Bidet Seat Comparison: Eco Nova vs. Axent Milton

If you’re looking for a bidet seat with durable, quality construction and an array of comfort-focused features, the Eco Nova and the Axent Milton ought to be on your list of contenders! So which one is better? In this post, we dive into the details of each seat so you can see the pros, the cons and everything in between! For starters, check out the quick comparison table below:

Eco NovaAxent Milton Bidet Seat
MaterialsPolypropylene plastic shell, stainless steel 2-in-1 nozzlePolypropylene plastic shell
DesignEco Nova with RemoteAxent Milton Bidet Seat
Nozzle SterilizationSilver nano coating on internals & a UV sterilizing lampNo
Warm WaterYes – unlimited (instant heater)Yes – unlimited (instant heater)
Pulse WashYes – quickly alternates warm/coolYes
Nozzle OscillationYesYes
Turbo WashYesNo
Night LightYesYes
Auto WashYesNo
User PresetsNoYes
Sittable LidYesYes
Weight LimitSeat & Lid: 400 lbs Seat & Lid: 330 lbs
Color OptionsWhiteWhite
Remote OptionRadio signal, slimInfrared signal, slim
Risk Free Trial30 DaysNot Eligible

Look & Feel

Eco Nova side profile

Profile & Color

The Axent Milton and Eco Nova bidet seats have a sleek design that looks great in any bathroom. While both have a slim profile, the Eco Nova’s is thinnest, so its almost indistinguishable from a regular toilet seat. Both seats come in white only and are designed for elongated toilets. As a result, neither will work on a toilet with a round bowl.

Materials & Lid

Both the Eco Nova and the Axent Milton are constructed from high quality, durable polypropylene. This type of plastic is stronger and more resistant to cracking or breakage than the cheaper ABS plastic often used in bidet seat construction. In addition, the Eco Nova has stainless steel nozzles, which are stronger, more hygienic and resistant to corrosion than aluminum or plastic nozzles.

Notably, the Eco Nova and Axent Milton both have “sittable lids”, which is a rarity in the bidet world. Most bidet lids are only designed to cover the toilet bowl, and sitting on one can cause damage to the lid or the seat itself. However, the lids on the Eco Nova and the Axent Milton are specially designed to bear weight. The Milton’s can support up to 330 lbs and the Eco Nova can hold up to 400 lbs. This allows you to use the lid as an extra seat in the bathroom for tasks like trimming toenails or helping someone bathe.

Wash & Dry Features

Bidet Nozzle Oscillation
Bidet Nozzle Oscillation

Wash Settings

You’ll enjoy luxurious, warm water washing with both the Eco Nova and the Axent Milton. Each seat has an instant water heater that warms water on demand for a continuously warm wash stream, and both offer standard front and rear wash modes. The Eco Nova and Milton also come with nozzle oscillation, which moves the wash wand back and forth for more wash coverage.

As an added bonus, the Axent Milton offers a “pulse wash” that alternates the wash pressure between firm and soft for a relaxing massage. Meanwhile, the Eco Nova comes with a refreshing and invigorating “pulse wash” that quickly varies the water temperature between warm and cool. The Eco Nova also offers a strong “turbo wash” option for times when you need a supercharged spray to stimulate a bowel movement or get extra clean.

Warm Air Dryer

Wiping with toilet paper can be painful or difficult for folks with various health conditions. And toilet paper isn’t cheap! Warm air dryers offer a solution. Both the Eco Nova and the Axent Milton have built in air dryers that direct a warm stream of air towards your nether regions to dry you off once the wash is complete.

Most air dryers take between 3-5 minutes to get the job done, and the air temperature can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Notably, the Eco Nova’s air dryer is one of the more powerful ones we’ve seen, which translates into a dry time on the shorter end of that 3-5 minute spectrum.

Bidet seat night light

Deodorizer & Night Light

The Axent Milton’s built-in deodorizer filters air from the toilet bowl to remove offensive odors, all without the use of scents or chemicals. While no deodorizer can eliminate odor all the way, it’s an effective and easy way to stop smells from lingering long after you’ve finished your business. The Eco Nova does not have a deodorizer.

Both bidet seats come with a night light that illumines the bowl, making it easier to see the toilet in the dark. That means you can safely navigate the bathroom at night without being jolted awake by a harsh overhead light. Plus, night lights make it easier to aim for the bowl if you’re standing to use the toilet.

Nozzle Sterilization

All electric bidets rinse their nozzles with clean water before and after each use, but a handful take hygiene a step further with nozzle sterilization. The Eco Nova is one of these select units, offering not one but two nozzle sterilization methods. The first is a sterile silver-nano coating on the inside of the tubing and nozzles that inhibits microbial growth. The second is a lamp that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize the outside of the nozzles on demand.

In comparison, the Axent Milton does not offer nozzle sterilization.

Auto Wash & User Presets

The Eco Nova comes with an auto wash feature that makes getting clean and on your way virtually effortless. Pressing the auto wash button initiates a full wash and dry cycle using factory presets for temperature, pressure and nozzle position. You can adjust the settings once the wash/dry begin if you’d like a more customized cleanse, but you certainly don’t have to. It’s a great feature to have if you’ll have guests who may be new to bidets or simply want to simplify your button pressing.

While the Axent Milton does not have auto washing, it does come with a similarly useful feature called “user presets“. This allows two users to program their favorite wash settings into the remote for a fully customized wash at the touch of a button. User presets do not involve drying, just the wash. The Eco Nova doesn’t come with user presets.

Comfort & Convenience Features

Eco Nova Remote in Holder
Eco Nova rose gold wireless remote

Wireless Remote Control

The Eco Nova’s wireless remote has a chic, rose gold finish, raised black buttons and a matching wall mount. It operates on a radio frequency, which is more reliable than the infrared signals most remotes use. In addition to looking like a million bucks, the remote has a great hand feel thanks to the heavy duty, stainless steel construction.

Axent Milton Remote
Axent Milton Remote

The Axent Milton’s remote is plastic with flat buttons and an elegant, glossy finish. The buttons are labeled with both pictures and words, making it easy to operate the settings. Like most bidet seat remotes, the Milton remote uses an infrared signal. Infrared signals often work just fine, but they can be disrupted if your bathroom is small, has dark colored walls or partitions.

Risk Free Trial

For health and hygiene reasons, bidet seats generally can’t be returned once they’re unpacked from the box or installed. However, the Eco Nova is one of a few bidet seats that qualifies for our 30-day risk free trial program! Here’s how it works: install the Eco Nova in your bathroom, and if you don’t love it, return it (with all the original packaging) at any time within the 30-day window for a full refund. In other words, we’re so confident you’ll love this seat that we’re willing to eat the cost if it just isn’t for you.

At this time, the Axent Milton isn’t included in our 30-day risk free trial program.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to think through when purchasing a bidet seat, but we’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance and assistance. Here are a few easy ways to get in touch:

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