Why is my Bidet leaking? | New Bidet Q&A | Bidet Answers with Dan

Do you hear your bidet leak when you go to use it? Does your bidet leak more frequently? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, takes you through why you may be hearing your bidet leak.

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Why is my Bidet leaking? Transcript:

Why is my seat leaking? For starters, we have to find where the leak’s originating. Once we’ve determined that, we need to turn off the water supply and check that connection for a rubber O-ring. The most common reason why a connection is leaking is, because the rubber O-ring that needs to be there, isn’t there. Meaning that, there’s no longer a good seal. We also want to start without plumber’s tape and then if we decide that we need to use plumber’s tape, we need to use it very sparingly. Over using plumber’s tape is just as likely to cause a leak, as not using plumber’s tape, at all. Now, sometimes we get this leaking question, because a customer starts using the seat and they hear leaking into the back of the toilet bowl. It’s important to note that, this is not the seat leaking, this is the seat self cleaning. The electric Bidet seats that we sell, run a self-cleaning cycle before and after use. The water that’s being used for that cleaning drips into the back of the bowl, when that self-cleaning process is being initiated. If you hear dripping into the back of the bowl when you activate that seat sensor, all that means is that the seat is doing what it should.

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