Bidet Answers with Dan | Learn to Clean the Bio Bidet BB-2000 Nozzle – VIDEO

Need help learning how to maintain your Bio Bidet BB-2000 by cleaning your nozzle. Daniel Johnson, Many Bidets owner and bidet expert, takes you through the process of accessing the bidet nozzle without being sprayed!

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Bidet Answers with Dan | Learn to Clean the Bio Bidet BB-2000 Nozzle Transcript

The most common issue we run into when trying to clean the nozzle is, getting that nozzle to come out without spraying. Now, if you look at the manual, the manual will walk you through it, but based off of countless phone calls, I have some tips to make the process easier. The manual specifies that you can press the button on the remote, hold down on it for three seconds, while not seated on the on the bidet Seat, or hold down on the wash button, on the side panel of the BB-2000 for three seconds while not seated on the Bidet Seat. Either of those will make the nozzle come out. In my experience with the countless customers that I’ve talked to about this topic, every time I get a phone call, they’re trying to get the nozzle to come out using the remote control. Every time that this happens, if I have them use the side control, the process works. My tip to you would be, instead of using the remote control, holding down on the rear wash for three seconds, to get that nozzle to come out, use the side control, make sure no one’s seated on the unit, press the side control rear wash button for three seconds and the nozzle should come out. Then, you can use a soft brushed toothbrush to clean that nozzle. Once you’re done, press on that side button for three more seconds. That will go and run through a self-cleaning process and you’re good to go.

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00:27 Removing the Nozzle for cleaning
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