Toilets with a French Curve

French curve toilet seats like the Kohler Rialto or the Kohler San Raphael might offer great aesthetics, but tend to be very hard to fit when it comes to bidet seats. Electric bidet toilet seats store most of their hardware in the back of the seat.  For this reason, the back of a bidet seat tends to be larger then a standard toilet seat. This makes french curve toilets very hard to fit, as the back of most bidet seats are too bulky to fit between the two curves.  While there are a few french curve toilets that no bidet seat will fit (like the Kohler San Martine) when it comes to most, we have good news! There are a few bidet seats that will still work with nearly any of these hard to fit toilets!  Below we will list the bidet toilet seats that will work with most french curve toilets.  This is because they are sleeker in the back, and offer a more rounded back end then other bidet seats on the market.  This design allows them to fit in spaces that other bidet seats can't, and make them perfect for installing on french curve toilets. There are some french curve toilets that no bidet seat will fit, so if you're unsure if your toilet is one of them.  Please ask.  Better safe than sorry! Search our selection of bidet toilet seats for one piece toilets with French curves below!


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