Will my bidet fit an American Standard Toilet Seats? | Bidet Answers with Dan | Video

Does your American Standard toilet seat have a Freshinfuser? Want a bidet attachment or bidet seat but aren’t sure if it’ll fit? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, clears up the confusion around the America Standard toilet seat.

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Will my bidet fit an American Standard Toilet Seats? Transcription

Will any American Standard toilet work with a Bidet Seat? Do you have a fresh infuser? That’s the key. My name is Daniel Johnson, I’m your Bidet expert and I’m the owner of manybidets.com, where over the past eight years, we’ve sold over 10,000 Bidets.

Let’s talk about American Standard toilets. Great toilets at an affordable price, but there’s one thing that you need to watch out for if you’re looking to get an American Standard toilet and pair it with a Bidet Seat and that’s the fresh infuser. “Fresh infuser” describes a technology that American Standard uses, where after every flush a little bit of cleaning solution populates the bowl, to help keep your toilet bowl cleaner, longer. It’s a little cylinder that gets inserted through the toilet seat and operates automatically, once installed. The problem comes from the fact that a Bidet Seat is not going to be able to have a fresh infuser canister installed through it and the unit does not function without the fresh infuser canister. If you’re looking to get an American Standard toilet and you’re looking to pair that toilet with a Bidet Seat, just make sure that you’re not getting an American Standard toilet that has a fresh infuser and you should be set to go.

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