Best Bidet Toilets Under $2500 | 2022

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Best Bidet Toilets Under $2500 | 2022 Transcript:

I want an Integrated Bidet toilet, but I’m not sure I can afford one. What’s my best budget option?”. If this is your question, we’ve got the answer. My name is Daniel Johnson, I’m your Bidet expert and I’m the owner of, where over the past eight years, we’ve sold over ten thousand Bidets.

Now, there are a lot of inexpensive Integrated Bidet toilets out there. We’re talking about brands like OVE, Woodbridge, where you get a really low priced item with a lot of features. The problem is, they’re going to break down quickly and when they do break down, there’s going to be no support for them whatsoever. You may have recalled we talked about this in a previous video, where we actually get a ton of people contacting us about those particular brands, because they break down, they have issues and then they can’t reach the company, because the company doesn’t have any customer service. For that reason, we’ve stayed away from entry-level Integrated Bidet toilets, because we don’t want our customers to run into that.

Now, the G400, for the longest time, has been the most quality, entry-level unit on the market, but it’s very bulky. This one comes in at about two thousand dollars. It’s hard to recommend, because it’s bulky, it has a very weak flush, it’s sittable space is pretty limited, because of how bulky it is in the back. It’s actually got less sittable space than some seats do, it’s also got limited warm water, so there are a few cons to this unit. Making it one that we don’t, generally speaking, like to recommend. What’s the good news? Well, the good news is, the Studio Lux SLi 2000 is now on the market. This is made by a Swiss company and they supply a lot of parts to brands like Toto, Kohler and American Standard, for their high-end Integrated Bidet toilets. Let’s go ahead and compare. I’m gonna go and lift the lid for this unit. Look at the drastically larger sittable space, look at the back of the G400, versus the back of the SLi Studio Lux; drastically different, unlimited warm water, more comfortable, just all in all a sleeker, slicker, look and this is around two thousand dollars, as well. In the two thousand dollar price point, you have a good option, now, that we’re excited about. Now, the SLi 2000 also offers a very powerful flush. That’s one of the main issues with the G400, because it uses a gravity flush and it doesn’t have a lot of gravity to work with. The flushing power on the G400 is pretty weak, the flushing power in the Studio Lux is some of the best on the market. That’s another reason why this might be a good option to choose. Now, we know that these units are around two thousand dollars, whereas the OVE and Woodbridge models, some of their entry models can be around a thousand dollars. In that respect, you might think these aren’t really budget units, but what these are and why we’re excited to sell these and we don’t sell the others is that, these are budget quality units. Units that won’t break on you and so for the first time, we have Integrated units in the two thousand dollar price range that we really feel confident saying, “Hey, buy this unit. It’s going to stand the test of time and you’re going to love it for years to come”. Now, in the past when someone wanted an entry level Integrated unit and asked about the G400, we’ve recommended the RH Neorest. Which is also a Toto product, because it’s got the better flush, it’s got the lower back, so there’s more sittable space. It has everything right that the G400 has wrong, but that one’s $3,500. In a scenario where a customer says, “Hey, I like the G400, because the G400 is only 2 grand, I can’t do the RH.”. In that scenario, in the past, we’ve recommended, “You know what? “Downgrade” from the G400 to a Washlet+.”. This is a Nexus Washlet+ unit, with an S550e Washlet, more sittable space, let’s take a look at the sittable space, actually. You’re going to have more sittable space, here. You’re going to have the cord and the hose still hidden. It’s more of a classic style, you’ve got the tank in the back, but other than that, it is actually sleeker and classier in my opinion, in many of our customers’ opinion, than you’re going to get with the G400. You’re also going to get more comfort in the seat, because it is a more sittable space. You’re going to get unlimited warm water and you’re going to get a classic flush. The Nexus, specifically, offers a really good flush power. If you’re like, “I want to stick with Toto, I want an integrated feel, but I really don’t want the G400 after this video and can’t upgrade to the RH.”, the Nexus Washlet+, with the S550e Washlet, very well might be the direction that you should head.

What’s my advice, If you’re looking for an Integrated Bidet toilet combination and you don’t want to go any higher than $2,000? We recommend, between the three of these, the Studio Lux SLi 2000. It’s sleek, it’s classy, it’s got a powerful flush, it’s feature-rich, it’s got a quality build and from our experience, thus far, the company is very responsive to every single question that we throw at them and so we have a lot of confidence that this unit is well worth the purchase. We even have this in our home currently and we’ve been testing it out for quite some time now. That being said, the Washlet+ setup is also a very sleek, very classy option and if you want the classic look, with the tank in the back, or you want to stick with a Toto branded product, you can’t go wrong with a good Washlet+. Now, when I’m talking Washlet+, I’m talking about pairing it with an S550, or an S500 seat. Those are the two seats I would recommend pairing with a Washlet + setup. How about the G400? It’s sitting up here, it’s a Toto product, surely you recommend that, as well. We really don’t. This is one of those units that we’ve gotten bad feedback about. We know for a fact that the flush is weak, the seated experience is not the best and it’s simply got a clunky look, not to mention the limited warm water that it offers. If you’re gonna be spending two grand on a Bidet toilet, get one that you’re gonna be happy with. Stay away from the G400. Go with either a Washlet+ setup, or the Studio Lux SLi 2000. Our recommendation is really the Studio Lux, it’s sleek, it’s classy, it’s a great option.

There may be other budget Integrated Bidet toilets that we haven’t talked about, here. If you have questions about those and how they compare to the ones we’ve talked about here, or if there are questions about the ones that we have up here, that we didn’t address, comment on this video. We reply to those comments very quickly and it allows others who are watching the video, down the road, to also get answers to the question that you asked. You can also feel free to shop on our website for any of the units up here and ask us questions via live chat, email, phone, or text message. Feel free to reach out if we can be of any help, whatsoever. My name is Daniel Johnson and I really appreciate you watching our video today. where we sell many bidets, not mini bidet

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