First Look at Peak Honor Travel Bidet – VIDEO

Your bidet expert, and Many Bidets Owner, Daniel Johnson unboxes the travel bidet Peak Honor, and shares his thoughts on first looks.

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First Look at Peak Honor Travel Bidet Transcript:

Hello, Dan Johnson here, owner of We have a little treat for you today. Peak Honor is entering the U.S. market, possibly, they have an indiegogo campaign, and they sent me a pre-release of their portable bidet. Today we’re going to unbox it. I have not opened the box up yet, this is going to be my first impressions on this unit. Let’s get started.

The box feels pretty high quality. It’s a little bit larger than I was expecting from the picture on the front of the box. In my opinion, larger might be better and I’ll explain why here in a minute. There’s only these two items in the box. This puzzled me a little bit. It’s got multiple connectors on it. We’ll look at that here in a second, but normally I just see one, so that’s a little odd. This looks like if you twist it, it comes out like metal from the pictures, but it’s definitely plastic. Feels kind of cheap. This particular plastic piece. This portion feels pretty heavy duty, also plastic, but feels pretty heavy duty. There’s some rubber buttons here. I don’t see any thumb indentation here to pull the nozzle out, but it looks like, yeah so, there’s a little nub here that will allow you to pull that nozzle out and it looks like the water probably goes in through here. That’s how that goes together and then you have your buttons to control it here. I’m guessing that this is where the batteries are stored. There’s a little, whoops, a little plastic piece that goes over this, to keep the batteries from discharging while in storage. Just some standard batteries here, which begs the question “What is this for?”. Oh, “micro usb rechargeable”, well that is interesting. At first glance, these batteries look normal, but they actually have a charging port in them. Now, it all makes sense; You actually plug these batteries in to charge them with this, so that’s why you need multiple connections. That’s very interesting. There you go, it all makes sense. Now, we’re gonna go ahead and unplug these. Looking at these batteries, they are 1.5 volt, so a standard AAA battery would work, but it’s kind of cool to have one that will charge automatically like that. All right, we’re gonna go and put these batteries back in and now this piece here goes back in like that. We’re good to go there. For travel bidets, this is a pretty slick looking unit. One of the things that I’m noticing is the overall length when this is in storage. It’s about as tall as my hand. However, once i’m ready to use it, we basically fill this compartment with water, it looks like, and the unit would suck the water in through this hole, to provide water to the nozzle. That’s a long length, so I actually kind of want to compare this to a more standard travel bidet. This is the Olympia travel bidet. This has been my go-to travel bidet when i’m not at home. I take this on all of my trips, love it, but let’s compare a little bit here just so you can get kind of get an idea for how it compares to one of the more standard travel bidets, currently on the market. It has a water compartment here. I’d have to look at the specs, but looking at it they’re probably about the same size; Maybe this holds a little bit more water, I don’t know. I’m thinking they’re about the same. Also uses a standard battery, so pretty similar in those respects, but look at the height differences. When opened, If you’re reaching back here, and i’ve not used this one yet so i’m just speaking, you know, based off of first thoughts, but if you’re reaching back here taking care of business ,this gives you more length. In that respect, I really like this one; It gives you more to work with, so you don’t have to reach back as far and get your hand as close to “the target”. That’s pretty cool. I’m excited to give this one a try, see if this one ends up becoming my new item on travel trips. All right, let’s take a look actually while we’re at it, at how it compares with both of them closed. Slightly bigger, from a tallness standpoint than the one i’ve been using. Yeah, much longer when fully put together, very interesting.

We filled this with water and we put the batteries back into the battery compartment and i’m just going to go ahead and put this on; Check for leaks, no leaks, that’s a good first sign, so we’re good there. Now, we have a low and a high. Now, if you think about when you’re using this, you’re going to be up in an angle like this. When we’re testing it, we’re going to have to make sure we have it up at this angle, as well. That’s important because, if I try testing it upright like this, no water is going to make it through that hole. We’re going to make sure we go at that angle and here we go. First time running this bidet and there’s the nozzle, so that sides up. The buttons are on the bottom, that’s low. Let’s try high. That’s got some good power to it, that’s in the ceiling. Here, let’s just for grins and giggles, see how that compares to the travel bidet I’ve been using. Again, this is the Olympia travel bidet. This is the low for this one and this is the high for this one, whoops. Actually, that was the high for this one, here’s the low for this one. It is safe to say that this new one that we just got, definitely has more power than the one i’ve been using; which is exciting and it looks classier, so that’s pretty cool. The other thing I just discovered, this one’s a little bit tricky to use because, watch; I push, as soon as I let go, the water stops. For this one I have to hold down on this button until I’m done using it. The whole time I’m back here, I’m depressing this button. This one, on the other hand, I let go and I don’t have to hold it, so I could get this entire length back there. It’s quieter too, so I haven’t used this yet, but first impressions are good. Good water pressure, quiet operation, single tap to start the wash, single tap to end the wash, you don’t have to continue holding down on the button for the entirety of the wash, sleek and classy. I have a feeling I’m really gonna like this bidet, i’m going to use this as my sole bidet for the next week, so that I can give you some great feedback on it, from actually being tested.

Subscribe to our channel to get that video as soon as it gets released. Again, that’s going to be in about a week. We’ll also include a link to the Indiegogo campaign, in the video description. Again, this was a pre-release version. The Indiegogo campaign is where you can get one of those for yourself, when they come to market. Thank you so much for watching! where we sell many bidets, not mini bidets.

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