for three seconds, nothing’s happening. There’s an oddity here, where the way that you power it down also has to be the way that you power it up. What we run into is, you have a guest over and they start the wash and they see this option up here; “Oh, I can oscillate the nozzle, that’s great, let me hold this down for the entire period, I want to oscillate the nozzle.”. Running the wash, running the wash, “This is so great!” “What happened?”. They finished doing their business, they come out, “Sorry dude, I don’t know what happened, but your toilet is broken, I totally wrecked your $5,000 toilet, your $10,000 toilet. Sorry, I don’t know what I did!”. Then, you go in there frantic, trying to fix it, you don’t know about the trick on the top. They actually turn the unit off, using a proper procedure without knowing it. You pull the remote out, you try the power button on the back, it doesn’t work and you call me frantic, because this toilet, which is the best thing that’s ever happened to you, no longer works. Well, fortunately the answer is as simple as following the same method that was used to turn it off, press and hold this button for 10 seconds. Do that, you’ll see things power back up and you’re good to go. Once you know the trick it’s a very simple fix, but it’s not an easy fix to find and we get a lot of frantic phone calls for that very reason.

Hopefully you found today’s tips helpful. We are always coming out with tips regarding Neorest units, regarding Bidet Seats, a variety of different products, so stay tuned. Subscribe to this channel, if you want to see those videos when they drop. Also, consider if you’re looking to make another purchase down the road, purchasing from us, to help support us and continue to create great video content, like this, for you and others down the road. Thank you so much for watching and have a fantastic day. where we sell many bidets, not mini bidets.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Lost Power, Remote Issue Overview
01:05 Powering the unit Off
02:35 Powering the Unit back on
04:29 Closing Statement