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TOTO offers a broad array of high-quality bathroom products and fixtures designed to enhance comfort, health and hygiene. Their innovative bidets have a stellar reputation and fall into three main categories: Washlets, Washlet+ toilets and bidet seat systems, and integrated units. TOTO’s stylish Washlet bidet seats fit on your existing toilet and are packed with high end features that keep you comfortable while delivering a superior cleansing experience. The specially designed Washlet+ toilet and bidet seat systems seamlessly fit together to conceal the bidet’s cords and hoses, all while delivering TOTO’s signature quality and polished designs. Finally, TOTO’s integrated toilet and bidet combinations merge the toilet and bidet into a single luxury unit with cutting-edge components like auto-open/close lids, self-cleaning technology, and auto-flushing. Even better, TOTO makes a range of styles at varying price points within each of these categories so that you can find a seat that fits both your needs and your budget. Many Bidets is proud to be a TOTO authorized dealer, which protects your investment throughout the purchase and delivery process and ensures that your product’s warranty is honored in the event that you have any issues with it. Let us know how we can help you find the perfect TOTO bidet for your needs!

Dignity Solutions

Dignity Solutions is a new bidet company dedicated to expanding bathroom independence and accessibility for all. Their flagship bidet seat, the Cascade 3000, was specially designed to remove the barriers to bathroom independence often experienced by individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and caretakers. At the same time, the Cascade 3000’s high-quality construction and range of luxury features make it a great seat for anyone looking for a supremely convenient, comfortable, and hygienic cleansing experience. The seat has a sleek profile and is available in both round and elongated seat sizes, enabling it to fit on the vast majority of one and two-piece toilets, including difficult to fit French Curve toilets. Thoughtful design elements include a choice between two different remote-control sizes (large or small), built-in deodorizer, heated seat, sittable lid capable of supporting up to 330 lbs, LED nightlight, warm air dryer, one-button auto washing/drying, oscillating wash spray, self-cleaning nozzles, sand an instant water heater that generates unlimited warm water. In addition, the seat’s settings are fully adjustable, so users can tailor the water temperature and pressure, seat temperature, wand position, and air dryer temperature according to their personal preferences. Not only do these features enhance cleansing effectiveness and user comfort, they also provide greater bathroom autonomy to users with physical limitations and make it possible for caretakers to assist individuals in getting clean without invading personal privacy. In addition to providing a great product, Dignity Solutions stands behind their products and strives to provide unparalleled customer service, even offering a stellar 4 year full warranty. If you’re looking for enhanced bathroom independence, or simply an exceptional cleansing experience, you’ll want to consider purchasing a bidet from Dignity Solutions.


Bidet Seats - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a bathroom plumbing fixture that uses a stream of water to cleanse the front and rear genital areas so you can feel fresh and confident after every trip to the bathroom. There are many different types of bidets: stand-alone bidets (also known as classic bidets), handheld sprayers, bidet attachments, bidet seats, and integrated toilet and bidet units. Classic bidets are generally installed next to the toilet and look like a large basin with taps, a drain, and a nozzle that sprays water. After using the toilet, the user straddles the bidet and directs the nozzle towards their genitals to facilitate cleansing. Handheld sprayers look like a kitchen sink sprayer with a long, flexible hose and are typically mounted next to the toilet. While sitting on the toilet, the user points the sprayer at the area they wish to clean and squeezes the trigger to release a stream of water. Bidet attachments fit between your toilet and toilet seat and provide a retractable nozzle with simple manual controls. Attachments are powered by your bathroom’s water pressure and typically cleanse with room temperature water, though some offer the option of connecting to your bathroom’s hot water source for warm water washing. Some bidet attachments only provide a stream of water, whereas others have adjustable water pressure and temperature knobs. Bidet seats look similar to a traditional toilet seat and are installed directly onto the toilet. They come in both electric and non-electric models and offer a wider range of features than classic bidets, hand-held sprayers or bidet attachments. Non-electric bidet seats are operated using a simple lever or knobs, whereas electric bidet seats are operated via a side arm control panel or wireless remote control. When the seat is not actively washing, the wash wand remains hidden inside a compartment in the back of the unit to keep it clean. Electric bidet seats are particularly feature heavy and, depending on the model, include elements like a water heater for warm wash water, pulsating and oscillating spray options, enema washing, heated seat, warm air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night light, deodorizer, automatic open/close lid and more. Integrated units are a toilet and bidet in one. They are typically the most luxurious type of bidet and often feature cutting edge amenities and technologies that take comfort and convenience to new heights.

Bidets are common outside the United States but are quickly gaining popularity inside the US thanks to the benefits they offer to individuals of all genders and life stages. For starters, bidet cleansing is a gentler and more thorough alternative to wiping with toilet paper, making it the more comfortable and hygienic option for getting clean after using the bathroom. Because of this, bidet cleansing can alleviate the symptoms of various bowel conditions like hemorrhoids, IBS, or constipation and even help damaged tissue heal. Furthermore, because bidets reduce reliance on toilet paper, they’re an eco-friendly option too.

Bidets are also an excellent choice for those who find it difficult to the bathroom due to age or mobility limitations. Integrated units and bidet seats, in particular, help enhance independence in the bathroom, make it substantially easier to get thoroughly clean without the bending or twisting required to wipe. If you like the idea of being shower-fresh every time you leave the restroom, a bidet may be right for you!

Bidet Seats

Bidet seats look much like a regular toilet seat and fit on your existing toilet, making them a happy medium between bidet attachments and integrated units. they come in a wide range of models and styles so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs and budget, and they can be easily installed in less than an hour without any special tools or plumbing expertise.

There are two main categories of bidet seat: non-electric and electric. As the names imply, non-electric bidet seats run on the power of your bathroom’s water pressure and don’t require an electrical hookup, while electric units require a three-prong GFCI plug. In general, non-electric units come with fewer features than their electric counterparts and typically use ambient water for washing. Electric units, on the other hand, have a water heater that generates warm wash water and, depending on the model, can come with features like a heated seat, an LED nightlight, pulsating and oscillating wash options, warm air drying, user presets, enema washing and more.

Integrated Bidets

Integrated bidets combine a toilet and bidet into a single, streamlined unit. Most integrated units come with all the features you’d find on a high-end bidet seat as well as the top-notch performance you’d expect from a luxury toilet. Eco-friendly dual flush options, auto-flushing, auto-opening/closing lids, a self-cleaning toilet bowl, wand and bowl sterilization, multiple wash options, a warm air dryer, an LED nightlight, and fully customizable settings are some of the features that can be found on integrated units.

Washlet+ units

TOTO’s Washlet+ product line includes specially designed toilets and bidet seats that seamlessly fit together to conceal the seat’s hoses and electric cords. Washlet+ bidet seats only differ from their corresponding Washlet counterparts in that they are intended to fit on Washlet+ toilets. The Washlet+ toilets aren’t your average toilet either, with all models featuring TOTO’s proprietary CeFiONtect glaze on the toilet bowl to prevent residue and grime from sticking, and some offering TOTO’s high-performing tornado flush technology for a more efficient and effective flush. Some models can even accommodate auto-flushing for a truly hands-free toileting experience.

The main difference between Washlet+ systems and integrated units is that the Washlet+ bidet seat and toilet are two separate components, and a traditional toilet seat can be installed on the Washlet+ toilet if you wish to remove the bidet seat. On the other hand, an integrated unit’s bidet functions are built into the body of the toilet and can’t be separated. All in all, TOTO’s Washlet+ toilets and bidet seats offer quality manufacturing and high performing features in one great system.

Classic Bidets

Classic bidets are less common in the United States, in large part because installing one requires extra bathroom space and you get more bang for your buck with a sleek bidet seat. A classic bidet is a stand-alone unit separate from the toilet and usually looks like a basin with taps for hot and cold water, a nozzle and a drain. Using a classic bidet involves straddling the basin, turning on the water, and manually directing the nozzle towards the area that needs cleansing. Some classic bidets also give users the option of filling the basin with water for a sitz-bath. While not as accessible or high-tech as bidet seats and integrated units, some prefer the traditional look and simple operation that a classic bidet offers.

Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachments provide basic bidet cleansing at a fraction of the cost of a bidet seat, integrated bidet or classic bidet. They’re designed to fit between your existing toilet seat and toilet, and their components enable installation on nearly any toilet. Bidet attachments run on your bathroom’s water pressure, so an electrical connection is not needed.

Most bidet attachments use room temperature water and offer minimal wash options. Some attachments only provide a stream of water via a wash wand that retracts into the attachment after the wash is complete, whereas others offer adjustable water pressure or even nozzle cleansing. A few bidet attachments offer warm water cleansing. These require a hot water connection, so installation requires a few extra steps.

If you’re working on a tight budget or are simply looking for a low-cost way to rinse off after using the bathroom, a bidet attachment may be for you!


Why Bidets?

Bidets offer a wide range of health and hygiene benefits, making them the natural choice for anyone looking to improve their toileting experience. In general, bidets remove waste residue and bacteria more effectively than toilet paper, so they’re the most sanitary option for getting clean after a bowel movement.

Bidets are also ideal for individuals with hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and other medical conditions that make using the bathroom painful. In contrast to abrasive toilet paper, the bidet’s wash stream soothes tender tissue while rinsing away waste residue that could cause irritation or itching, thereby enhancing comfort and promoting healing. Many bidets come with oscillating or pulsating wash options that help stimulate the bowels and make it easier to complete a bowel movement without straining, and some bidets even offer a powerful, enema wash option that loosens stubborn stool in order to alleviate constipation. Last but not least, bidets offer a discreet, hassle-free way to get clean after an accident, making them a great option if you or a loved one experiences incontinence.

Some bidets feature a warm air dryer that completely eliminates the need for wiping, thereby providing a hands-free toileting experience from start to finish. Many even come with a wireless remote that can be operated with one’s hands, feet, or by a caregiver standing outside the bathroom door. This allows individuals with limited mobility to enjoy enhanced autonomy and privacy in the bathroom, all while getting exceptionally clean.


Do I need a hot water line for my bidet seat?

Whether or not you need a hot water line depends on the type of seat you buy. Electric seats are plugged into the wall and generate their own warm water, so they don’t need to be connected to a hot water line. Simply connect the bidet seat’s water hose to your toilet’s water source, and you’re good to go!

Most non-electric bidet seats and attachments use room temperature water from your toilet’s water source and, consequently, don’t require a hot water connection. However, some non-electric bidet attachments do have a hot water feature, and these rely on being connected to a hot water line. The sink’s hot water line is usually closest to the toilet, though this may vary depending on the layout of your bathroom. All you’ll need to do is connect your bidet attachment to the nearest hot water line using the provided T-connector, and you’re ready to rock.


Do I need electricity?

Some bidets are powered by electricity, whereas others run on your bathroom’s water pressure. Classic bidets, handheld bidet sprayers, and non-electric bidet seats and attachments do not require electricity; electric bidet seats and integrated units do. Of all these options, electric bidets are the most popular choice because they offer a wider range of features and amenities than their non-electric counterparts. For example, non-electric bidet seats generally use ambient temperature wash water and offer a handful of very basic features like adjustable water pressure and wand position. In contrast, all electric bidet seats come with water heaters that provide warm wash water and, depending on the model, can include features like a heated seat, oscillating and pulsating wash spray, enema washing, warm air dryer, deodorizer, LED nightlight, user presets, auto-open and close lid, and more.


How hard is it to install a bidet seat?

Most bidet seats can be quickly and easily installed in under an hour without any special equipment or professional assistance. In general, installing a bidet seat takes just a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to remove your existing toilet seat and install the bidet seat’s mounting plate onto the toilet. Next, turn off the water to the toilet and install the T-valve on the pipe. Then you’ll simply connect the bidet seat’s hose to the T-valve and secure the bidet onto the mounting plate (on the toilet). If your seat is electric, your last step will be plugging it in to the wall outlet. All of the bidets we sell come with installation instructions, and we provide a brief bidet seat installation tutorial on our website, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Do keep in mind that some bidet seats require an electrical outlet, which needs to be within a few feet of the toilet. If your bathroom doesn’t have one close enough to the toilet, you’ll either need to install one yourself or hire an electrician to put one in. Additionally, if your bidet comes with a remote control, you’ll need to install batteries in it and mount the docking station to the wall.


How can I keep from losing the bidet seat remote?

Wireless remotes are an extremely convenient option for operating a bidet seat, but you definitely don’t want to risk losing or damaging this important piece of equipment. The good news is that most wireless remotes come with a dock or mounting station, that can be attached to your bathroom wall. This secures the remote within easy reach of the toilet and ensures that it isn’t misplaced. In most cases, it’s possible to press the controls while the remote is in the wall mount, or you can remove it if you’d rather hold it while you operate the controls.


Where can I buy a bidet?

Because Many Bidets focuses on detailed bidet seat and bidet toilet compares, sometimes potential customers do not realize that we are also a bidet toilet seat store. If you’re looking to buy a bidet online, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to buy bidets locally, we might not be your best option. However, we do offer risk free trials so if you’re looking for a local bidet shop because you’re not sure if bidets are right for you, trying out one of our risk free trial bidet seats is a great place to start.


Does Many Bidets sell anything besides bidets?

When we started, all we sold were bidets, but as time has gone on, we’ve branched out to other related products. At this point, we sell bidets plus much more.  Our largest selection of products would be the TOTO line. As a TOTO authorized retailer, we have access to their entire line of sinks, tubs, bathroom vanities, and more.  If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, chances are we can help you out with more than just a bidet toilet or bidet seat.


Where can I buy a bidet toilet that won’t break the bank?

When it comes to buying a bidet toilet, finding one at the right price can be tricky.  These units are more expensive as they come with the toilet portion as well, and tend to be higher end units.  Going with a OVE bidet toilet, or a Woodbridge bidet toilet might seem like a good call because you can save money, many find that brands like these are inexpensive for a reason.  With no after purchase support, and a decently high fail rate, you’re rolling the dice to save a few dollars. Buying a cheap bidet toilet can mean getting a cheap product, and no help when things go south. We recommend Staying away from brands like wood bridge and OVE, and instead sticking with TOTO or Bio Bidet.  If you’re looking for a toilet bidet, but are OK with a more classic look, the WASHLET+ series can offer you a very nice option at a price point well under $2,000. Bio Bidet also offers some toilet bidets in this price point. Then of course you can take it to the next level, and get a TOTO Neorest. Regardless of if you decide to spend a little or a lot, sticking with trusted brands that stand behind their products is key to making sure you have a good bidet toilet experience.


I’ve found bidets for sale for less than your pricing. Do you match the pricing of other bidet shops online?

We do our best to match bidet prices found online, but it depends where you found the price.  If it’s from another authorized bidet dealer, chances are we can match the price. Often unauthorized dealers can sell below our cost by passing off used products that have been cleaned up as new.  For this reason, our price matching policy only relates to authorized bidet dealers.


Why should I purchase from Many Bidets online store instead of elsewhere?

There are a lot of bidet companies online, so how do you decide where to buy a bidet? When choosing the proper bidet store, reviews are important.  We have more Better Business Bureau reviews than any other bidet company. You can view them here:


What’s the best affordable bidet?

When looking to buy an affordable bidet, it’s important to define the word affordable. We often see people looking for the best cheap bidet for sale, which tends to come back to bite them. Sometimes buying something more expensive is a waste of money, and other times it’s worth the extra cash.  When it comes to bidet seats, if you decide to shop too cheap, you’ll be purchasing a bidet seat that won’t last. For this reason, when we recommend an affordable bidet to buy, we recommend the BB-1000. While not the cheapest bidet seat on the market, the BB-1000 does come in at a more affordable price point while still offering a nice set of features, and tends to do a good job of standing the test of time.


What’s the best toilet bidet?

When it comes to bidet toilets, it depends on your budget.  If price is not a concern, we highly recommend either the TOTO Neorest 700H or the TOTO Neorest NX1.  Both of these units are very comfortable, feature heavy, and high quality.


What’s the best bidet toilet seat on the market?

If you’re looking for the best bidet seat, we would recommend looking at the Cascade 3000.  Not only does it come with the best warranty on the market, but it also offers a feature set that can’t be beat.  With a sittable lid, stainless steel nozzles, silver nano sterilization, the most responsive remote on the market, and much more, this bidet seat is the best in the market!

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