Bidet Seat Comparison: Eco Nova vs. TOTO S350e

TOTO has long been known as a powerhouse in the bidet space, so many customers want to know how veteran bidets like the S350e stack up to newer models like the Eco Nova. The easiest way to understand the similarities and differences is to check out our detailed comparison of the Eco Nova vs. TOTO S550e. That’s because the TOTO S350e and TOTO S550e are nearly identical, sharing all the same features except for seat size and lid aesthetics.

The TOTO S350e is designed for round toilets whereas the S550e fits elongated toilets. Additionally, the S350e’s lid has a classic beveled edge, whereas the S550e comes in two “trim” (lid design) options, classic beveled or contemporary. Other than that, these two seats are exactly the same!

The table below lays out the differences between the Eco Nova and TOTO S350e. For a more detailed discussion of the differences in features, check out our comparison of the Eco Nova and the TOTO S550e.

Eco NovaTOTO S350e
MaterialsPolypropylene plastic shell, stainless steel 2-in-1 nozzlePlastic 3-in-1 nozzle
DesignEco Nova with RemoteWashlet S350e side view
Nozzle SterilizationSilver nano coating on internals & a UV sterilizing lampSterile eWATER+ (electrolyzed water) mists bowl & cleans nozzles
Warm WaterYes – unlimited (instant heater)Yes – unlimited (instant heater)
Pulse WashYes – quickly alternates warm/coolYes – quickly alternates pressure
Nozzle OscillationYesYes
Turbo WashYesNo
Wide WashNoYes
Soft WashNoYes
Night LightYesYes
Auto WashYesNo
User PresetsNoYes
Auto Open/Close LidNoYes
Sittable LidYesNo
Lid DesignCrisp, angular edgeBeveled edge
Weight LimitSeat: 400 lbs
Lid: 400 lbs
Seat: 320 lbs
Lid: n/a
Seat ThicknessVery thin / lowest profileThin / low profile
Seat SizeElongatedRound
Color OptionsWhiteWhite, beige
Remote OptionRadio signal, slimInfrared signal, slim
Risk Free Trial30 DaysNot Eligible

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