How TOTO Neorest can help you be an energy saver! | Video

The TOTO Neorest has multiple options that can help to save energy. Check out the back of the remote with owner Daniel Johnson.

Current TOTO Neorest models this playlist is applicable for:
TOTO Neorest RH: MS988CUMFG #01 and MS988CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest AH: MS989CUMFG #01and MS989CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest 700H: MS992CUMFG
TOTO Neorest NX1: MS900CUMFG

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How TOTO Neorest can help you be an energy saver! Transcript:

One of the nice things about the Toto Neorest line is, you’re not wasting electricity to heat water. Unless the unit’s being used, due to the instant water heater. However energy can still be used to heat the seat, throughout the day and the night.

The energy saving functions on the back of the remote, help us control how that works. The first thing we need to do is enter into the menu settings, using the menu button on the right hand side. Then selecting our energy saver setting. We’re going to go ahead and select energy saver here. We’re basically configuring how the Neorest handles the heated seat. For starters let’s go ahead and take a look at auto energy saver. I use the arrow keys to select it, and then I hit the enter button and now that’s been saved. I can go back to the main menu, by just hitting the back button here. This auto energy saver option, allows the Neorest to look at the times during the day and night when the unit is infrequently used. It uses that data to determine when to turn the seat temperature down.

Now if I hit enter again and come in, I can also adjust these settings further. If I don’t want to just have the seat temperature low, which is the setting we’ve currently got selected, I can turn it up to auto energy saver plus. If I turn this feature on, this does the same thing as auto energy saver. It turns the seat temperature off completely, during hours that it deems the unit less frequently used. I can also turn the energy saver off all together. If I turn it off altogether, this is going to just allow the seat temperature to remain constant; at whatever temperature we’ve set it at. Regardless of whether or not the unit sees these times of day or night being a frequent use time. I’m going to enter, and now that auto saver is turned off. Of course like we talked about, we can use the arrow keys to go up and down.

We’re going to go down to time saver next. If we go into time saver, we can set that to a six hour or a nine hour setting or we can have it off. This is kind of your manual override setting. What this says is, let’s say that I set this right before I leave for work for the day, or right before I go to bed. If I set a six hour time saver, right now. Let’s say it’s 8 am in the morning. At eight A.M. every morning, it’s going to turn the seat temperature off and leave it off for six hours. If I go into time saver and choose nine hours, the same thing applies: only it would do 9 hours from 8 am. That gives you the ability to adjust the times when that seat temperature is turned off. You can let the Neorest decide on its own, or you can tell it when to turn off, or you can do a combination of the two. Just because I’m using time saver, doesn’t mean I can’t also use the auto energy saver, or auto energy saver plus. I could have auto energy saver plus on, as well as the timer. Or I could turn both off if I wanted as well.

It’s important to note that the seat heater really doesn’t use a whole lot of energy, in order to operate. If you’re looking to save as much electricity as possible, these auto energy saving features can help with that. Of course after you’re done setting those, if you want to move on to your next feature: you just hit the back button and you’re good to go. where we sell many bidets not mini bidets.

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