Is a TOTO WASHLET+ Better than a TOTO WASHLET? Your Top 3 Questions Answered

If you’ve been exploring TOTO’s bidet seat offerings, you’ve probably come across the terms “WASHLET” and “WASHLET+””. Many customers wonder how they’re different and whether one is superior to the other. In this post, we’ll tackle the biggest WASHLET vs. WASHLET+ questions (and more) so you feel confident choosing the option that’s right for you!

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Question 1: What are the Differences Between a WASHLET and a WASHLET+?

Question 2: Will a Regular WASHLET Fit on a WASHLET+ Toilet and Vice Versa?

Question 3: What are the Pros and Cons of a WASHLET vs. a WASHLET+?

What are the Differences Between a WASHLET and a WASHLET+?

First, let’s go over the differences between these two products. Purchase a TOTO WASHLET bidet seat and you’ll get an elegant, feature-packed bidet seat that you can install atop your existing toilet. TOTO sells WASHLETS that cover a wide range of price points and feature sets, so there’s something for everyone.

Opt for a TOTO WASHLET+ system and you’ll get a toilet and a bidet seat that fit seamlessly together, keeping the water and electrical connections are kept out of sight. WASHLET+ systems offer all sorts of toilet and bidet seat pairings, so it’s easy to find one that meets both your aesthetic and performance preferences.

TOTO S7/S7A with remote


Aquia IV Cube WASHLET+ S7A Two-Piece Toilet and Bidet MW4364736CEMFGNA
TOTO WASHLET+ System – Aquia IV Cube WASHLET+ Toilet and S7A WASHLET+ Bidet Seat

Will a Regular WASHLET Fit on a WASHLET+ Toilet?

TOTO WASHLET+ configuration
TOTO WASHLET+ System Configuration

You may notice that some of TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats and WASHLET+ bidet seats share the same name. However, although they offer the same features, they are not interchangeable!

Here’s what we mean:

WASHLET and WASHLET+ bidet seats are configured a bit differently. A WASHLET’s cords and hoses come off the side of the bidet seat, whereas a WASHLET+’s cords and hoses come out the bottom.

This design difference allows a WASHLET+ bidet seat’s cords and hoses to fit through a special hole in the WASHLET+ toilet, keeping them hidden. While this creates an ultra-streamlined silhouette, it also means that a WASHLET+ bidet seat can only be installed on a compatible WASHLET+ toilet.

In comparison, a WASHLET will fit on most one- or two-piece toilets (excluding French curve toilets) as long as the bowl shape matches the bidet seat’s shape. In other words, an elongated WASHLET will fit on most elongated toilets, and a round WASHLET will fit on most round toilets. You can install a regular WASHLET on a WASHLET+ toilet, but the cords and hoses will remain visible.

Keep in Mind: You can always remove a WASHLET+ bidet seat from a WASHLET+ toilet and install a regular seat in its place. But you cannot transfer a WASHLET+ bidet to a toilet other than the one it came with, because there will be nowhere for the cords and hoses to go.

What are the Pros and Cons of a WASHLET vs. a WASHLET+?

Here are a few questions to consider when trying to decide between a TOTO WASHLET or a WASHLET+:

  • What’s my budget?
  • Am I content with my current toilet or would I like to upgrade?
  • Is auto-flushing a must-have feature for me?
  • How important is a sleek silhouette?

Budget: The TOTO WASHLETS we sell range in price from around $400 to over $1400. WASHLET+ systems are pricier, coming in between $1200 and $5900. Of course, the price difference is due to the fact that WASHLET+ systems come with both a toilet and a bidet seat, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. However, if you’re working on a tight budget, you may find that price alone is the deciding factor in choosing a WASHLET or an entire WASHLET+ system.

TOTO WASHLET- Visible Cords & Hoses
TOTO WASHLET – cords & hoses visible


TOTO WASHLET+ - Hidden cords and hoses
TOTO WASHLET+ System – cords & hoses concealed by the toilet


Upgrade Your Toilet: TOTO toilets are stylish, efficient and powerful, so if you’re unhappy with your existing toilet, a WASHLET+ system is the perfect upgrade. There are tons of WASHLET+ systems to choose from, with a wide range of silhouettes, flush volumes, heights, and rough-ins, so there’s something for everyone.

That said, once you install a WASHLET+ system, it will be a permanent fixture in your bathroom. If you want something that’s easier to move around, we recommend a WASHLET bidet seat. They’re easy to install and uninstall, which is perfect if you’re not ready to commit to something permanent.

Auto Flush Capabilities: Auto flushing requires specific toilet configurations, so if it’s something you must have, you’ll want to consider a WASHLET+ System or a bidet toilet. When it comes to WASHLET+ systems, toilets paired with the S7 and S7A WASHLET+ offer the auto flush upgrade.

Style: All of TOTO’s bidet seats have a sophisticated look, but some customers want their bidet seat to look as much like a regular toilet seat as possible. Because WASHLET+ toilets conceal the bidet seat’s cords and hoses, WASHLET+ systems offer a sleek look that’s unblemished by unsightly cords and hoses protruding from the side of the seat.

Bidet Seat (WASHLET)Looks like a toilet seat; installed in place of your current toilet seat; easy, DIY installationWide range of features and price points; can be easily moved to another bathroom if neededCords and hoses are visible
TOTO WASHLET+ SystemToilet and bidet pairing; toilet is specially designed to hide the Washlet’s cords and hoses; most hire a professional to installCords & hoses are hidden, so it looks sleeker than adding a regular bidet seat to a toilet; very high quality materials & constructionWill not fit on a non-WASHLET+ toilet.
WASHLET+ toilets will only hide the cords/hoses of compatible WASHLET+ bidet seats.

Final Thoughts

If you want to add bidet cleansing to your existing toilet, you’re ok with visible cords & hoses, and you don’t mind flushing the toilet yourself, a regular WASHLET may be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a new toilet, prefer a silhouette that’s unbroken by clunky cords or hoses, and/or want a toilet that flushes on its own when you stand up, a WASHLET+ System is probably the better fit.

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