Detailed Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison: Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Advanced VS. Bio Bidet dib-850 Special Edition

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Bio Bidet A8

Bio Bidet dib-850

Look and Feel






Single 2 in 1 nozzle, not easily replaceable

Single 3 in 1 nozzle, easy to replace

Water Flow

0.18 Gallons per minute

0.16 Gallons per minute

Enema Wash



Adjustable Aeration



Water Heater

Hybrid water heater

Instant water heater

Air Dryer

Turbo power option

Standard option

Sittable Lid



Child Mode




Dual Sided w/ LED screen

One sided, no LED screen

Seat Options


Elongated and Round

Detailed Comparison of the Bio Bidet dib-850 and Bio Bidet A8 Bidet Toilet Seats

If you are considering upgrading your bathroom by adding a bidet seat, you have probably come across the the Bio Bidet dib-850 and A8 serenity in your search. With their high-end features and quality design, the dib-850 and A8 Serenity are unsurprisingly two of the most popular Bio Bidet seat models on the market today. Below, we walk through the differences in these two models to help you make the best choice for you and your household.


Bio Bidet has included beautiful design elements on both the A8 and dib-850 bidet seats. Stylistically, both models are sleek, sophisticated and offered in a classic white color that will match any bathroom decor. Both models are available in an elongated seat option, but the dib-850 is also made in a round option for those with round toilets. Additionally, the dib-850’s housing and seat is specially designed and contoured to better accommodate the curves of the body for a more comfortable and natural sitting position, especially for those who weigh over 250 lbs.

For those particular about keeping those hoses and cords hidden, the A8 offers a unique uni-body design along with hose clips in order to keep everything looking neat and polished.


The A8 is equipped with a 2-in-1 nozzle for front and rear wash, while the dib-850 comes with a 3-in-1 nozzle for front and rear wash as well as the enema wash function . Both nozzles are adjustable and are made with hygienic stainless steel for durability and resistance to germs and bacteria build-up. The nozzles on both models also go through a self cleaning process for added cleanliness before and after use.


While the nozzles on both seat models offer an oscillating spray function for a faster clean on a wider surface area, the dib-850 has improved this feature by allowing the user to control and adjust the length of the spray pattern in order to achieve their preferred wash.


If you or someone in your household enjoys the convenience of sitting on the toilet lid for clipping or painting toenails, the dib-850 lid is sittable and can accommodate up to 200 lbs. Surprisingly, a sittable bidet seat lid is a rare feature. Most lids simply cannot support the weight of a human due to all of the complicated hardware stored in the seat. Unfortunately, the A8 falls into the un-sittable category.


Both the dib-850 and A8 offer high-quality wash options like front & rear wash, wide spray, massage and pulse wash so you can find the most comfortable and efficient wash for your needs.

For those interested in an added wash option, the dib-850 also offers a soothing sitzbath feature for those looking for an additional soothing wash.

Enema Wash

For even more versatility, the dib-850 offers a powerful enema wash that utilizes Bio Bidet’s patented vortex water stream. The dib’s enema wash forces a circular stream of water into the rectum, which can help loosen any stuck stool. This feature can provide a lot of relief and is a must have if someone in your household suffers from frequent constipation. The A8 does not have an enema wash function.


Aeration is the process of air bubbles being infused into the water stream and is a common feature on bidet seats today. Most bidet seats, including the dib-850 have permanently aerated streams, but unique to the A8 is the ability to actually turn the aeration on and off. Aeration creates a stronger, more pressurized water stream, so those who suffer from extra sensitivity, hemorrhoids, or even those recovering from certain surgeries may prefer the weaker stream achieved by turning off this function.

Other Features

Warm Air Dryer

While both of these seats offer an adjustable warm air dryer, the A8 takes this feature a step further with customizable temperature and power. With the A8, choose between the standard dryer setting and the powerful turbo option for an even faster dry.


Both of these Bio Bidet models offer functional, wall-mountable, intuitive remotes, but they do differ stylistically. The A8 comes with a sleek flat button remote that is dual sided. With the A8 remote, the front side is a simple display of basic functions, which is great for guests or those not familiar with the seat. Alternatively, the back side features a LED screen where the more advanced options can be programmed and chosen.

In comparison, the dib-850’s remote is just one sided and does not have a LED screen for programming. Instead, this remote has an interface that functions more like a touch screen. Like the A8, the dib remote also has a very sleek and streamlined style.

Child Mode

For those with youngsters that may be interested in using the bidet seat, the A8 offers a child mode. Designed for a smaller user, the water steam under the child mode function is gentler and can be easily programmed with the remote.

Final Thoughts

Both the dib-850 and A8 Serenity offer state-of-the-art wash technology for cleaning and comfort, and you couldn’t go wrong with either seat. While many of the main functions are similar, sach seat has differences that will be appeal to each person differently depending on their needs and preferences.


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