Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest EW VS TOTO Neorest AC

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TOTO Neorest EW (CWT994CEMFG#01)

Contact us for TOTO Neorest AC Availability  (CWT996CEMFX#01)

Looks and Mounting:

The TOTO Neorest EW and the TOTO Neorest AC are both wall-hung units, meaning that the tank and flushing mechanisms are hidden in the wall and the units appear to hover over the ground. They feature a cutting-edge, modern in design that will take the look of any bathroom to a new level, and their compact size makes them an excellent option for small bathrooms with limited floor space.

TOTO Neorest EW

TOTO Neorest AC



The primary difference between the TOTO Neorest AC and the TOTO Neorest EW is the ability of the Neorest AC to self-clean using TOTO’s state of the art Actilight technology. Actilight breaks down residue and leftover waste particles in the toilet bowl via UV-light, which reacts with the unit’s special CeFiONtect glaze and electrolyzed water to clean the unit’s surface. While the Neorest AC offers the self-cleaning Actilight technology, the Neorest EW does not.

Final Thoughts

There are few differences between the stylish and feature-packed TOTO Neorest AC and TOTO Neorest EW aside from the fact that the Neorest AC offers self-cleaning Actilight technology while the Neorest EW does not. There’s a bump up in price for this feature, so ultimately your budget may decide which is right for you.

Other Details About Both Units

Model Numbers:

TOTO Neorest EW: CWT994CEMFG#01

Made from the following parts:

Bowl Unit: CT994CEFG#01

Top Unit: SN994M#01

NEOREST In-Wall Tank Unit: WT174M

White Glass Push Plate: YT994#WH

TOTO Neorest AC: CWT996CEMFX#01

Made from the following parts:

Bowl Unit: CT996CEFX#01

Top Unit: SN996MX#01

NEOREST In-Wall Tank Unit: WT174M

White Glass Push Plate: YT994#WH

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