3 Big Reasons Not to Buy a Bidet on Amazon

From books to bidets, Amazon offers an undeniably convenient, one-stop shopping experience. And because Amazon’s website is familiar to most internet shoppers, it’s an appealing place to purchase all kinds of goods. Yet buying your bidet on Amazon can have some hidden costs. What are they? And what’s the alternative?

Read on to discover the pros & pitfalls of purchasing a bidet on Amazon, plus the keys for success before, during & after you buy. After all, why have buyer’s remorse when you could be enjoying your perfect bidet?

The Good: Selection, Speed & Super Low Prices


There’s no doubt about it, Amazon is one of the most successful companies on the planet for a reason! Online shoppers flock to the retailer for a variety of reasons, including the fast, reliable (and often free) shipping, the massive inventory of products, and some of the lowest prices around.

These benefits hold true for bidet shopping too. Searching “bidet” on Amazon’s website turns up over 1000 product listings, a ton of which are eligible for free Prime shipping. Plus, the bidets you’ll find on Amazon are usually priced pretty competitively, making it easy to find a good deal. With all these upsides, what’s not to like?

The Bad: Broken Bidets, Subpar Support & Warranty Woes

We love Amazon for a lot of things, but buying a bidet isn’t one of them! In spite of the benefits, there are some noteworthy downsides that might make you think twice before purchasing there.

1. Quality Control Issues

It’s no secret that Amazon has faced some big quality control challenges in recent years, particularly when it comes to third party sellers. In fact, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission sued Amazon in July 2021, forcing the company to take responsibility for recalling hazardous products sold on their site. These newsworthy events highlight one of the biggest concerns for bidet buyers: receiving a defective, counterfeit or broken product after purchasing from an Amazon third party seller.

Bidet Amazon Updated A-Z Policy
Updated A-Z Policy (Amazon)

On the plus side, Amazon recently updated their returns policy to address some of these issues. Under the new policy, Amazon will no longer tell customers to contact their third party seller if a product causes personal injury or property damage. Instead, Amazon will settle claims directly with customers, up to $1000. Amazon also states that if you have an issue with an item bought from a third party seller and cannot reach a satisfactory resolution, Amazon may reimburse you under their A-to-Z Guarantee.

All of this raises an important question. Is the convenience of purchasing a bidet from Amazon really worth the risk of getting a damaged or fake product? Even with Amazon’s new policies, isn’t it best to know for sure that the bidet you’re buying is genuine and new?

2. Ask the Expert? Maybe Not…

A bidet’s price covers more than the product itself; it also includes the support you receive before, during and after you purchase. Need a bidet recommendation or help with installation? Want troubleshooting support? Have a general question about how your bidet works? These are important questions that require expert answers.

A customer’s best resource for bidet help is usually the company they purchased from. This means it’s important to choose your seller wisely! Order from a company that’s just out for profit or isn’t equipped to provide expert assistance, and getting adequate product support could turn into a huge headache. Unfortunately, it can be tough to figure out which third party sellers on Amazon are willing to provide quality support and which aren’t.

3. Warranty Issues

Sample Warranty
Sample Warranty

Bidets typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty that helps cover repairs within a certain timeframe. However, warranties have some important fine print. For example, a bidet warranty only applies to the original purchaser and only covers certain issues. In addition, the warranty is usually only valid if the bidet was purchased from an authorized dealer.

An “authorized dealer” is a seller who has an established, trusted relationship with the manufacturer. The major bidet manufacturers like Bio Bidet, Brondell, TOTO, Dignity Solutions, American Standard and others take authorized dealer status seriously. They won’t provide warranty assistance until customers provide proof that they purchased from an authorized dealer.

What does this mean for purchasing on Amazon? First, if you intentionally buy a second hand bidet or receive one from a less-than-honest seller, it will have no warranty coverage. Second, if you purchase from a third party who is not an authorized dealer, the warranty probably won’t be valid. It can be tough to figure out which Amazon sellers are authorized dealers and which aren’t, and this isn’t an area where you want to make a mistake.

Read more about why authorized dealer status matters when you’re buying a bidet

The Alternative: Great Deals + Premium Support

The good news is that you can get free shipping and a competitive price plus the guarantee of a genuine product and personalized support. The secret is purchasing from an independent, authorized bidet retailer like Many Bidets. When choosing a retailer, we recommend looking for a few hallmarks of good service:

Many Bidets 5 Star Google Reviews

Why Buy a Bidet from Many Bidets vs. Amazon?

Many Bidets is a small, family owned company that has been selling bidets for over a decade. Our team of bidet experts is passionate about helping customers find the bidet that’s right for their needs and budget. We’re an authorized retailer for all the bidets we sell, so you can rest easy knowing that your bidet is real, new and protected. Plus, we offer fast, free shipping on all our bidets.

Getting a good price is important, and we offer the lowest prices we can without breaking our authorized seller agreement. We also offer a price match guarantee!

If you ever find an advertised price that we can’t match, it could be that the seller isn’t authorized or is an authorized seller who’s been given the green light to run an exclusive sale. Unfortunately, it can also indicate an authorized seller who is violating the manufacturer’s pricing rules in order to make an extra buck. Many Bidets always abides by its authorized seller agreements while still bringing you some of the lowest prices around.

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end when they purchase a bidet. We also provide expert support on all the products we sell, as well as a full library of resource posts and videos. While our web resources are free to everyone, our personalized, post purchase support is an exclusive benefit reserved for customers who buy directly from us. Knowing you’ll never be alone in getting answers to your questions is just one more reason to choose Many Bidets for your bidet purchase!

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