Why is my bidet not working? | New Bidet Q&A | Bidet Answers with Dan

Why is my bidet not working? How do I get my bidet seat to run a wash after I have installed it?

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Why is my bidet not working? Transcript:

I’ve purchased my seat, I’ve gotten it installed and it doesn’t work, what’s going on? There are a few things to check. First of all, make sure that after you connected it to the water source, the water supply has been turned back on. Make sure that it’s plugged into a working outlet and then third and most commonly, make sure that the seat sensor is activated. This can be done by running your hand across the seat, until you move your hand over that seat sensor. Now, the seat sensors are a little bit finicky, so you might actually need to try it as if you’re actually using it, to activate that seat sensor, in order for the seat to work. Most Bidet seats work with direct skin contact. If you’re purchasing a Toto there’s a weight sensor on the back, so you can kind of feel and hear it click, with the Toto products. Activating the seat sensor is key to making sure that the seat works, because without it nothing will happen.

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