Can I use a bidet without hands? | Bidet Answers with Dan

Do you have limited mobility, or do experience hand tremors? The Cascade 3000 is a great option, as it has a large color organized remote available!

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Can I use a bidet without hands? transcript:

Hello and welcome to my bathroom. Today, we are going to talk about using a Bidet for those with mobility issues and we’re going to talk about the Cascade 3000, which is our top pick, for some obvious reasons you’ll see coming up in this situation. My name is Daniel Johnson and I’m your bidet expert.

Our top recommendation if you have mobility issues, is the Cascade 3000. Not only does it have every feature you would need to get yourself clean after a bowel movement, if you can’t reach and wipe, but it’s got a large, easy to use remote. If you’ve got any sort of hand tremors, the buttons are still large enough that it’s easy to press them. If you can’t use your hand, at all, to operate the remote you can also mount it somewhere feasible and use an elbow in order to operate it. I just press the rear wash button and now I press the stop button, or if I want to run it dry, the dry is now running. I can adjust any of these settings with my elbow, because the remote is large enough to allow me to do that. Now, let’s say I didn’t want to operate it with my elbow, I could also operate it with my foot. We’ve got a remote installed down here, near the floor. Now, one thing that we do recommend, don’t actually mount the remote to the floor itself. The remote uses batteries and those batteries could present a problem if you have water on the floor and electricity, they don’t mix real well. Mount it to the wall, near the floor, or we have had customers take a block of wood and build a platform that they would then mount the remote to, at an angle, to operate with the foot. That’s okay, as well. Mounted here on the floor we can see, I can operate it here, as well. If you need to operate a Bidet with a foot, it doesn’t get any easier than the Cascade 3000, because the remote is so large. The colored buttons mean that even if the remote is down there near the floor, I can still see the blue color, even if I can’t read the words and I know blue means wash. I can see the orange, even if I can’t see the words. I know blue, I know that orange means dry, red means stop, so I’m still able to operate this even if I can’t see the actual words, because the large colored buttons still make it easy to see and operate.

For those reasons, we highly recommend the Cascade 3000 if you have mobility issues. We also know that there may be other complications that you are dealing with, that maybe we didn’t talk about in this video. If you’re running into complications with your bathroom routine and would like a Bidet seat, but there are some things that you’re concerned about that we haven’t talked about here, feel free to comment on this video, so that we can address those and help you with those and help others at the same time. If it’s something that you don’t want in a public space, we are more than happy to talk to you in a private format, as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out via email, live chat, phone, or text. You can find our contact information and our website in the video description. Thank you so much for watching. We hope you found this video helpful and we hope that this allows you to start living your life with more dignity. where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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