Are Cheap Bidet Toilets Worth Saving Money? | Bidet Answers with Dan

Want to try a bidet toilet, but worried about how much they cost? Will you actually save money buying a cheap bidet toilet? Daniel Johnson, Many Bidets owner and bidet expert, takes you through how companies can sell bidet toilets for less.

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Are Cheap Bidet Toilets Worth Saving Money? Transcript:

I found a great deal on an Integrated Bidet Toilet, it’s only thirteen hundred dollars! Is this a good buy, or not? The answer to that question is coming up next. My name is Daniel Johnson and I’m the owner of and we deal with Integrated units of all price ranges, all the time.

Just this morning, we had two different customers, at the same time, reaching out to us via live chat and phone regarding a less expensive Integrated unit. Mainly the IB-835 and issues that they were having. Their story was pretty similar to what we see with a lot of customers who buy lower end Integrated units. Some common brands we see issues with: OVE, Woodbridge. We also see some issues with the IB-835, which I regret to say we’ve sold a decent number of. As well as, the Prodigy line. Now, when we realize that there are issues with the unit we promptly stopped selling that unit and we recommend customers not buy those units. Once we realized, as an example, that the IB-835 had issues, we stopped selling it. We have never sold OVE, or Woodbridge products for that same reason.

If you’re looking for a Integrated unit, but you don’t want to break the bank, you should still consider a unit that’s two grand, or more. The reason that I say this is that, there are multiple ways that companies get Integrated units to market, below that price point. Number one, lower quality internals. Great, you got a good product; Good product that is at a lower price point, but how did that happen? Well you’ve got lower quality internals and it might be good up front, but it’s not going to last nearly as long. Now, there’s another expense that a lot of people don’t think about. That is, hiring and paying on a week by week basis, customer support. If you’re selling a really low end product and you’re trying to get that into customers hands, as low as possible, there’s a few different ways that you can do that. Low quality internals, but also, let’s not hire support staff, that’s going to help us get in at a lower price point. Well, it’s great for the company, but it’s not great for you and that’s what you have to keep in mind. When you’re trying to get the best product for the money, a low end product, at a budget price is not the answer. We sell a variety of products on our website that are Integrated Bidet Toilets and we are going to be up front with you about which products we see good customer service for and which products we don’t. We’re also going to be up front with you about how long we generally see these products last.

If you’re looking for a Bidet Toilet that is going to stand the test of time, reach out to us and talk to us about what you’re looking for, what price point you’re aiming for and we will walk you through what we recommend. Hopefully you found today’s video helpful, but if you have any questions, or concerns that we’ve not addressed, or maybe you have a brand that we didn’t bring up that’s a lower end brand, that you want us to offer feedback on, comment on this video. We’ll address it in the comments and that way we can help you and others who might have the same question. Also, feel free, if you’d prefer, to email us, live chat with us, call us, or text us. All that info is in the video description. Thank you so much for watching and have a fantastic day! where we sell many bidets, not mini bidet

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